Top Ten Best a Series of Unfortunate Events Books

The Top Ten
1 The Penultimate Peril

I absolutely adore this one
Everyone's in it
Kit is great and Dewey's death is heart breaking
I just love this book
This is my list
1. The penultimate peril
2. The end
3. The ersatz elevator
4. The slippery slope
5. The bad beginning
6. The carnivorous carnival
7. The reptile room
8. The grim grotto
9. The austere academy
10. The hostile Hospital
11. The wide window
12. The miserable mill
13. The vile village

I love this book. So much going on. First you see can't kissing one of the triplets but at the time you think that they are twins. And when Kit says best regards to frank you would think that she is kissing Earnest. And then the children have to guard the sugar bowl and every one thinks that J. S is a different person. I LOVE IT!

Everyone's in it it's so good it's my favourite here is my list
1st. Penultimate Peril
2nd. Austere Academy
3rd. Vile Village
4th. Reptile Room
5th. Ersatz Elevator
6th. Carnivorous Carnival
7th. Bad Beginning
8th. The End
9th. The Hostile Hospital
10th. Slippery Slope
11th. Grim Grotto
12th. Wide Window
13th. Miserable Mill

This book is my absolute FAVOURITE out of the 13. I really like how Justice Strauss and Jerome Squalor come back but it is quite sad that the Baudalaire parents killed the parents of Count Olaf.

2 The Reptile Room

Amazing! Uncle Monty was a great character, Count Olaf becomes a main character, and the argument about who should drive with who is hands down the best dialogue exchange in the series. Definitely my number 1.

Never a dull moment and Uncle Monty is so nice and perfect for the kids.

Just great. I'm Stephano. I'm uh Italian man. Count Olaf's disguise was very funny in this book.

Really good. I thought it was interesting.

3 The Ersatz Elevator

Hands down best...

4 The Austere Academy

Good setting, good action at the end, you meet the orphans first good friend after their parents "died" that is not their new parent.

The Quagmires are wonderful characters, and this is one of the most hilarious volumes in the saga!

I was wondering if Nero really had always been on count Olafs side. But life is a mystery, so I guess we'll never know.

I love the Quagmires! My favorite characters! It's just sad we didn't get to see them, but, this is defineately my favorite book. (Mostly because there's more people around & it's funny. Also, the Quagmires are in it.)

5 The End

When Count Olaf turn goog only to die before delivering his last words that would probably have fully redeemed himself is probably the most tragic thing these books did. (Besides not killing off Mr. Poe)

I've never read the last book but my friend has and he has read the whole series and he likes the last one the best and I believe him.

(Spoiler Alert) I love how they kill off Count Olaf and Kit together because they were in love before.

Oh yah this one is the best and the longest. It's so exciting and fun totally my favorite.

6 The Grim Grotto

IKR?! It's like, ever since the Baudelaire's (Spoiler alert) went to go live on their own, they have been way more boring, and it's not that funny, and it's too serious, and made me want to give up the series, but luckily, I didn't.

Eh. Good book but kind of feels unnecessary. to be honest I feel like books 9-11 are all kind of bland and unnecessary. Would have been happier with series if they were attached to book 8 as smaller stories. Really each book in this set has only 50 pages of necessary information, the rest is just filler. My opinion though, anybody agree?

7 The Slippery Slope

Good book, but seems like it could be easily shortened and adapted to just make grim grotto longer, so sort of unnecessary. But still underrated and deserves more attention.

You find out a lot in this one but it's sad that violet dosnt stay with quigley!

8 The Wide Window

I love this book. I think the plot is great but Aunt Josephine was really a bad guardian. It feels like the baudelaires were Aunt Josephines guardian. Overall this was a really evil and horrible scheme.

The overall melancholy tone is amazing, just like the creative death of Aunt Josephine and of course, her house.

One of my many brilliant schemes, the wide window perfectly demonstrates how treacherous I can be.

This book was awesome. Loved the plot. Every series of unfortunate events book is awesome

9 The Bad Beginning

Why is it at number 9? It deserves number two or better. It starts everything off nicely (or should I say horribly) and the whole series would be horrible if this book wasn't as good as it is. The thing that makes reptile room better than it is justice Strauss, a thoroughly annoying character who let down the Baudelaire terribly, marrying Violet to Count Olaf. How could she not have thought of the implications? She's a judge, she should know marital law like the back of her hand! Anyway great book.

The first one is the best because it introduces you to the next book.

First is always the best!

Starts off really slow

10 The Carnivorous Carnival

Kinda confusing, moves too fast and too slow at the same time. Ambidextrous Kevin is the most annoying character not just in this book, but in the whole series. I get that it's a joke, but lemony took it way too far.

This is the 3 best

The Contenders
11 The Hostile Hospital

This is where the plot really thickens. The Baudelaires find out that one of their parents might be alive, they question if they are really the good guys, and count Olaf got smarter. Seriously, he doesn't show his face until he has to escape. Also, Hal was introduced.

So, I really like its plot.

12 The Vile Village

I loved all of these books, but the Vile Village is my favourite.

Filled with satire. The best in the series so far, in my opinion.

Underrated, deserves better placing. I really like this book.

This ones too unfortunate too enjoy and I hate all the rules so much

13 The Miserable Mill

His one is kinda boring it deserves to be at the bottom. Nothing really happens and at first it's also kind of slow going.

This one is completely unbelievable (who sends kids to work at a lumbermill? ) and also it's got a really boring plot apart from the end

Why does everyone hate this? It's so good!

I love short books

14 Who Could that Be at This Hour?
15 The Beatrice Letters
16 13 Suspicious Incidents
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