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21 Fuli is a ripoff of Rainbow Dash and Sonic

I fear the thought of shippers pairing up Fuli with either RD or Sonic once the show is running.

22 Kovu and Nuka are not in Lion Guard

They were, the episode aired today and it was very disappointing.

When are they Guest Starring

They are guest starring

I agree with the anon on the top.

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23 Flanderized characters
24 Simba forgets his friendship with Timon and Pumbaa

But again, Timon and Pumbaa both are horrible, downright annoying characters.

Better solve a NEW friendship problem! Call Twilight Sparkle now! - Neonco31

Timon and Pumbaa deserve better than this. They were very important, if it wasn't for them, Simba would be dead!

Timon and Pumbaa helped raise Simba a and helped him become king. Well anyway he's back but doesn't remember any of that and thinks he's better then them. They are introduced as minor characters if it wasn't for them he wouldn't be king!

25 It is called the lion guard not the animal guard

I know, right? Also, it would have been better if it was an ORIGINAL franchise instead of a Lion King spinoff with Lion King characters in it.

Why call it the lion guard when there's four different animals and only one lion? Screw you disney

Why call it the lion guard when there's 4 other animals that aren't lions and only one lion? , you suck lion/animal guard

26 The show doesn't even get it's "animal facts" right a hundred percent.

Male hyenas don't lead clans nor do they behave like dogs, female ostriches are a different color from the males, zebras don't make horse noises, the list goes on and on.

27 The villainous hyenas are a trio again

Spotted hyenas live in clans, not trios. Stupid cliches nowadays.

28 It glorifies bullying much like the film it was based on did

I mean seriously, how would you feel if someone forced you to starve and not eat anything? The so-called Circle of Life that guides everyone all? My butt.

29 It is an educational show for preschoolers, yet it may be teaching that hyenas are all evil henchmen and that good ones don't exist.

With the possible exception of Jasiri, who is a guest character and appeared in only one episode, spotted hyenas are still demonized and portrayed as villains in the show just like the movie it was spun off from. It sucks on many levels.

Jasiri has now been in 2 episodes, so far. I'm pretty sure she will be returning in a future season 2 episode. And she isn't the only one. We met her sister Madoa and other hyenas in her clan who are all good. - Gabriola

30 There's no romance

Yep, the only "official" couples in the show known so far are the parents; Simba and Nala, Reirei and Goigoi, Basi and his wife (since Beshte is his son), Muhanga and Muhangus, and Muhimu and her mate (since she has a son). But that doesn't stop 'shippers from "shipping" whatever the heck they want. I won't be surprised if Kion and Zuri ended up as a couple when they grow older knowing how hideously stereotypical and trope-overdosed The Lion Guard is. Heck, even a comic in The Lion Guard Magazine hinted at a "rescue romance" between Kion and Zuri after he rescued her from Makuu and his band of crocodiles. So yeah, KionxZuri might also be official after all.

31 Horrible characters

Very true.

32 The writing is rather poor or cheesy

Plus, The Lion Guard is not a good show at all. I hate it when people think it is. -_-

33 Stereotypical characters

Disney needs a spanking on a bare butt!

Shame on you Disney

34 Too dark for a preschool channel

Exactly. I heard that the upcoming second season is going to be darker, which I am hoping it would be cancelled soon.

35 Bad fanbase

So true. It's not too surprising to see it have a bad fanbase since it's a spinoff of The Lion King.

Probably just as bad as the MLP fanbase - Neonco31

Even worse is that they draw and write p0rn of it. No exceptions.

36 The characters are all too derivative of those of other animated series

It wouldn't hurt to be original once a while, you know.

37 Terrible choice of heroes and villains

The "villains" of the show are portrayed as sympathetic characters who are trying to do nothing but to find food and feed themselves, whereas the "heroes" are portrayed as a bunch of bullies who protect the so-called 'circle of life' by keeping the "villains" away from finding their food and forcing them to starve for no reason by driving them away to the 'outlands' where there is little to no food with the so-called 'roar of the elders'. When the heck is finding your own food such a crime? I think the show might be encouraging the audience who watches it to grow into bullies who force others to starve. That is not a good moral to teach children, to be honest.

I honestly think that the producers made a not-so-good choice for both the heroes & villains.

The entire show ripped-off all the Lion King movies I've enjoyed watching ever since I was young! They've made everyone from the movies look like complete idiots!


1. Kiara never had a brother or sister in The Lion King 2. She was an only child throughout her life

2. Zira & Nuka died in the ending of the 2nd film, but reappeared in the Lion Guard series. (Which I found a bit unusual since they're supposed to be dead)

3. Kiara is a kid again. She grew up in the 2nd Lion King film. WHY?

4. Bunga, Fuli, Beshte, & Ono did NOT exist either

5. Vitani & Kovu are also kids again, because they also grew-up in the 2nd movie

6. Simba forgets about his friendship with Timon and Pumbaa

7. Kion can summon Mufasa anytime he wants to and have conversations with him! Simba had no control over him at all. Mufasa gave Simba enough time to say ...more

38 Kion meets a hyena

At least it breaks the stereotype of "all hyenas are evil" that was evident in the original Lion King film.

In one episode, Kion travels to the Out-Lands. He meets a hyena named Jasiri. Then, they become friends. That is so queer, it's not even funny!

What's wrong with having a good hyena? How come you say that only bad lions should work together with hyenas and good lions can't? I really hate how The Lion King franchises portrays the hyena species. Yes, lions and hyenas are natural enemies, but it is wrong for Scar to have the whole hyena species as his henchmen. Did you know that Disney got sued because of this? This is one of the reasons why TLK is bad.

Fun fact: It was the people at Disney's Animal Kingdom who made the suggestion of adding a good hyena character to the writers of the show. The two spotted hyenas at the Animal Kingdom park may have served as the inspiration of Jasiri.

I agree with Nuka & Vitani on this one.

"What kind of Lion sides with a hyena?! " Nobody!

Instead of Kion attacking the hyena, he helped her! Seriously, I know hyenas are scavengers, but lions don't even like hyenas at all. Unless both of them are evil and work together (Example: Scar and 3 hyenas)

39 It's a spinoff of The Lion King
40 It's for little children

Although I have no problem with anything aimed at children, I just hate the whole Lion King/Guard franchise because it can be too dark or depressing for children or the supposed target age group, although there are other reasons.

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