Best Bible Translations

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1 King James Version

Only English version that is 100% the Word of God. Look up New World Order Bible Versions on Youtube

This is my favorite translation and I use it most often.

2 Holman Christian Standard Bible

The general public has no idea what these acronyms stand for.

3 New International Version

Apparently, the pastor at the church I go to once said that the NIV was the "Not Intelligent Version".

4 New American Standard Bible

THE NEW AMERICAN STANDARD BIBLE works as an awesome translation. I use it the most.

The most accurate Bible translation!

5 English Standard Version

This the other translation I use often, especially for comparison between translations, especially the King James Version my standard Bible translation.

This is a good translation and I use it as an easy reading translation when I'm not using the King James Version.

6 Amplified Bible
7 Revised English Bible
8 New Revised Standard Version
9 Modern English Version

A modern translation of the KJV (besides NKJV and KJ21). Why do KJV people hate on other translations? MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL

10 New King James Version

This is a good translation that shares the same poetry of the old King James Version but it uses the same language in the New American Standard Bible.

The Contenders
11 New Living Translation
12 Restoration Study Bible
13 American Standard Version

This translation is the predecessor to the New American Standard Bible that was released in 1901. This is a good translation even though its language is out-of-date.

14 Bible of Kralice
15 New American Bible Revised Edition

Why are there no Catholic bibles?

16 Douay–Rheims Bible
17 Hejčl/Sýkora Bible
18 The Living Bible
19 The Message
20 The Voice
21 Revised Standard Version
22 New American Bible
23 New Jerusalem Bible
24 New Century Version
25 New International Reader's Version
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