Reasons Why Nicki Minaj Is Better Than Justin Bieber


The Top Ten

1 Some of Nicki Songs Are Good

But anaconda is worse than baby

2 Nicki Doesn't Spit On Her Fans
3 Nicki Said She Loves Her Fans
4 Nicki Didn't Call One of Her Fans a Bleached Whale
5 She's Nicer

She is terrible singer, how she is be nice? - 05yusuf09

6 She Writes Her Songs

That's actually even worse since that means she can't write for anything. - WonkeyDude98

His lyrics are totally about of sex and butt. - 05yusuf09

7 If You Ignore Stupid Hoe and Anaconda, She Is Ok

You forgot Starships, Beez in the Trap, Only, Pound the Alarm, Roman in Moscow, I Endorse These Strippers...she's perfectly okay! Not.

Meanwhile if you look past the early decade Bieber stuff he is actually ok. - WonkeyDude98

You forgot Beez In The Trap, Sex In The Lounge, Roman Holiday, etc.

8 Nicki Has a Big Butt

That's disgusting whoever put this on the list is a pervert! - Carsrule300

9 "Stupid Hoe" is Better Than "Baby"

No way, Stupid Hoe is awful

They're both bad - Carsrule300

10 Nicki doesn't insult good bands.

At least, Nicki doesn't call The Beatles a crap band. - waraypiso

The Contenders

11 "Only" is better than "What Do You Mean"

NO. What do you mean is kinda good, while only is one of the worst rap songs of all time.

12 Nicki Doesn't Pee In Mop Buckets
13 "Super Bass" is Better Than "Baby"

The only valid thing on the list. It simply is. - WonkeyDude98

14 "Anaconda" is Better Than "As Long As You Love Me"

Absolutely not. - WonkeyDude98

15 "Sex In the Lounge" is Better Than "Never Say Never"

Noo! - WonkeyDude98

16 Nicki doesn't call The Beatles a crap band
17 Nicki has multicolored hair
18 Nicki didn't destroy an Argentina flag
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