Top 10 Reasons Why the Justin Bieber Hate Has Gone Too Far

I get that JB's mediocre but his hate has gone too far to be honest. This will be my only exception for a music list. I only made it because I think the hate he's gotten is ridiculous. I'm not saying he's a good musician but as a person he's not the worst person to ever exist.

The Top Ten

1 People treat him like he's the worst person ever when he isn't

There's far worse people then him not only musicians but people in general.

2 People want to kill him just because of his music and voice

Goes to show how far people will express their hatred for a person...

3 People want to beat him up just because of his music

It's mediocre but not worth assulating someone over.

4 People act like his music is a reason to hate the world

Even though it isn't at all...

5 People go out of there to harass him/ attack him

Both offline and online to.

6 People literally throw stuff at him just because he exists
7 He's gotten several death threats and most of them were uncessary

Yeah... don't need to go in more depth.

8 He gets treated like the antichrist when he's not

Self explantory at most.

9 He gets hate for one mediocre song

Baby is not the worst song ever.

There's much worse songs than that like Barbie Girl, Hamster Dance, Teletubbies songs, Rhythm of the Night, all Nicki Minaj songs and a lot more.

10 People hate him for usually stupid reasons

Yes his music is mediocre but that isn't a good reason to really hate him as a person.

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