Top 10 Rock and Metal Songs that Would Be Funny If They Were Made by Another Rock or Metal Artist

The Top Ten

1 Bring Me to Life - Death (Evanescence)

Oh, the irony! - TwilightKitsune

Oh the Irony - christangrant

2 Holy Wars...The Punishment Due - Metallica (Megadeth)
3 Judas Priest - Judas Priest (Anthrax)
4 Jump in the Fire - Suicidal Tendencies (Metallica)

Haha, now the song title and the band name are made for each other. - Metal_Treasure

5 Master of Puppets - Megadeth (Metallica)

This would also be ironic as Dave has done lots of drugs that took over his life - christangrant

6 Iron Maiden - Judas Priest (Iron Maiden)
7 Disciple - Skillet (Slayer)

Oh man I could imagine how funny this would be and how ironic it is - christangrant

8 Big Balls - Guns N' Roses (AC/DC)

I would laugh my ass off if I heard Axl Rose sing this song - christangrant

9 Alive - Suicide Silence (Pearl Jam)
10 Blinded by the Light - Blind Guardian (Manfred Mann's Earth Band)

The Contenders

11 Blinded by Science - Blotted Science (Foreigner)
12 Just a Phase - My Chemical Romance (Incubus)
13 It's My Life - Grave Digger (Bon Jovi)
14 Stairway to Heaven - Queen (Led Zeppelin)

I could see it happening. - BrianScott01

15 Bohemian Rhapsody - Led Zeppelin (Queen)
16 Satan's Bed - The Clash (Pearl Jam)
17 Dead & Bloated - Ghost (Stone Temple Pilots)
18 Straight Edge - Minor Threat (Mötley Crue)

A song about total sobriety : Straight Edge means no drugs and no alcohol. - JoLeKosovo

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