Top 10 Reasons Why Katy Perry is Better Than Taylor Swift

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1 Katy has motivational songs

Team Katy forever

Katy Perry is way more talented then tayhoe

Firework, Dark Horse, Roar, Rise, Wide Awake, I could go on

Roar, Dark Horse, Wide Awake > pretty much every Taylor Swift song after "I Knew You Were Trouble".

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2 Katy won the Billboard Award for Spotlight
3 Katy has a great voice

But she also uses much more auto tune than Taylor.

4 Katy's lyrics are deep
5 Katy treats her fans with dignity

While Taylor treats hers like a disease. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

6 Taylor's songs are mostly about her ex boyfriends

Taylor always writes about the same topic, "relationship issues". It's not a relationship if you're having a problem this soon, then it's just an interaction. (once again! ) Taylor is trying to force a relationship with a guy she knows isn't a match. She comes across as desperate for a relationship, whether it's true or not.

(Summary: So why don't I like her over Katy?...I don't like Taylor at all. She takes up airtime on current radio stations that could be used by songs I like.)

Is that a problem?


7 Katy puts her heart in her work
8 Taylor is overrated
9 Taylor has a lot of ex-boyfriends


10 Katy works hard on her concerts

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? Katy is More Beautiful Than Taylor Swift

Yeah katy looks like an angel whereas taylor always looks so disgusting

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11 Katy doesn't lie to her fans

Taylor does, she's the worst. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

Bitch please she does not

12 Katy's videos are awesome
13 Katy's outfit are attractive

The hottest! Hands down

14 Teenage Dream is better than Bad Blood


15 Katy's voice is better than Taylor's voice

Katy Perry sounds like a mature adult. Taylor Swift sounds lie a bratty teenager.

16 Taylor is a hypocrite
17 Katy's involved in The Sims
18 Taylor hates Katy for no good reason

Here's the story: Taylor had backup dancers for her tour for her album, Red. Katy didn't know about this, so she asked some of Taylor's dancers if they wanted to come with her for Katy's tour. For some reason, Taylor's dancers said yes. Taylor got mad at Katy, so she wrote the song Bad Blood about her. It was unnecessary of Taylor when it was just a misunderstanding. Go Katy!

19 Katy is very attractive

She could play an Indian-American owl from Emo Swooper/Pac-Man World.

20 Taylor is more annoying than Katy
21 Katy's songs are better than Taylor's


22 Swish Swish is corny and horrible

Too corny and bad. Katy needs to write real music

No it’s not.

23 Better Voice
24 Katy can sing
25 Taylor is Too Dramatic
26 Surprisingly better acting skills

Actually, I would like to portray Katy Perry as a brown-haired, thick-thighed, Indian-American Pac-Owl with me, Kieran Glen Harris Stark as Tony "Crac" Twerkson, a Pac-Canary and the main protagonist of Disney and Namco's "Emo Swooper".

27 Better Live vocals
28 Katy is More Kind, Funny and Lovely Than Taylor
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