Top 10 Reasons Why Lord of the Rings is Better Than Star Wars

Star Wars: The Last Jedi comes out in three days but I'm not really looking forward to seeing it. I just don't see the appeal in Star Wars to be honest. I'm more of a Lord of the Rings guy. And I personally think in Lord of the Rings is even better than Star Wars. And I have a list of reasons why that is.

Please keep in mind that this is list subjective so please don't go crazy over a different opinion. It's fine if you like Star Wars. To each their own.

The Top Ten

1 Without Lord of the Rings There'd Be No Star Wars

I agree with most of this list. It's when you get older that Star Wars becomes less good while Lord of the Rings becomes more good.

Lord of the rings was the start of fantasy. It popularized fantasy and fiction stories

And that's fact. Lord of the Rings was one of the direct inspirations for Star Wars. And if it had not exist, Star Wars probably wouldn't have existed either.

It would've been nice if you'd elaborated on this. - Tia-Harribel

2 Star Wars Has More Flaws

The prequels, Clone Wars movie, and The Last Jedi. Just to sum it all up.

It really does. Something that I'm sure isn't really gonna influence any writer for the best.

3 Lord of the Rings Was Much More Complicated to Write

This is like comparing The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire to Green Eggs and Ham.

Complicated doesn't always mean better but it worked out for Lord of the Rings. The story to Star Wars is just too simple to me.

4 Lord of the Rings Is More Influential Than Star Wars

One of the most influential stories that ever was and ever will be.

5 Lord of the Rings Is a Book Trilogy. Star Wars Is a Film Trilogy

I know movies have a much bigger impact on society but I personally think books are better because they're much better for you. With books you can read and focus better and they might actually be able to help you with your writing. Plus you can imagine the scenery anyway you want to.

6 Fantasy Is Much Harder to Write Than Science Fiction

I agree, great list!

It really is. With sci-fi it's easy to write because all it takes is some time to understand science a little more. With fantasy you have to really come up with your own history, countries, cultures, races and everything else.

7 Lord of the Rings Characters Have Inspired Star Wars Characters

For example...

Gollum inspired Yoda.
Gandalf inspired Obi-Wan.
The Witch King inspired Darth Vader.
Sauron inspired Palpatine.

To anyone who wants proof of this, here's a link to where I got this from.

8 Lord of the Rings Has Better Characters

I could relate to the characters in Lotr more because they have more depth and memorable lines. Some characters in Star Wars are either bland or one-dimensional to me (but I personally think the British people do the best acting).

9 Lord of the Rings Doesn't Have a Holiday Special

thank god

Thank goodness it doesn't.

10 Lord of the Rings Came Out First

Not really much of a reason but whatever.

The Contenders

11 J.R.R. Tolkien Took His Story Far More Seriously Than George Lucas Did with His
12 Better Plot and Characters
13 Lord of the Rings Fans Didn't Cause an Actress to Delete Her Instagram Account
14 Lord of the Rings' Legacy Still Continues to This Day While Star Wars' Legacy is Dying
15 Lord of the Rings Isn't Overrated by Little Kids and Manchildren
16 Star Wars Hasn't Aged Well
17 Lord of the Rings Doesn't Have Social Justice Messages
18 Lord of the Rings is Much Bigger and More Epic
19 Star Wars Has So Many Sequels and Merchandise

Your damn right star wars the original trilogy is great but not the best, I'm a fan of monsters so I'm glad lord of the rings have monsters while star wars doesn't

20 Lord of the Rings Isn't as Over Referenced as Star Wars Is
21 Middle-Earth is More Well-Constructed Than the Star Wars Universe
22 Better Dialogue
23 The Peter Jackson Trilogy Has Better Cgi Than the Star Wars Prequels

Gollum even to this day looks way more better than Jar Jar or anything else in the Star Wars prequels.

24 Better Themes
25 Lord of the Rings Isn't Ruined By Social Justice Warriors

Please don't have SJWs ruin the whole franchise by making all the characters black!

26 Peter Jackson Didn't Make a Lot of Unnecessary Changes to the Lord of the Rings Films Like George Lucas Did
27 Better Executions
28 There Aren't Any Extended Universe or Multiple Canons or Timelines to Wrap Around Ones Head.
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