Top Ten Reasons Why Zayn Malik Might've Left One Direction


The Top Ten

1 He Wants an Individual Career
2 He Wasn't Being Paid Right
3 Liam Was Acting Gay

What this list is funny - mukhlzaxc876

4 Harry Threatened to Kill Him

This is most likely the probable cause.


5 Gigi Hadid Told Him to Leave One Direction
6 He Wants to Marry Miley Cyrus
7 He Beat Liam Up
8 He Wanted to Kiss Niall
9 He Considers Himself the Best of One Direction
10 He Realized that One Direction Was Garbage

He is the best Singer of 1D... no other Singer is as good as him... he is really awesome... and Harry can never do what he can do...

There are tons of better singers than him.

The Contenders

11 He Just Doesn't Like Fame

Because he is an adult. I say the same thing about Niall Horna (he is an adult and he went single/left 1E).


12 He's Gay

He wanted to marry harry styles

Hi is very handsome people sucks who r telling him anything people r only gay zayn is very handsome love you

Zayn Malik u r very handsome people r gay who r telling u those things I m tte biggest fan of u

13 He Makes Better Solo Music

So true! Listen to Entertainer,Drunk,Let Me,Dusk Till Dawn, Pillowtalk etc!

14 He Wanted to Make R&B Not Teen Pop
15 He Just Wanted to Do Things on His Own
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