Top 10 Most Political Rock Songs of the 2010s

Rock songs of the last decade that were very political. I think some of the entries for this list wouldn't be hard to come with. However, might as well get it over with. I'm only including political rock songs from the 2010s decade for this list obviously. So please, avoid submitting songs from the 2000s.
The Top Ten
1 The Resist Stance - Bad Religion

Bad Religion is a band I knew would be included at some point. It's very rare that a punk band isn't political unless they're a pop-punk band like Blink 182 or something. But as a whole most punk bands and songs tend to be very political. Especially Dead Kennedys or The Clash.

2 The Violence - Rise Against

Rise Against definitely earned a spot on here. With this song in particular. A song that deals with the topic of American violence. One of their best-crafted songs if you ask me.

3 American Attraction - Anti-Flag

Anti-Flag is a band that isn't afraid to be political. This song in particular drives very hard with comments made about consumerism amongst a lot of things. The point they're trying to make here isn't hard to follow. Especially given how it came out in 2010.

4 ManUNkind - Metallica
5 Out of Control - The Ghost Inside

A song about the direction America was taking back in 2014. Stills seems kinda relevant in 2020 though. Just one of those songs I suppose. Regardless this is more of a minor entry if anything.

6 Blind Leading the Blind - Trivium
7 Back in the USA - Green Day

Ever since Minority from Warning. Green Day hasn't been afraid to dive into politics. Especially given how political one of their most critically acclaimed albums American Idiot is. This song is a sarcastic middle finger to both Trump and his supporters. It references the movie They Live in the music video.

8 Nobody Praying for Me - Seether

A song that touches on the topic of racism. It's noticeable through the lyrics and music video in general. I think the message is well delivered and in general pretty decent. Racism is a relevant issue that still has yet to be resolved over the years.

9 45 (A Matter of Time) - Sum 41

One of Sum 41's most political and aggressive songs to date. Which doesn't surprise me given how this is the same band that made We're All to Blame from Chuck. Deryck's frustration in this song is directly targeted towards Trump. Which is made fairly evident from the music video. Not the only anti-Trump song on the album Order in Decline, however.

10 The Brown Lipstick Parade - Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine

Jello being Jello. Great song released in 2013.

The Contenders
11 Terrorist in Waiting - Subhumans

Released in 2019 off their album "Crisis Point".

12 Government Body - Loose Nukes

Released in 2019. This song is a great description of what's happening right now. Anyone looking to check out a "modern" hardcore punk band should absolutely try these guys out.

13 Feed the Machine - Nickelback

I have very mixed feelings towards Nickelback. However, the fact they had the gall to make a song this political does take some guts. One of their better and more interesting songs in my opinion. Never cared much for their ballads but their more aggressive songs like this one are pretty decent.

14 Wrong Side of Heaven - Five Finger Death Punch
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