Top 10 Reasons Why Katy Perry is Better Than Taylor Swift

The Top Ten

1 Katy has motivational songs

Roar, Dark Horse, Wide Awake > pretty much every Taylor Swift song after "I Knew You Were Trouble".

Firework > Most of her non country songs. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

Whenever I'm depressed,I play Katy Perry songs and,I immediately cheer up! 😀

Firework, Unconditionally, Roar, Witness, Part Of Me, Wide Awake, are some
Of her best! Helped me through tough times
Bad Blood, Blank Space, W.A.N.E.G.B.T.,
Out of the Wood, LWYMMD, You Belong
With Me, are all about her! Good thing she has a good
PR! But really now! KATY is better she lived a tough life, her life story is inspirational, Taylor is born Rich and from a well-off family!

2 Katy won the Billboard Award for Spotlight
3 Katy has a great voice

But she also uses much more auto tune than Taylor.

4 Katy's lyrics are deep
5 Katy treats her fans with dignity

While Taylor treats hers like a disease. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

6 Katy puts her heart in her work
7 Taylor's songs are mostly about her ex boyfriends

Is that a problem?


8 Katy doesn't lie to her fans

Taylor does, she's the worst. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

9 Taylor has a lot of ex-boyfriends


10 Katy works hard on her concerts

The Newcomers

? Swish Swish is corny and horrible

Too corny and bad. Katy needs to write real music

The Contenders

11 Taylor is overrated
12 Katy's videos are awesome
13 Katy's outfit are attractive
14 Katy's involved in The Sims
15 Teenage Dream is better than Bad Blood
16 Katy's voice is better than Taylor's voice

Katy Perry sounds like a mature adult. Taylor Swift sounds lie a bratty teenager.

17 Taylor is a hypocrite
18 Katy is very attractive

She could play an Indian-American owl from Emo Swooper/Pac-Man World.

19 Taylor hates Katy for no good reason
20 Taylor is more annoying than Katy
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