Top Ten Reasons Why People Don't Join the Military

Being in military is a great experience, every person should at least serve in the military for for an year, this lists show reasons why people do not join it.

The Top Ten

1 Very Low pay

Even the best militaries in the world fail to satisfy people by their salary - yatharthb

Obama is making it worse. He isn't helping our military. Some people in the military live on the streets. :( - funnyuser

2 Risk of Death

Probably the only thing that can prevent a person from joining military, I guess. - Kiteretsunu

The risk of death in the military is almost negligible until it's the war time - yatharthb

I would love to join the military, and I probably will. - Therandom

3 Harshness

Well the military isn't gumbdrops and icecream people! The military is NOT like a video game! They have to be harsh because they don't want you to feel like a f*cking 3rd grader! Harshness = courage in another, courage = strength, strength = leadership! - Zombieman99

4 Staying away from home for a long time
5 Bullying
6 Marching
7 Work on Sundays, holidays
8 You have no time for rest
9 Seriousness

Well duh the military isn't a joke especially the Navy Seals - Zombieman99

10 Medical Reasons

The Contenders

11 Participating in inhumane things

Example: murder, raping, torture, griefing, etc. etc. etc. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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