Top Ten Reasons Why McDonald's Is Bad

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1 Their Food

A terrible experience at the Mcdonald's in Arvin,California last month. the fries were soggy and the apples had chemicals. Almost everything was soggy. And the people working there didn't treat us well. stay away from the McDonald's in Arvin California. There are 40K locations of McDonalds as of April 2024.

I admit some of their stuff is actually pretty good (like I actually like the fries), but a lot of is awful, like the burgers. The burgers contain pink slime, which is used as a preservative/filler. It affects the taste dramatically... I once ate a cheeseburger when I was little there and I ended up throwing it out. I've grown out of the chicken nuggets because I realized how bad they tasted, and now I eat a chicken sandwich or a wrap whenever we're on the road and grab some.

2 You Have to Eat Their Food Fast Cause If You Don't It Tastes Like Garbage

What is the point of this list every single fast food restaurant is unhealthy food with questionable ingredients, that is why their called fast food restaurants

Well I think their food is okay not the best though. Nothing beats a homemade burger. Their fries I like best out of all the fast food restaurants though.

There French fries taste soggy. If you don't eat them fast. There Burgers taste expired.
There Chicken taste ok. When it's cold. But there Apples a TERIBLE

3 They Say They're Healthy When It's Really Bad for You

There were these commercials back in 2011 or 2012 called Ferris's Funky Farm.
They claim that the Happy Meals at McDonald's is healthy. By how? Telling people that it has apple slices and milk in it (and singing corny songs about it too).

I'm gonna bet that those apple slices are NOT from REAL apples and that McDonald's made them artificially, like pretty much everything else they make.
Also, why does the kid go to McDonald's when he lives on a farm? I'm pretty sure he can grow his own food and I imagine those would be a LOT healthier.

In the first commercial, it implies that the happiest day of the kid's life was getting a Happy Meal every day. If that's the case, then, he sure has a miserable life.

4 They Don't Use Organic Meat

They torture chicks and calves, spray chemicals in them, make them grow super fat and kill them. Your gonna get fat, because chemicals! Also McDonald's could give you cancer: it's true

They spray poison chemicals on their chicken literally! Only a tiny bit but if you ate like 100 nuggets you would get very sick or die from the chemical it's called TBHQ. Also it's 52% corn.

They say '100% pure beef'. They're sneaky with that. The company that makes their beef is named 100% pure beef, so they can add whatever they want.

5 Their Apples Have Bad Chemicals In Them

I have ate one of the apples and I'm not dead I ate half of the apple waited a MONTH for it to rot and guess what NOTHING something strange and I found out about the chemicals

I remember one time their apples were banned because they had something in them. Thank goodness they give you a choice of cuties or gogurt or the nasty apples

That why there apples never turn brown. They use chemicals that are really bad.
Maybe this is the reason some people end up in the Hospital.

6 Their Toys Are Cheap Plastic

Agree. Yesterday, my sister wanted a minions toy. But they were all out of minions toys and gave her a cheap Pokemon toy. It was really useless. I mean, seriously McDonald's! That toy was probably made back in 2013, and they just use hand-me downs! You stink, McDonald's.

I went there once and I got this compltely pathetic and crappy teenage mutant ninja turtl;e toy that was badly moulded. I know how they get their toys. They announce a charity drive where they will get toys for poor children so please deposit your old chewed up toys here. And the poor children are their own customers!

The reason I don't get happy meals anymore. Their toys aren't fun to play with! If they sold toys with bendable limbs that looked real nice, I might take one, but what are the chances of that?!

7 It's the Most Unhealthy Fast Food Restaurant

If you want to go to a Fast Food restaurant that is Healthy for you and does not smell like you are in the sewers I recommend "Panera." You won't be disappointed.

I once had to go to Mcdonals and I wanted a salad. WIth a burger, its only 5 pesos extra, but alone, it's like, 70 pesos for the same size

I once went there and me and my brother got the flu and I missed school because of this.
Mario, come and trash this loser place!

8 They Bleach Their Chicken

No wonder why I have seeing problems peta:umm don't you got anything to say me : oh yes right MCDONALD SLAUGHTERS CHICKEN

EW I never knew that I am disgusted was a never eating that again I hated there chicken nuggets anyway

Oh god! Thank goodness I've never had a chicken there in my life.

9 It's Makes So Many People Fat

It really depends on if you eat it occasionally or everyday three times + a day. I've eaten there and not got fat. Really anything can make you fat.

But yea, the calories with their meals and all will make you get fatter faster than anything else =(

The reason people do get fat from McDonald's is because they eat there too much. They shouldn't bither changing their food to make it "healthy", instead they should put an "eat in moderation" warning on their commercials.

People have the choice to go to McDonald's. Blame McDonald's all you want, it was you that made yourself fat.

10 Their Bathrooms Are Disgusting

One time, I almost peed in my pants so my mom brought me to McDonald's bathroom and there was sh words smeared with poop, vomit, dirt it's gross my mom drove home and I took shower

On the news there was a 500 pound man farting squirting poop all over the walls pee dripping in the floors and of course the most disgusting part is that the man farted out raw poop! and steam came out of his anus! THAT IS SOOO GROSS!

It's a fast food restaurant, the person cleaning the bathrooms are the same people working the cashiers

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11 They Have Soggy Fries

The fries are the only thing I eat at every fast food restaurant. Actually, I never eat at fast food restaurants anymore.

The only thing I DO like at McDonald's is their french fries. Plus, I like the ones at Wendy's, Five Guys, etc.

Their fries are fine, but if you want to go to a restaurant with awesome fries, then go to Five Guys.

12 They Think They're Better Than Every Other Restaurant

Haha McDonald's is literally hiding from the fast food world now. Every other Fast Food resturaunt is trying to take revenge on McDonald's. Taco Bell had a commercial with Ronald McDonald savoring the waffle taco(I tasted it and it was disgusting) and Chick fila launched a headlong attack on McDonalds. There was a series of superhero comic books featuring chick fila's mascot in super form and his cow friends batting villans and saving cows from animal abuse. Today's villan is Ronald McDonald. When I saw him I cracked up. Seriously, Very funny Chick-Fil-A.

Here thing I stop liking them cause they costed so much money wendy's and burger king is better

Haha, They did, until Chick-Fil-A humiliated them by putting Ronald McDonald as a villan in one of the cow comic books.

13 They Get You the Wrong Order

I remember a time when I was a child and ordered a cheeseburger without pickles, and my sister ordered a cheeseburger without condiments. I got pickles, and my sisters got a plain cheeseburger with only a patty and cheese. We fixed the problem.

When my brother wants cheeseburger without pickles and onions, they give him cheeseburgers with the pickles and onions.

My sister got a McChicken with pickles but with cheese instead. Same thing, without lettuce but I had lettuce. Stupid raw meat factory.

14 They Spray TBHQ On Their Food

I don't even know what this is but it sounds bad but mc donalds IS THE BEST

15 They Added Teen Titans Go! for the Happy Meal

Nevermind that they choose Hot Wheels too much and they never did Minecraft goddammit!

Nothing wrong with that

I need some milk please

16 Takes Forever to Get Food

In line for 10 minutes, moved 2 spots

At least it's hot

17 The Burgers Are Fake

Buffalo burger restaurant Is better then Mcdonald

I don't care, I still like 'em.-Enderman

They are plastic!

18 The Food Gives You Indigestion

Whenever I eat a McDonalds, after 10 minutes, I have to go the bathroom so badly.

Mcdonalds also gives you Cancer!

19 Food's Good in Commercials, Bad in Reality

This is 1 reason I don't go to McDonalds I mean seriously. There was a commercial for a Egg Mcmuffin. The funny part is that it made me for Subway sandwiches but I tried it anyway. The actual thing was nothing compared to what was in the commercial. The mcmuffin was soggy, the egg was goopy, the cheese was goopy and the chicken was disgueting.

Commercials often make the company’s product look better than it actually is. This makes people want to buy a product. McDonalds lure kids in with cheap plastic toys, and trick them into eating sugar and fat.

One time my little brother wanted a big mac so he went to mcdonalds! and guess what? THE BIG MAC WAS WET AND SOGGY AND RAW! DUN DUN DUUN!

20 They Always Get Your Order Wrong

No they only got my order wrong once and that's because someone behind us had the same last name as us

Already on here at #13

21 They Never Made Fortnite Happy Meal Toys

Fortnite Is The Drugs Of
Children Right Now.

Good. Fortnite sucks anyway.

I Hate Fortnite an I a kid

22 They Put Too Much Sugar in Salads

Sugar in a healthy vegetable? Sad.

23 Some of Them Have Bugs Inside

I'm sure this happens at other fast food restaurants before especially when you consider how much restaurants they have

My little brother had a grass hopper in his burger! YUCK!

In our school lunch we found an earwig in the lettuce!

24 They Only Care About Milk and Apples

Every single Happy Meal commercial-- They always say "goodness of apples and milk". They say it's healthy for you, but I doubt it

They never say anything about the Chicken McNuggets and the Fries. Oh, speaking of nuggets... Why do they have to put them in every single Happy Meal commercial? Is a hamburger or a cheeseburger too much for the children? I don't know

When they replaced the happy meal with milk and apples, and put those stupid goat commercials on T.V., what the hell were they thinking?

The apples have chemicals in them so they are neve brown, and the milk is always chunky

25 Some Foods Can Make You Fart a Lot and Give You Diarrhea

A day after my grandmother got us mcdonalds, my brother threw up and I had diarrhea! I'm gonna file a complaint!

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