Top Ten Reasons Why Mass Effect 2 Is the Best Mass Effect Game

A list that explains why Mass Effect 2 is the best Mass Effect game.

The Top Ten

1 The story

Everything building up to the Suicide Mission makes this the most amazing interactive story experience ever in video game history. Never gets old playing the final mission. - PeterF

Very interesting, the final part mission at The Collectors base. - Therandom

2 The voice acting

Has some of the best voice acting I've ever heard. - Therandom

3 Squad mates

With the exception of Miranda, all the squad mates were awesome, especially Garrus and Mordin. - Therandom

4 Cut scenes

Had the most choices of diolgue in any Mass Effect game. - Therandom

5 Game play

Was a major improvement over Mass Effect 1 - Therandom

6 The Normandy
7 Missions
8 The music
9 The ending
10 The love interests

The Contenders

11 The Illusive Man introduction

He was such a great character, and makes him even better is he's voiced by Martin Sheen. - Therandom

12 The graphics
13 The choices
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