Top Ten Reasons Why People Should Stop Crying Over Mufasa's Death

Any time people talk about the saddest deaths, or something, people always claim the death of Mufasa (from The Lion King) to be the saddest ever and treat it like it's a real tragedy when it isn't. Well, it's not as sad as many claim it to be and it might be justified for a reason.

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1 Mufasa, was in fact, a tyrant

He was a hypocrite who forced a species to starve for no good reason, throws a temper tantrum over his own brother not attending the birth ceremony of his son and did not let his son go to the dark place where he wanted to go. His tyranny was the reason why certain characters became villainous.

2 Mufasa is just a fictional character

You know, fantasy, make-believe, fiction. Don't let this get to you in real-life. There is a difference and a separation between what's real and what's fiction.

3 It wasn't the saddest scene
4 It wasn't even the most violent death of all time

There was no blood or gore during this scene. So why act like a crybaby about it? Geez Louise.

Yet people still baaawww like babies about it.

5 It was not even the saddest death ever

Tons of fictional characters die during their story in various movies, games and books many times. Get over it.

I know sadder deaths on Disney.

6 How would you feel if you were a hyena and got attacked and forced to starve by Mufasa for no good reason?
7 What Mufasa told us, was a lie

Respect all creatures? Yet when he hears news about hyenas being in the Pride Lands, he goes and chases them out.

Not to mention he used his own majordomo as a target for his son's pouncing lessons.

8 I would not be surprised if Mufasa actually killed Sarabi's cubs from her previous relationship before she birthed Simba.

Because in real-life, a male lion would kill cubs to mate with the female.

9 The movie is over 20 years old.

Agreed... Too many people have an unhealthy obsession with the movie that they often forget about everything else.

Get over it already. I mean come on. - ThatOneRacer

10 Anyone who cries at this scene really don't separate fiction from reality

And I am hoping they will learn to separate fiction from reality and not act like babies during this scene.

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