Top Ten Reasons Why People Bully

The Top Ten Reasons Why People Bully

1 They think they are "cool"

Yeah this is a common reason. - Userguy44

2 They just want to make others feel bad
3 They think its "funny"
4 They hate the person

That's the bullies problem if they hate that person!

5 They are complete idiots
6 They feel bad about themselves
7 Some of them are social justice warriors

Uh oh. That wouldn't end up well - BorisRule

8 They think it is "dope"
9 They don't like the person

I don't care if bullies don't like the person, but they should at least be kind to them from their own side.

10 They think everyone sucks except for them

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11 They Themselves are a Victim of Violence or Abuse

A lot of bullies are or have been a victim of abuse and/or violence. - THC13

12 Because They Hate Themselves
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