Top Ten Most Annoying Things In Restaurants

What are the most annoying things when visiting restaurants?
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1 Long Waiting Times

I can understand an hour or two waiting time if the food is prepared completely fresh. That is just natural. However, I have experienced some downright RIDICULOUS waiting times before in the past. One resturaunt I went to we ended up spending five hours in it overall; a good chunk of that was waiting for the food to come. Worst thing is that was only the main course.

A message to all future resturaunt managers and employees out there: people get bored. When you end up giving the customer you are serving a 4 hour waiting time it is very unlikely they will come again. Also, what the hell are you doing in there? Performing a ritual for the pigs you just slayed?

Who actually goes to a restaurant and expects complete freshness, when there are often over 50 people in its premises?

To those that ask me "but Raine, what about the slow cooking they have to perform? " Wouldn't it be common sense to put the slow cooker on prematurely and not when the consumer orders the meal, and if it isn't finished use one from the last batch you cooked? If you are a fresh meat slaying resturaunt then say so so they expect the long waiting times. Or you could act like class 3 E and ask for the food before the consumer reaches the resturaunt. Your call.

2 Bad Food

When you feel like eating something at a quick place when you can't be bothered or can't cook yourself a meal, even as a romantic date or getaway, resturaunts are your best friends. However, when the food tastes like rotten shoes then it would be best to eat at an accomplice's house.

Why should people wait in a long line for this.

My dad found a dead spider in his drink once.

3 Crying Babies

this is too loud for Peace and also I hate Infants Crying in Resturaunts, during Flight, and more places and theres too many Infants being too loud in some places their moms should shut them up and make them quiet.

This gets on my nerves so much. The parents don't give a flying crap about how other people's meals have to be screwed up thanks to one baby with pipes shriller than a dog whistle and louder than a jet engine.

What are they so sad about? They don't have to do anything and act like their life is so tough

4 Bad Service

Waiters need to be pleasant hearted, or at least put on some kind of believable act, in order to be considered good service to the customers. Why are you even in this job? You always walk around like you swallowed a hornet and try to succeed in a competition to be the most annoying person to walk the planet. If it is the only job open to you then TRY to at least be a little bit kinder to the customers. They are not trying to start a glaring contest.

You are only shooting yourself in the foot with the lack of tip money you will end up earning, and the fact that the manager won't be that amused with the customers you will be turning off from their complex again.

Once I went to this place where the woman serving me didn't even notice I was there until I resorted to tapping her shoulder. she was playing a game on her phone. I mean COME ON

5 Dirty Tables and Eating Areas

Anything I can mention about this one that hasn't already been beaten to death by many other ranters and list makers out there? It is disgusting and makes you not want to eat the food, which is precisely what you went there for!

Well, I've been to a lot of high per class restaurants, like in China, Europe, and Spain. Holy cow everything is so squeaky clean!

Yes this is the worst one once me and my family were at Micky d's (McDonald's) and there was dirt and mild on the tables really? This is the worst thing about a resteraunt

6 Hair in Food

Hair falling in food is often entirely accidental. The hygiene of the hair isn't. When the hair is covered in head lice and looks like it was dragged through the sewer a couple of times, do you think that would make them want to come back to the resturaunt again? I don't think so.

When talking about the actual hair in the food then try and wear hear nets in the future. Unless you cannot get your hands on one, which I very much doubt as you can find them in many clothing shops and hair shops, then you are simply being lazy.

I'm gonna puke, even my own or family members hair makes me sick. Imagine how I feel if it someone I don't know

I always find hair in my Burger King burgers.

7 Overpreservation

Wait, this is bad?

8 Overpriced Food

Like the wine is always overpriced, they charge you more for a glass then if you went to a grocery store or liquor store and bought a bottle of wine. So I rather buy them in a store, forget about ordering wine in the restaurant it costs more then the meal, plus it's better to drink alcoholic beverages at home.

You all know what I mean. Those resturaunts that think people would like to spend a ludicrous amount for one small meal or batch of chips, honestly should reevaluate their judgement a little.

9 Getting the Wrong Order

I usually always get my orders wrong. I've ordered a pizza with extra tomato sauce, onion, mushrooms and garlic I said all veggies no meat, they put anchovies, olives and tomato chunks. I was so mad. The other time they put sausage and pepperoni, I never asked for them, I don't like them.

This is the most annoying thing at restaurants!

I had this happen at mcdonald's twice I ordered iced tea and I got root beer instead

10 The Area Where You Wait to be Seated is Too Small.
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11 The Waiter or Waitress Ignoring You

My friends and I went to Howard Johnson's in Columbia, North Carolina. They ignored us because either we were teens or because one of the guy's was black. After about an hour we left.

12 Screaming Kids
13 Rude Waiters
14 Kids with Lack of Manners

I was at a buffet waiting my turn when I noticed little kids touching the food! The parents didn't do anything, which made the situation worse.

15 Kids Treating It Like a Playground
16 Super Super Slow Employees
17 Pervasive Advertisements

Every time I get ice cream. The package shows it with tons and tons of chocolate or whatever is in it but when I open the container I'm like, "Where's the chocolate? "

SAME. Where's the cookie dough in the cookie dough ice cream? Nowhere. We just put cookie dough to make it sound good.

When they do an ad and the food is excellent but you go there and is not the same

18 Vermin

It is extremely unhygienic to have a bunch of mice running around when preparing food.

19 Parents Changing Their Kids' Diapers at the Table

Very common in Chinatown restaurants.

Disgusting and unsanitary!

This is just disgusting.

20 Bad Smells
21 Frozen Food

Some restaurants do this...

22 People Who Cough Constantly

That happened to me once when I was having dinner with friends. The lady sitting in the booth behind my group was coughing for over an hour. Thankfully, none of us got sick.

23 When a Waiter or Waitress Falls or Drops Food the Whole Restaurant Goes Wild
24 When a Customer Starts Chanting Something Random and Everyone Else Joins In
25 Karens
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