Top Ten Reasons Why People Love Undertale


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1 The Game has a great story idea that is explained bit by bit as you play

Don't worry everyone! There are no direct spoilers in this list!...just, don't read the comments. - WitheredBonnie

It really dosen't, S2 genocide route

The game is dumb the story is dumb the characters are uncreative and dumb and everyone is scared of a dumb a** flower

2 The game has awesome background music

The OST is what ties it together. It's an amazing soundtrack with an amazing game to accommodate.

The music is terrible you can look at a game about poop and find better noises the all of the background music in Undertale

No, the music is bad, Journey has good music, not this game

i agree

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3 The game contains many secrets and mysteries

One name. W.D.Gaster.

4 The game has lovable characters with their own life story
5 The game has simple rules you must follow to stay on track, and those rules feel good when you carry them out, such as being friends with a character


6 The change in graphics

What change in graphic it's like the graphics on a effing game boy

7 The feelings you get when a character trusts you, wants to help you, or simply dreads you
8 The fact that there are different choices to make that will lead to different outcomes

Really? What about the other thousands of games that are better and have the same idea? Take Fallout as an example.

9 You get to play as a cute character

She's not cute people say she's Chinese Dora

No, it's Chinese Dora

10 There are different types of land features as you go

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11 It contains some of the cutest characters in video game history

No, no, just no

12 Mettaton's existence

"Arms? Who need arms when you've got legs like these? "
Think of how happy Monster Kid is.
Think of it.

13 There is more than one mode
14 It's literally named after Cave Story
15 It has a unique battle system
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