Reasons Why You Should Not Use "Retarded" as an Insult

The Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Use "Retarded" as an Insult

1 You are offending people with learning disabilities

I have an older brother with severe autism and I'd be very angry if someone said that horrible word (though I don't want to say it at all) to brother OR if someone said that about him.

2 They are human, too.
3 It's not funny
4 It is cruel

This word cruel? - Userguy44

5 It does not benefit you
6 It makes you look stupid
7 It breaks the golden rule
8 It doesn't mean stupid

Some think that it means stupid when it's a mental illness - ElSherlock

9 It is pointless
10 It is derogatory

The Contenders

11 It's unoriginal

Try saying, "Your head is like a black hole. Large, but infinitely dense." - RoseWeasley

How NOT to make a good insult:
1. Take a word that describes that person/group.
2. Take away part of the word.
3. Slap "tard" on the end.
Boom. There you have it. An uncreative, cringey, stupid, & offensive insult. - RoseWeasley

12 Because it makes you look stupid

Yup! True!

13 It is unoriginal
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