Top 10 Reasons Why the Ratchet & Clank Reboot is Incredibly Disappointing

The Top Ten

1 Literally all of the charm, wit and originality of the original trilogy and even the Future series is now completely gone for good, with the franchise having officially been milked drier than a Metroid-depleted dust corpse
2 It really DOES feel like a cruddy movie tie-in game, and the fact that the movie itself was a pile of rotten garbage doesn't help matters either
3 Chairman Drek, formerly one of the scariest villains to ever grace gaming in general, is now treated as an absolute joke, as are literally all of his minions
4 Replacement of the original Ratchet & Clank's outstandingly unique and incredibly memorable soundtrack with an almost-immeasurably dull, generic and forgettable one
5 Character development is completely thrown out the window
6 Everything actually funny and interesting about the old games' humor is replaced with soulless, blatant pandering to today's stupid kids and their pathetic entry-level meme culture, hashtag Gadgetron
7 Several classic levels from the original game, including Orxon (probably because focus groups deemed it too scary), were removed in favor of cramming more pointless memes into it
8 Practically any former hint of the games occasionally taking themselves seriously when they needed to is now gone
9 What little gameplay isn't blatantly recycled from the first game consists entirely of running through generic corridors and shooting the exact same enemy at least a billion or so times per planet (even more so than the Future series)
10 Characters absolutely NEVER shut up (case in point: Captain Quark constantly reminding Ratchet that he can't breathe underwater)

The Contenders

11 People complained that Ratchet was a little too mean in the first Ratchet & Clank, so Insomniac made him way too NICE instead
12 There is literally nothing new in it whatsoever, besides the plot changes (which are still incredibly clich├ęd and lame, mind you)
13 Dr. Nefarious was blatantly shoehorned into the game just for the sake of having him in it
14 Runs at thirty frames per second while the PS2 games run at sixty
15 Doesn't even allow you to create multiple save files on the same PS4 account
16 Completely squandered the opportunity to build further on the Ratchet series' backstory
17 Seriously would have been vastly better as just a straight remake of the original game
18 Makes the future look incredibly grim for Going Commando and Up Your Arsenal if they're really getting the same caliber of remake treatment as this did
19 Captain Quark is literally the narrator of the entire game, yet STILL doesn't even say a single thing that's actually funny
20 The game is so brokenly easy that the difficulty settings barely even matter
21 Any former hint of the gameplay requiring actual strategy is now basically eradicated
22 A ridiculous number of Skill Point challenges from the original game were also removed for no real reason
23 The original game had an infinitely better storyline
24 We'd rather play Earthbound when it was unpopular
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