Rock and Metal Albums with the Worst Production

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1 What The... - Black Flag

Agree, horrible mixing, sub par drumming and far from Greg Ginn best work. Shame too because he is a great punk guitarist. Well, the album does warn you it's gonna suck by the God awful cover art.

Production in this album is abysmal, the mixing makes the guitar sounds all over the place and you barely hear any other instrument, not only that but the guitar tone is really bad, and to complete every single song in the album sounds the same, almost no single effort put into this thing

2 Illud Divinum Insanus - Morbid Angel

Independent about the weird mix between death metal, symphonic metal and... techno, the mixing in the album is just laughably bad, all of the instruments sounds extremely synthetic, specially the drums, the guitar tone might be decent but when it's overshadowed by such abysmal overproduction it's really hard to listen to it

3 Skeletons - Danzig

Pretty much the same problem as Black Flag's What the... almost no effort put into this, Danzig's voice is all over the mixing, the guitar tone is awful and you can barely listen to it

4 His Last Walk - Blessthefall

Everything about this album sounds like a demo, Craig Mabbit's screamo in this is one of the worst ones I have hard, guitar tone sounds abysmal, and the whole feedback effect in it is extremely bad too, I know it was just Blessthefall's debut but at least they could have tried to make something listenable

5 Felony - Emmure

Not only the mix between Nu Metal and Deathcore is awful but everything about this album instrumentation is really bad, the guitar tone is awful, Frankie's screaming is really bad and you can barely heard the bass and drums between how awfully compressed are the guitars and Frankie's voice

6 The Gift Of Game - Crazy Town

Limp Bizkit in steroids... in the worst way possible, everything about this album is wretched, from the guitar tone to how loud and overlycompressed it is to both rappers voice, this album pretty much turns into noise in multiple times, specially on the two "highlights" of the album, Toxic and Darkside

7 Suicide Silence - Suicide Silence

Another album whose effort was barely put in it, the worst thing about this is that You Can't Stop Me was an actually decent album, this just killed Suicide Silence's career in the worst way possible

8 Mania - Fallout Boy

Yes I'm counting it as a rock album and the whole mixing in this album is borderline offensive, of course I expected overproduction in this but listening to sounds like Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea, Church or Young and Menace feels like an insult by how loud it gets, this is another album who turns into noise at moments

9 St. Anger - Metallica

It was between this and RHCP's Californication... but since Californication is actually good I decided to put this one, I don't even need to explain why this album's production is bad, everyone is aware of how bad it gets

10 Death Magnetic - Metallica
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11 ...And Justice for All - Metallica
12 Every Six Seconds - Saliva

The mixing in this album is hot garbage, not only there are instruments here that sound borderline synthetic but some of them feel extremelly compressed at a point where most that I can heard is just an annoying static feedback, plus Josey Scott's awful voice

13 Rise of the Lion - Miss May I

Miss May I might be one of the most underrated metalcore bands ever, but that doesn't give this album a pass. The mixing on this one is absolutely TERRIBLE!

14 Welcome to Hell - Venom

Actually, they're a fun band to listen to if you are into extreme metal. Yeah, the production is garbage, but it's supposed to be.

15 Slipknot - Slipknot
16 Sounding the Seventh Trumpet - Avenged Sevenfold
17 Be Here Now - Oasis
18 Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Good album but the production doesn't hold up like Blood Sugar Sex Magik does

19 From Death to Destiny - Asking Alexandria
20 Results May Vary - Limp Bizkit
21 Just Like You - Falling in Reverse
22 Korn III: Remember Who You Are - Korn
23 Dictator - Scars on Broadway
24 The Truth Is... - Theory of a Deadman
25 Undisputed Attitude - Slayer
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