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1 Up

Oh my gosh. When his wife died it was sad enough, but the fact that he was the only one who was at her funeral, breaks my heart.

Seriously, like I could cry every time I watched it. The songs just clicked in every scenes and makes my eyes all teary. Enjoyed every bits of it.

When I Was eight years old I cried while watching the movie. - ShiviDIVI

First 10 minutes

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2 Inside Out

Oh my god. Where do I start? :

There are 5 emotions: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear. After Sadness touched Riley's memories, Joy and Sadness went up a tune with the core memories that form 5 islands: Goofball, Friendship, Hokey, Honest, and Family Island. With the core memories, Joy and Sadness try to get back to the emotion tower thingie, but they stop into Riley's imaginary friend, Bing Bong. So the 3 of them come together to get back to be focusing on Riley. Riley was always in a bad mood because Fear, Disgust and Anger were in charge of her emotions. Anyways, back to the three musketeers. Four islands crash (because of the other 3 in the tower thing), there was a lot of crying in it because of the memories, and then, so close, Joy tries to get back on time, but no. She fell down in the dungeon, followed by Bing Bong, where all the forgotten memories are. Joy cries because she misses all the forgotten memories Riley had. Then she had an idea. She decides to get back ...more

I don't know how the hell did up make it to the top, inside out for once addressed real problem that kids and adult have everyday,riley try to be strong for her parent so she act angry instead of facing the sadness of moving away and leaving behind her entire life, she acted out by running away, thank god that fell through, and then when she broke down in front of her parent, it reveal the ugly truth about the society today, adult are so busy with their own lives that they neglect or in riley's case, her parents demand too much of her, with dad's new job there's no time for riley to tell how she really feel and that leave the children confused, not being able to express their feeling they act out and the movie also tell the hard truth, as you grow older sadness will be the thing to be expected the most and you must have the courage to face your sadness not bottle it up or put a smiley face on it, and not let anyone deprive you from telling how you feel, that is what is missing from ...more

Holy... I was physically sobbing at the end of the movie. Won't spoil it but this is the most touching of any Pixar movies

Ok for 1 Disney Pixar has the saddest movies. The themes are mostly too much for me. This movie is depressing. I can't see how anyone likes this movie. Its sad. Its depressing. I barely ever cry in movies, but I cried so much in this film.

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3 Toy Story 3

The ending of this film really is something. A perfect way to end the trilogy with two scenes that made me cry. I was even crying 20 minutes afterwards. It makes you realise how much you miss all the toys you had when you were a child and appreciate the people you have now. A genuine masterpiece.

Could not stop the water works when the toys held hands at the end and Andy waving to the toys then woody waving back :'(

This movie really touched me, a great story about moving on and becoming and adult. These characters were my childhood and seeing how everything changed was very moving. One of the best.

The ending made me happy cry and Lotso's story was just disturbingly sad - 445956

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4 Wall-E

When WALL-E ignores EVE but comes back to life makes this THE Pixar movie.

Oh come on! Wall-e is totally sadder than toy story!

This is not too sad, but the romance between WALL-E and Eve is so heartwarming :')

When Wall-E dies, I bawled my eyes out like cry-baby.

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5 Finding Nemo

How is Monsters, Inc. sadder than Finding Nemo? Um, I don't remember a mother and her 399 children DYING in Monsters, Inc...

I have no words to express the beauty of this film. It's heartbreaking and amazing, and I bawled almost the whole time. Of course, I found Up to be much more sad, but I felt that Finding Nemo deserved a little more credit. The lines about how "Daddy's got you, it's okay"...and the goodbye at the end, all combined with the brilliant score from Thomas's just fantastic.

Finding Nemo is a really beautiful movie. I love see to Nemo and his father finding him and making everything for find her son.

"Daddy's got you" That was really sad - PeeledBanana

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6 The Good Dinosaur

"I cried at the end of the story

"This movie is so emotional

"Two best friends break up and it made me cry

Sad, but totally inaccurate, it's a very emotional movie, but it's so unrealistic, too fiction, the comet misses Earth when it should HIT! That's the first thing that led to the extinction, if this movie were real, then we would still have dinosaurs today, lots of fiction movies have realism, but this one doesn't.

This one is so sad at the end. When they have to leave each other. Really good story though.

Why can't Arlo and spot see each other? why do they have to leave each other at the end this movie is sad

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7 Monsters, Inc.

It was sad he had to say bye to the girl at the end

It was an emotional ending and also the fact that Boo had to learn a life lesson at her young age that sometimes "Bye" means forever through example was a tearjerker.

It had the most emotional ending

What's Monsters Inc doing below the Good Dinosaur?! The ending is really touching and just reminds ous of the time that we had to say goodbye to someone who means so much to us. - FJS19

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8 Brave

Brave made me cry! Especially when her mom was about to become a bear for eternity! :'(

I felt this movie on a spiritual level. It was so sad.

This is the only Pixar movie I haven't seen, I'm gonna rent it soon. - PeeledBanana

I bawled endlessly from this film! It is goregeous and y'all are a bunch o' haters that can kiss my butt cheek and die

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9 Toy Story 2

Jessie's memory is so sad the song breaks my heart :-(

Overall this movie really isn't that sad except for arguably one of the saddest scenes in cinema history-Emily abandoning Jessie

When She Loved Me is as good a reason as Married Life from Up to be "up" in the top spots.

"When she loved me..." - PeeledBanana

10 Finding Dory

(This movie reminds me of myself, which doubles for the sadness for me). Her parents try to act all encouraging to Dory because they don't want her to think she's a mistake because of her disorder(? ) but they're still scared for her. They think she can't go out on her own. And at the part where Dory thinks they're dead, it's just depressing. She's scared and confused until she can't remember why. When she finds them, though, pure tears of joy.

It's a happy movie but it made me cry - DisneyLoverxx


I was crying beacause of how bad this movie is - VideoGamefan5

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11 Monsters University

I saw this in the cinema 3 times and cried every single time.

It's kind of sad, Toy Story 2 is more sad than this, though.

I love this film but how is it sad? - PeeledBanana

12 Cars

How is this movie even sad?!

I don't understand why people don't think this film is sad - Doc's story was one of the most upsetting moments in Pixar film history.

It's sad in some scenes. I don't understand why some say it isn't a sad film.

I love this movie but can someone please tell me how this is sad? - PeeledBanana

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13 Toy Story

Toy Story is actually sad, When woody admits and specially when buzz finds out he's just a toy. Absolute drama

This is not sad at all, but this movie remembering me about my childhood when I'm try to talking with my toys :')

How is it not sad?

How is this sad

14 Ratatouille
15 Big Hero 6

Move this higher, PLEASE! This movie had not one, but TWO sad deaths (though one is resolved).

Look it up! It is made by Disney-Pixar! It's also a really sweet movie, and it was one of their best!

Big Hero 6 is not made by Pixar.

I believe that it is a Pixar movie because Disney bought Pixar.Also this is one of the most moving stories if you really pay attention because so much happened to Hrio

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16 The Incredibles

It's not really sad though, but it was amazing. Makes me wonder till now, when is the 2nd one? Will pixar make it?

It's sad because we have to wait so long for the sequel

This isn't really a sad movie, but its an EXTREMELY DARK one. The first time I watched this when I saw the scene where Bob realizes that syndrome had been systematically killing off supers I was too young to really understand what it meant. Syndrome literally committed Genocide

Awesome movie but not sad... at ALL! - PeeledBanana

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17 Cars 3

The trailers make me cry!

Sad in some scenes

18 A Bug's Life

Made Me Sad When Flik Was Forced To Leave And Never Come Back.

I HATE Atta and the Queen in the part where Flik gotten banished from Ant Island. I always shut that part off when the Queen yelled at Flik and we saw Atta's face near the screen when she to Flik don't come back, which makes me want to punch them both in their ugly faces. I wish Atta and the Queen could have gotten squished. I HATED the Queen when she said they were going to hide the bird and pretend it never happened and when she stopped Dot from trying to go after Flik. I HATED Atta when she told Flik to leave and not come back.

19 Cars 2

I can't see whats so sad about this

This movie is sad, its sad pixar must claim making it

The only one scene that is really sad in this movie is that Rod Torque Redline (the american spy agent) got attacked and then being tortured to death. This is for kids right?

Sad Because Of How Bad It Was (No Offense To Those Who Like It) - JPK

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20 Rio

su sod

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