Top 10 Saddest Hunger Games Deaths


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1 Finnick Odair

Finnick helped Katniss in the clock arena and gave her his rope in mockingjay so she could get her mind off of Peeta.

He was just married! He never even got to see his baby!

Katniss barely even noticed that finnick died.

Favorite charecter

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2 Rue

I didn’t understand why she had to die

So sad, all my friends and I cried while watching this, it was heartbreaking to see such a young girl pointlessly killed in those silly games. It was so touching to see Katniss laying the flowers around her and to see her District showing Katniss that same kindness and respect. Snow should die because of all his evil plans.

Katniss moped over this death and so did I. It was so sad watching her slowly die in Katniss' arms and how she had to go through all that pain. :'( - Blizzard

In the first book she was one of my favourite characters. - Lunala

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3 Primrose Everdeen

I'm stuck between Prim and Rue but I decided that Prim is a bit more sad because she shouldn't have been there, in the Capitol, we knew her since the start of the series AND you should have seen Katniss after her death, she was so close to her and her death made Katniss unable to talk! Rue's death is 2nd on my list by just a tiny bit.

The huge bomb killed her off. Too many people defend Gale. That's just stupid. GALE MADE THE BOMB AND USED IT! It may have been accidental, but he killed Prim. - Blizzard

Reason I read the first book and Catching Fire, but I will NEVER read Mockingjay in my whole life. Ever. - Lunala

The look on Prim's face was so hopeful before the bombs came down R.I.P Prim, R.I.P

4 Mags

She shouldn't have died

Peeta shouldve died ;-;

I loved mags, she was a great character

She was nice. She volunteered for Annie. She was too old to be in the Games, along witth Woof. I know it had to be done for Peeta's sake, but I hated watching her go into that fog. - Blizzard

5 Cinna

Cinna should not die cause he is the manager of mode of katniss

It made me cry so hard every time I watch the movie I know its coming.If only he didn't make that dress

He was beaten to death by Peacekeepers as soon as Katniss entered the tube. The sad part is Katniss screaming and how she couldn't help him defend himself, since she was inside the tube. - Blizzard

6 Wiress

Throat slit by Gloss, the guy with no shirt. - Blizzard

7 Boggs

Legs blasted off by pod. - Blizzard

8 Thresh

Cato/mutts. - Blizzard

9 Castor

Lizard mutts again. - Blizzard

10 President Snow

President Snow's death is less than upsetting and he definitely deserved to die

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11 Fox Face

FoxFace was the smartest and sneakiest tribute, therefor she was my favorite character. I cried so hard at her death

FoxFace was my favorite character next to Enobaria, and she was by far the smartest one out there.

I cried so hard she was so smart. ALL COUNT TO FIVE RIGHT NOW FOR FOXFACE

Fox face was one of the most snekest tributes in the hunger games and to see her die like that is sad. She Knew that those were poisnese beirries and she said I know those are poisness but there are stronger people out there and she wanted to die a painless death instead of sitting there and suffering. I think it is also sad because she commited sucide. She also wanted to win because she was wanting to return back to her sister and she commitied sucide

12 The Leegs

Leeg 1- Lizard mutts/explosion by Peacekeepers. Leeg 2- Poison dart/explosion by Peacekeepers. - Blizzard

13 Cato

He should have killed Peeta and Katniss. Then at least, the series wouldn't have continued lol.

But I liked the series
But then Finnick would be alive so...
i'm torn between the 2 options - Blizzard

14 Clove Clove Clove Kentwell is a fictional character in the The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. She was portrayed by 19 year old Isabelle Fhurman in the film adaptation.

Clove was my favourite! She and Cato were eo cute, I'm glad Thresh died! 😭

15 District 4 boy

His death was so sad. He was so cute, I wish he could have lasted longer. I loved his curly hair and his face. But stupid Cato had to kill him. I hate Cato and his friends. This has nothing to do with the district 4 boy but I love Katniss and Peeta. They are so cute together, I love them there my favorite characters.

The boy from district 4 death is sad because he was trying to hid and then he comes out to earily and all you see is cato stab him with his sword. This biy was just trying to get away and then he got stabbed.

16 District 4 Female

This is sad because she was with the carrers as kattness was cutting the tracker jackets down and the girl was also killed by these tracker jackets and she was also screming for help but the other people just ran away and did not help them

17 Chaff

Chaff was a sad death because he is one of haymithes friends and it must be hard for chaff to go in the hunger games against peopel that he knows that can kill him.

18 Glimmer

Glimmer was a sad death because she was dying and she was crying for help and the other carrers just left her to dye by the tracker jackers.

19 President Coin

This death was sad because coin was going to hold another hunger games for all the capital children and then kattness shot her

20 Lavinia

This death is sad because this girl had her tounge cut off and the capitol did not think that that was enough to hurt her. After the quarter queel they killed her right in front of Petta by using eletrifaction.

21 Portia

This is a sad death because these were pettas stylis. The deaths of pettas stylist was on live T.V.. This is sad because she never did anything to get killed like this and to have it brodcasted on live T.V. that is also sad.

22 District 11 Whistling Guy

He was so innocent

23 District 8 Girl

This was sad because the girl had no survival skills because her mentor did not teach her any and she was just trying to warm up and then the carrers come and they slash her while she is scremang "please don't kill me please" and they don't not at the moment but they leave her to suffer and then after a few hours of letting her suffer they tell Petta to go and kill her. Who does that

24 Cashmere

This death is sad because she had her brother with her in the quarter queel and they probely have been thru a lot together and to see your brither die right in front of you that is really sad. Cashmere was killed by a axe after she saw her brother die and she was running at kattness to try and kill her. I just think that it has to horrible to see your brother die like that after all you have been thru together

25 Clato

Their death was the saddest! They should be alive and well in a happy home with little baby killing machines, Clove screamed for him when she died and Cato came too late! Then when he was about to die you could hear in his voice he had lost the will to win or live!

26 District 3 Male

he was so cute and smart

27 Darius

He was turned into an avox after he tried to stop Gale's whipping. Peeta says that it took them a few days of torturing and removing Darius' body parts for him to die.

28 Mr. Everdeen

You'll never get to see him. He'll always be in our hearts r I p Mr everdeen.

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