The guitar is amazing! I can FEEL it! And I love the vocals, and the lyrics are amazing... "show love with no remorse, climb onto your seahorse, this ride is right on course. This is the way I wanted it to be with you, this is the way I knew that it would be with U. Sigh.

Incredibly catching, I feel it, I still can feel the sorrow. Keep loving that song, it should be placed higher

Ok, though this song is simple to play, John Frusciante's real skill shines out in this song. He plays with all of his heart, and you can hear that in every note. This song is one of my favorite songs of all time! Vote it!

This isn't their best song, I have to leave that to Californication, but 16th?! This should be so much higher than that, I had to click it just to help it move up the list. Such a fantastic song. - roanhaggar

Beautiful is all I can say... The lyrics send across a very deep message, the guitar parts are amazing, and flow together in a wonderful harmony. Frusciante's vocals are stellar

BEAUTIFUL... this song can put you in any mood, and for that it is priceless.. the guitar is amazing, and john's harmonies are untouchable

Why it wasn't released as a single I don't know.. One of their best Songs by Miles. Frusciante really delivers on the Vocals

An incredibly beautiful song. John Frusciante's masterpiece. Would love to see it played live, if only it were possible.

Every time this song comes on, I get tears in my eyes... so beautiful, so heartbreaking, absolutely amazing.

Just goes to show how great this band is. A song so very beautiful lying at a lowly 17th position. RHCP!

One of their most beautiful songs from an all around beautiful album

This is the song that you tell someone to listen to if you want them understand the beauty of Frusciante's music writing ability. Many casual fans or general public don't realize that RHCP have songs like this. It never gets old either.

No doubt the best Red song ever! I don't understand why is in this low position!

Oh, Why can't they play this song live, cause it's so Amazing?

Incredibly underrated, amazing solo and riff

My favorite. It's the most beautiful song ever!

Such A Shame this is not on the top 10 :c

So underrated. This song is great never gets boring, some of the top 5 are just radios top played songs in the past few years however this song is way better. You gota try this song.

This song is absolutely perfect. The lyrics, the melody, the chorus, the guitar... it's beautiful, and every time I hear it, I want to cry. There's no other RHCP song quite like this.

All RHCP songs are incredibly beautiful, but hands down for Dosed. It just puts me into this trance where I can chill out and relax.

Just Beautiful! One of their best work! It's not a hit, it's simple and beautiful! Underrated but will always be remebmbered!

Love and attraction has no choice. It fills the heart, heals the pain, then it's gone.
Haunting sad yet so beautiful.

A true masterpiece. Of the 21st century, this dog is rivaled only by Strip My Mind

This is the tipe of song that shouldn't just be in the top 10, it should be in the very first position. If you try to find other lists of RHCP it will alway be at least in the top 5 of every real fan