Top Ten Moments From Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame

I love this movie, YOU love this movie! I'm betting... But anyway here are the moments in it I loved!
The Top Ten
1 Hellfire

This song is sung by Frollo. He's singing about his sexual feelings towards Esmerelda and he is basically saying, if he can't have her, nobody can. The song is powerful and catchy, and the scene looks like a nightmare. My favorite part is the ending when he says "But she will be mine, or she will burn!" That part is probably the most powerful.

It's so amazing yet so terrifying at the same time, and with the hooded guys, so scary!

2 Feast of Fools

This scene was first fun and happy until some dumb guard (voiced by the same guy who makes the voice of Patrick Star) completely ruins it! You know why? Well, I'll tell you. First, you see Quasimodo sneaking out of the bell tower into the Festival. Then you see Clopin and everybody having fun and singing the song "Topsy Turvy Day!"

But when happy times happen, later you see Quasimodo crowned the king of fools. He stands there so happy until the guards start throwing tomatoes at him! Then he just gets hit by food from the crowd. It's so sad!

3 Out There

Sung by Quasimodo, this song in my opinion is more powerful than his other song "Heaven's Light." I love it! The way he jumps on the bell tower messing around, it looks so fun! The song is great! And it's a powerful message to outsiders. It's also a powerful message to my heart as well. That's why it's number one.

4 Frollo's Death

When the gargoyle he was clutching onto comes alive and he falls into the fiery pit.

5 Quasimodo Thinks Esmeralda Is... Gone.

We all know this scene broke our hearts. Quasimodo thinks Esmeralda is dead, and he starts to cry the most heartbreaking cry I've heard in Disney. It's such a desperate scene!

6 Quasimodo Confronts Frollo

This was a top three Disney animated showdown.

7 The Very Eyes of Notre Dame

Darkest scene besides number four. Frollo tried to drown a baby after killing his mom at a cathedral while she was screaming for sanctuary. Then the minister (thank God for him) tells Frollo not to drown the infant by saying he would be punished by The Very Eyes of Notre Dame. Suddenly you see a bunch of statues all looking at them. I always get freaked out by this part. So does Frollo.

This is a scene where Frollo has just killed a woman and is about to drown a baby. But then a man tells him that if he does any harm to anyone by or in the church/bell tower, he will have karma come up and kill him. Frollo begins to look around scared and he gets told to raise the child. This scene is very powerful.

8 Humiliation

When Quasimodo is made fun of and is tortured by the crowd during The Feast Of Fools.

9 The Court of Miracles

Sung by Clopin and his folks, this song is my second favorite! It's so fun and also quite scary. Basically, Clopin tells Quasimodo and Phoebus that they are going to get hanged, but in a fun, catchy way!

10 Quasimodo's Heartbreak
The Contenders
11 Quasimodo Rings the Bells
12 Esmeralda Defends Quasimodo

She was so brave to get up there and stand up for him. If I had done it, I would have told the crowd that they had ugly hearts, and that God can see what people are really like. The people should have been ashamed of their miserable old selves.

13 A Guy Like You!

Sung by the gargoyles, Victor, Hugo, and my favorite, Laverne. They sing a song about how Quasimodo is the perfect and cute guy for Esmeralda. It's catchy and it's hilarious.

14 Sanctuary!
15 God Help The Outcasts
16 Burn it.

This is a scene where Frollo tells Phoebus to burn down an innocent family's home and kill them with it. Phoebus refuses and Frollo gets mad.

17 Clopin VS Frollo
18 What makes a monster and what makes a man

Frollo may have referred to Quasimodo as a monster, but in truth, he was the real monster.

19 Frollo Kills Quasimodo's Mother
20 I'm free, I'm free! Dang it!

These scenes are hilarious! Every time I see them, I laugh. It's about an old man who breaks free from a trap, then shouts "I'm FREE!" Then he ends up in another trap and says "Dang it." They're so funny.

21 Cathedral Attack
22 The Bells of Notre Dame
23 Heaven's Light
24 Judge Claude Frollo Stops The Archdeacon
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