Top 10 Reasons Why Led Zeppelin Is Better Than the Beatles

The Top Ten Reasons Why Led Zeppelin Is Better Than the Beatles

1 Even though Ringo Starr is a great drummer, John Bonham nails it.

Bonzo rules

Ringo was possibly the smartest drummer of all time.
His singular job was to keep proper time and beat with the Lennon/McCartney [and later Harrison] compositions, by far the greatest ever in the pop/rock style.
Any of the flashy drummers, whether John Bonham, Ginger Baker, Keith Moon, etc, would have tried to make it about them, and not the phenomenal music.
Ringo was THE perfect choice for the greatest band of all time.

2 While The Beatles are fantastic, they overshadow many other great bands.

And that's a derogatory thing? Zeppelin is "better" because they don't overshadow others as much? Oh, Monty, you made me laugh - Billyv

Lol, if you love both bands, why make the list? But I do love both bands as well. - IronSabbathPriest

No Led Zeppelin song is that original

3 Led Zeppelin can sometimes express more feeling into their songs.

Let my explain something. both bands were great. while led zeppelin might have been a better band live, and was better with their instruments, but the beatles were mostly known for their vast influnce. there have been better bands than the beatles(see also:radiohead), but all of them have taken a large part of their playbook from the beatles. what i'm trying to say is that differnt bands are good at differnt things, and for the beatles, their influence is unrivailed plus, if you want heartfealt music, there's an album called blue(joni mitchell) that I'm listening to right now that you should listen to - RecklessGreed

4 Even though McCartney is a good bassist, John Paul Jones is a better Bassist and has more experience to it

Paul was way better he and John Lennon were the best#gobeatles Led Zeppelin sucks

5 The Beatles' guitar solos are short and sweet, Led Zeppelin's guitar solos have more feeling put into them.
6 Even though Lennon is good, he never even took lessons on a guitar.
7 Led Zeppelin lasted for 12 Years, The Beatles Lasted For Ten

Beatles 14 '57-'70

Well, if it were like that, then the Insane Clown Posse would be better than both of these artists combined.

Actually, their Still going! Robert and Jimmy Page are still playing! - McKing1003

8 When performing live, Led Zeppelin was more fun to watch since they moved around more. The Beatles were fun to watch due to their charming personalities, but during concert they usually just stood still.

Zeppelin was known for their bloated, self-indulgent, incomprehensible live performances that sounded very little like their recorded output. The Beatles were so popular, the screaming drowned out anything you could hear, and the band were in constant danger of psychotic crazies, or simply being over-run by stampeding fans.
I'd call that a tie.

9 Led Zeppelin is never recalled for bad songs, but The Beatles are constantly insulted about songs like Revolution 9 and Obla-Di-Obla-Da.

This is laughable. Have you ever heard of Hot Dog? Hats off to Roy Harper? Poor Tom? Led Zeppelin wrote some laughingly bad songs. Plus Obla-di-oblada is a great song. - TheStargazer

10 The Beatles did do many genre's of music in their songs, but Led Zeppelin had done more genres.

Incorrect: The Beatles did more genres in one album than LZ did in their entire careers.

Actually Led Zeppelin are one of the least varied bands

The Contenders

11 Jimmy Page is better guitarist than George Harrison, Paul McCartney and John Lennon

Possibly. I prefer George's sound. - Billyv

Well, I do prefer it. Lol. Along with his other multi-faceted and substantial contributions. - Billyv

any doubt? - zxm

12 They had better membership

I disagree. The Beatles had some differences between them, and some conflicts as most people spending so much time together in a small group in such unique situations, but there is no question or doubt that they all had a special affinity and Love and Respect for each other, overall and through most of their lives - Billyv

No disagreements? That's very doubtful. Maybe you mean no well-publicized disagreements. - Billyv

Yes,led zeppelin had better membership.cause you know in the beatles John and George had a conflict going on.but neither of zeps member had it. - zxm

13 Jimmy Page is a better band leader than John Lennon

John and paul played the leadership role.well paul was a quite good co-leader but john wasnt a good leader.he had many disagreements with george.but jimmy never had any kind of disagreement.he planned the band greatly.and from what I read John was one of the reason behind disbandment of beatles.if beatles was still here than they would make good music.but for their disbandment they couldn't - zxm

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