Reasons Why Justin Bieber is Better Than Rae Sremmurd

Dead-I-Cated to WonkeyDude98 because we both think Rae Sremmurd stinks and should quit rapping and start losing.

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1 Justin Bieber has a few good songs

Yea, his new songs are nicer. - AlphaQ

Wow, this list was awful... - AlphaQ

Lol true. Despite his singles (except Company) all sucking, the rest of the Purpose album is okay.
Whereas Rae SREMMURD does not even have ONE good song.
The first time I heard Rae Sremmurd rap was when in science class when my teacher played the hip hop station on Pandora, and I had to go through hearing the abomination known as Throw Sum Mo. The entire song sounded atrocious, ESPECIALLY when Swae Lee started rapping. After hearing Throw Sum Mo, I did not want to EVER hear Rae Sremmurd rap again

So does Rae lol

It's basically one highpoint (Company/Black Beatles), some other good ones (The Feeling,No Sense/Look Alive,Now That I Know) alongside an EDM collab (Where R Ü Now/OneTouch) - ProPanda

2 JB has talent

He has NO talent, you liar.

3 Justin doesn't curse

Justin cursed on a plane, and he curses on some songs, and he curses in live concerts.
This shouldn't be on here.

The only way he's cursed in a song is if you're a whiny baby listening to Let Me Love You. - WonkeyDude98

4 Rae Sremmurd ruined rap

Lil B is 10 times worse and so as MattyB but more people hate Rae SremmTURD - AlphaQ

5 Justin Bieber's new songs are decent and he has improved

It's true! Baby was a talentless piece of trash and it's one of my least favorites but WDUM, Sorry and Love Yourself have actually been pretty decent - AlphaQ

6 Justin Bieber has a better hairstyle
7 Rae Sremmurd think they're the Beatles

I've stop disliking Black Beatles because when I first heard it I heard slim Jimmy and I didn't really hear Gucci Or Swae Lee so I didn't hear the song carefully before writing it down - AlphaQ

And I think the beibs said he was new Kurt kobain

8 Justin Bieber can actually rap
9 Rae Sremmurd's hair looks too much like pasta

I'm glad I didn't eat their hair because I hate hairballs - AlphaQ

10 Rae Sremmurd flex too much

To me No Flex Zone is really boring - AlphaQ

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11 Rae Sremmurd are hypocrites
12 Justin Bieber is Hotter

And that's saying a lot considering how their both ugly

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