Top 10 Running Wild Cover Arts by Andreas Marshall

Andreas Marschall was born in Karlsruhe, Germany (Jan 13th, 1961).
He worked for many other metal bands from different metal subgenres and countries - Blind Guardian, Obituary, Kreator, Immolation, HammerFall, In Flames, Sodom, to name a few.

The Top Ten Running Wild Cover Arts by Andreas Marshall

1 Masquerade
2 The Rivalry
3 Pile of Skulls
4 Blazon Stone
5 The Privateer - Running Wild
6 Black Hand Inn
7 Lead Or Gold

It's a single - Metal_Treasure

8 Little Big Horn

It's single, 1991 - Metal_Treasure

9 Wild Animal
10 Rock From Hell: German Metal Attack

Split album, 1993.
Running Wild / Grave Digger / S.A.D.O. / Railway / Rated X / Iron Force - Metal_Treasure

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