Top 10 Saddest Disney Movie Moments

Here's a list of Disney moments I thought were terribly sad!

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1 The death of the King of Pride Rock - The Lion King 1994

I watched it a lot I loved since the first time I did and its sad watching this every time heres what it is a son of the lion king is born and everyone is happy then scar comes and everyone is running then he knocks off mufasa and he dies in the stampede and little simba has to be there alone - simpsondude

This scene is truly sad. The reason it's not number one? Well I've seen it too many times. But it still breaks my heart every time. - WaltDisneytoptens1937

So sad. Real tear-jerker every time. Who could help but feel sorry when that cute little cub is crying, all sad and lonely. I'm starting to cry right now.

If you don't cry to this scene, you are heartless

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2 "Goodbye May Seem Forever" - The Fox and the Hound 1981

This scene made me cry, okay? Poor Tod getting left behind by his owner and thinks he's gonna come home. God it makes me tear up when I think about it! - WaltDisneytoptens1937

If this scene wasn't sad for you, you're dead inside. This moment was so sad! Tod's owner has raised him since he was a baby when his mother was killed by a hunter. The moment she leaves him in the wild and she knows what's best for both of them, she was crying and Tod was extremely sad

This is and always has been my favorite Disney film and to this day even mentioning this scene to me makes me feel like I'm going to drown in my own tears. Such a harsh reality for a Disney film and in my opinion definitely should be in the number one spot.

Although I was little when I had seen the movie it was sad

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3 Ellie and Carl "This is your life" - Up 2009

I wouldn't call it the saddest, only because they don't really show ellie in the best way. Like in the beginning, carl looked at her like, "what's going on"? And he didn't really say anything to her, she just kinda forced him into the relationship. Aside from that, she didn't have enough character development. The reason why we all cry at Bambi's mom's death, Pinocchio's death, the beast's near death is because those characters had a decent amount of impact on the story, and you genuinely feel bad when they die. It's like losing a friend right before you could start a friendship. If Ellie was in the movie for a greater amount of time, talked as an adult, and didn't force Carl to play with her, I would've cried at this part.

She helped Carl come out of his shell. She was a perfect parallel to his quiet reserved personality, and they were just so cute as a couple. The scene is great because you see their whole lives, the ups and downs, and it makes it all the more sadder when the girl who Carl loved is taken from him - Jackamalio

This was a real tearjerker. It was so sad when Ellie died!

Oh my god, it was so sad. They couldn't even have kids and that moment when she passes the book to Carl, oh my god, that was the saddest part...

That darn waltz!

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4 Bambi's Mom's death - Bambi 1942

Never seen this movie but everyone talks about it. It gave so many kids nightmares.

I personally think that this is one of THE TOP saddest moments in Disney History. why isn't it in the top 5?

Always makes anyone cry

Ok... I'll admit... I cried.

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5 "You're a sensation!" - Dumbo 1941

Okay okay. This scene is VERY forgotten. But makes me cry a lot. In my opinion, its sadder then "Baby Mine" but I wish I could include it on this list. Okay, but this scene is when Dumbo ends up being a clown. But after his first performance, people already love him! But Dumbo is still not happy. So right now the clowns are celebrating Dumbo, and Dumbo is outside with Timothy Mouse chatting. Timothy says, "Look! They love ya so much, there celebrating you pal! " And Dumbo is just sitting there so lonely and sad. And he's sniffling and crying. Then Timothy says, "Oh buddy don't be like that! Your a sensation! " And Dumbo still sits there sad and lonely. Makes me feel bad for him every time. So that's my opinion for the #1 most saddest Disney moment. - WaltDisneytoptens1937

Very teary scene

6 "Baby Mine" - Dumbo 1941

I am a machismo type guy, I drink beer, shoot guns, and like women with big behinds, oh yeah I am also antigay ( well I like lesbians hehe) so you would imagine I don't cry at all, and you would be right, but this scene is the only one that does get to me. If it ever happens that someone is watching this movie I just leave cause my friends would laugh at me if they saw me cry. Everything about this scene is just too much, the ambient the build up, the music, and above all how dumbo misses his mother. I remember that bambi would make me cry as a kid, so maybe that scene rivals this one, but as far as those other top ones, they are sad but not that much. I was 11 when I saw the lion king and I didn't cry, the fox and the hound scene is sad but that's it, finding nemo opening scene is sad but not even close to make you cry, there is just no connection yet. I also keep seeing people talk about the movie Up.. and that the opening 15 minutes will make you cry, that is not possible unless ...more

It's a pity Dumbo had to leave his mother right after she finished singing her lullaby to him. Apparently it isn't absurd enough that he was put in both the worst circus act ever (a blatant disaster involving every elephant in the herd EXCEPT his mother) and the worst clown act ever!

This should be Number one, in the scene Dumbo goes to see his mom after she gets locked for trying to protect him though he can't actually see her the only part he can see is her trunk she rocks him back and forth all with tears in his eyes. - egnomac

This is by far one of the most 'Heart Crushing Scenes' ever to show up in a 'Cartoon' since it is so Sad that 'Dumbo's Mum' is put away, all cause she was only defending her 'Son' from 'Nasty Brats' which any 'Mum' would do, plus 'Dumbo' really misses her and wants her back, which does happen at the End...

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7 Snow White's funeral on a rainy day - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 1937

This scene almost made me sob. Seeing the dwarfs crying silently while bowing there heads down in shame at Snow White makes me wanna tear my heart out. - WaltDisneytoptens1937

Can't believe it, this scene was so sad!

This is sob sad I cried so much and it started it was the first time I cried to any movie in the world

Ok, it might sound weird but...remember when Prince Florian took her to the castle in the clouds? Well...wouldn't it make sense that she died and went to Heaven? Yeah, most likely what Walt was representing, and she's my favorite Disney character so yeah, this is just sad y'all...

8 The opening scene - Finding Nemo 2003

Truly heartbreaking Corral valiantly tries to save the eggs from a barracuda Marlene tries to help but gets knocked out, when he awakes he finds Corral and all of the eggs gone upset by it all he starts crying then he finds the only surviving egg which he names Nemo and vows that he would always protect him. - egnomac

It's only the first scene in the movie and it contains more deaths than any of the Rambo movies.

People may be thinking, "How could you get so sad with just a character who was in for 3 minutes goofing off? Well Pixar can make that happen. This scene was truly sad

Coral died in vain (she didn’t save Nemo). I would have liked to know her better.

9 The Pound - Lady and the Tramp 1955

This scene makes it feels like its one of those sad animal care commercials that make you wanna stab yourself. - WaltDisneytoptens1937

I'm not going to lie this is heartbreaking. I cry every time. It reminds me of my dog who was put to sleep. It is always overlooked and I think it is worth the top five.

Stop dog catchers they are CRUEL HEARTLESS people IN REALITY

ANIMAL CRUELTY! I'm so glad all my animals were saved from shelters, not stores, because now they get great treatment with me - Swiftdawn

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10 "Are you afraid of me?" - Zootopia

u gay

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? Lotso's backstory - Toy Story 3
? Ray dies - The Princess and the Frog 2009

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11 Pinocchio's death - Pinocchio 1940

This is the scene where Pinocchio is on the bed dead and the father is crying on the edge of the bed. It's too sad for me to watch anymore. - WaltDisneytoptens1937

He survived and became at real boy so yay!

Damn... After we see Pinocchio do something brave by saving his father... We see him facedown in the water, lifeless. Then, it cuts to him on the bed as Gepetto cries over his lifeless body. That gets me every time. And Gepetto's heartbroken cry of "My brave little boy" doesn't help. Damn... It's sad.

I always tear up a bit at this scene, seeing someone so kind-hearted as Gepetto weeping inconsolably over Pinocchio's dead body, imagine poor Gepetto's reaction when he woke up from escaping from Monstro and found Pinocchio dead. And it's not just Gepetto's sobbing for his son that gets to me, seeing Jiminy Cricket, Cleo, and especially sweet Figaro crying for Pinocchio...It's just heartbreaking. At least we get a small funny moment when Pinocchio awakes from the dead as a real boy and Gepetto says, "Lie down, Pinocchio, you're dead."

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12 Jessie's back story - Toy Story 2 1999

Heartbreaking sad moment and song

When she loved me...

When she loved me...

13 Woody says goodbye to Andy - Toy Story 3

I cry literally every time

So long partner.

So long... partner...

This reminds me of my little stuffed duck I’ve had since I was born. Now, he’s all torn up and has no stuffing - NightJinx

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14 Bing Bong Dies - Inside Out

Such a touching moment, and it actually could inspire Pixar to make a movie centered around the idea of imaginary friends with the movie being centered on the friendship and bond between an imaginary friend and his kid and the whole conflict would be about the kid not wanting to grow up after finding out that once they get older their imaginary friend would have to leave and face the possibility of forgetting all about them. - egnomac

That scene is truly heartbreaking. When he says"Go save Riley" and "Take her to the moon for me" is very very very emotional. I cry every time

This is the saddest damn moment of any movie ever.

This should be number one

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15 Dory's backstory - Finding Dory
16 Tod's mother dies - The Fox and The Hound
17 Half the universe turning to dust - Avengers: Infinity War
18 "Destruction of the Grotto" - The Little Mermaid 1989
19 Esmerelda almost dies - The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1996

After almost being burned at the stake, Quasimodo saves Esmerelda from being burnt. Then later sets her on a bed. But then later he runs back happy shouting "WE WON! Come and see Esmerelda! " But Esmerelda does not wake up. And Quasimodo starts to sob. The reason why I didn't include the Feast of Fools is because when you see how good of friends they've become and then suddenly one is just gone out of nowhere, makes you wanna cry! - WaltDisneytoptens1937

20 Tadashi dies - Big Hero 6

The reason why disney parents and family members die is from a very tragic story: shortly after snow white and the seven dwarves was realeased, walt disney got a lot of money he decided to surprise his parents by having them move from their house in oregon to a mansion in los angeles, however, there was a carbon monoxide leak in the mansion and his mother died of carbon monoxide poisoning, and walt then started reflecting his grief and guilt into his own artwork.

This is pretty sad because Tadashi is one of my favorites the other being Wasabi

I saw the movie at the theaters...
... And this is heart-breaking when Hero's brother dies from a campus that blew up from a fire, and again, very sad...

It was way too soon, he was a good brother. - NightJinx

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21 "Once Upon a Time in New York City" - Oliver & Company 1988
22 Scar Dies - The Lion King

Remove this from list please.

23 Baymax dies in the portal. - Big Hero 6

I cried really hard.

So sad

24 Dumbo's mother taken away - Dumbo

Okay, I hate circuses now! Circus workers are junks and I hope they are burned alive

25 Anna loses her memory - Frozen

That is heartbreaking part is made my heart hurts that what happened your brother or sister if they not around you 😭😭"""

26 "I see nothing." - Mulan 1998

In this scene, Mulan is talking about how she just wanted to prove herself worthy and be the girl she wanted to be. But then she looks at her helmet and says, "But I was wrong, I SEE NOTHING." Then throws the helmet on the ground. - WaltDisneytoptens1937

I actually agree with this. Mulan is my ULTIMATE FAVORITE
And I feel bad for her in this scene

This is actually really sad - thereadingthief

27 Baloo almost dies - The Jungle Book 1967
28 "She's the one who wants to be a house dog, not me!" - Lady and the Tramp 2
29 Leslie Dies - Bridge to Terabithia

This qualifies as cruelty to the audience, "Bridge to Terabithia" is NOT a children's movie!
Truly heartbreaking!

After I watched this movie, I felt sad for months...Is there still have a chance that Leslie wasn't die..

This movie makes me cry every time I watch it.

It's the best movie ever

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30 Goodbye Boo - Monsters, Inc. 2002
31 The Beast Dies - Beauty and the Beast 1991

It is sad but at least he came back to life as a human. - Chaotixhero

32 "Someone's Waiting for You" - The Rescuers 1977
33 You really are a bad guy - Wreck-it-Ralph

How is this so low?! I mean, sure, a lot of these other scenes are sad, but it's just...Sarah Silverman, wow I did not know you had that in you. I think what got me the most was how realistic Vanellope's screams were. Like her voice cracks and everything, you can even feel her dreams being shattered.

Vanellope thinks Ralph betrayed while Ralph thinks he's protecting Vanellope

This scene didn't make me cry as much, but it was absolutely HEARTWRECHING. when she said "you really are a bad guy" I didn't know how I feel. I was just like :0

First time I saw it, I was like: So she can’t race cause kids will think that the game is broken, and it’ll be unplugged but Vanellope can’t escape cause she’s a glitch. That’s very logical.

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34 Old Yeller gets killed - Ol' Yeller

I have not seen this in YEARS I still remember when Old Yeller is killed I cry because I think of my dog being killed or taken away from me. :'(

Imagine having to shoot your own dog

This scene was just sad


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35 "Always There (Family)" - Lady and the Tramp 2
36 Tinkerbell almost lost her glow - Peter Pan 1953

I agree. Tinkerbell is like, my favorite character (old one, not the new one) since I was 4 or 5. Seeing her almost die, makes me cry every time.

The real sad part is that Peter Pan is best known as a Disney movie when it was originally a JM Barrie play

This scene is a scene that's sad but very forgotten in Disney, Even though Peter Pan is one of Disneys biggest hits. But this scene is where Tinkerbell just saved Peter's life and gets stuck under some rubble from the explosion that almost killed Peter and and almost dies. Peter goes off looking for Tink shouting "Tinkerbell? " Then finally finds her. Then he says stuff like "Wha-Your not gonna give up now are you? " And Tink's light almost flickers out. It made me feel bad for Peter and Tink. - WaltDisneytoptens1937

37 Tears Of Joy - Inside Out

If you meant the part in the memory dump. Then yes. Its truly sad

This is the only new generation movie I actually like and my currently favorite Disney movie followed by Lilo and Stitch.

This part was really heartbreaking

I'm sorry to ruin you this sad moment but...

if joy cried

then there are emotions inside emotions inside emotions inside emotions...

38 Broken Family - Lilo & Stitch 2002

This should be first because I cry all the time watching this movie

I cried a little when I saw this part. - PBSDoink2002

Should be first

39 Very good advice - Alice In Wonderland

Just watching Alice give up after becoming hopelessly lost is bad enough. But when the poor girl breaks down crying, that's all it takes for the heartstrings to snap in two.

She was lost and had to spend her time with the mad hatter. Although that was a thrilling ride for her, she had to see the Queen of Hearts chop off heads. She had became lost and would drink a drink, potentially poisonous. Do just MAYBE get home. that takes courage. I wouldn't drink a strange drink for that.

40 Anna Freezes - Frozen

Frozen haters need to get over themselves. This is a sad scene. There have been sadder, but that doesn't make this one not be sad itself and certainly not "funny" as some of you have unfortunately claimed.

This isn't sad - pugiscool

41 Kerchak Dies - Tarzan

This is a really underrated scene, how Kerchak finally calls Tarzan his son before he dies

Why is this so low?

42 Nick's flashback - Zootopia

No joke this scared me

43 Ella's mother dies - Cinderella 2015
44 "They were there.................because of Sadness" - Inside Out
45 Fawn cries because she will never see Gruff again - Tinkerbell And The Legend Of The Neverbeast 2014

This part is so sad! I love all of the movies and I would watch over and over again on a rainy day but when I watched this movie I was crying so much and I could not watch this anymore because it is so said. Fawn is my favorite fairy and Gruff is my favorite animal of Pixie Hollow and it was so sad when everyone was saying goodbye and especially Fawn because she said she loved him and I thought that they were going to live happily ever after and I really hope that they make another Tinker bell where they find a way to get Gruff back because that would be my favorite movie! I love these movies though and this on is my favorite because of all the hearts it touched and mine it touched the most! I love these movies and they better make more because if they don't I will be so sad.

This is totally sad because this scene makes me cry. If genies are real, I will wish to make Tinkerbell true and I will also wish to make Gruff will not sleep for a thousand years so that Fawn and the fairies will play with him and be happy and I'll so wish to make fairies and Gruff live for a thousand years (ageless) like vampires.

I saw this movie like a thousand times and I always cryied at this part. I knew this was coming (it�'s a bit predictable) and couldn�'t stop my tears going down my cheeks.
I think I�'ve never cried that much with any other Disney film, it was really sad.
I would really have loved them being all together, but sometimes you have to put some realism, so this is what you get.

46 Rapunzel gets locked up in the tower - Tangled
47 Order 66 - Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith
48 Barbossa sacrifices himself - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Throughout the franchise, Barbossa showed to be a little selfish, but in the end, sacrificed himself to save the daughter he clearly loved very much. No way he would sacrifice himself for Jack or the son of Will Turner.

49 The King and Queen Die - Frozen

(glaring at all the creators of Frozen in anger, fury, rage and indignation) Come on, you lazy creators of Frozen, the king and the queen really deserve better canon fates than deaths you know. They could've least undone any of their mistakes in canon but no, instead you just had to kill them off, leaving their little girl, Elsa still being too caught up in her concerns, misguidance, fears and guilt since the accident back when she was only eight.

50 Riley misses home - Inside Out

Let's be honest; Inside Out had a lotta sad scenes.

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