Top Ten Scariest Moments in Gaming

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1 The Surgeon - Bioshock

This game is messed up, just another part of the crazy bad guys.

I played to this part at about 8 at night home alone and in the dark, that was a good scare, all in all I see why Bioshock is one of the best games ever, can't wait for bioshock infinite

2 Pyramid Head - Silent Hill 2

Just scared me...

3 The Knights Hidaway - Resident Evil 4

It took me four times to get to this part... I ran out of ammo. Hint to players DOn't RUN OUT OF AMMO! If you to you are friggin screwed. How is the drain part of L4D:The Passing not on the list!

4 Pigsy Boss - Manhunt
5 Killer Crocs Lair - Batman:Arkham Asylum

I remember pausing the game rubbing my hands on the couch just to remove the sweat on my hands and repeating this every 2 minutes. one of the greatest video game characters the game came out of nowhere the developer was unheard of prior to that

I swear I could hear the Jaws theme song playing in my head when I got to this part of the game.

Words cannot describe how fast my heart was thumping during this agonizing 20 minutes.

I pissed myself the first time he came out of the water.

6 Lavender Town - Pokemon

I was playing Soul Silver, and I went to the Pokemon graves and talked to a guy, then saved and turned of the DSI. When I came back it was crashed permanently, the people at Gamestop said it couldn't be fixed. TRUE STORY

I don't know why... But whenever I listen to Lavender Town at nighttime, I always think that Something is behind me...

Lavender Town isn't all that scary to me. Except for the fact that a character's Pokemon died in battle...O_O

I can't listen to the music without feeling sick in the stomach.

7 Raiden's Appearance - Metal Gear Solid 2
8 Scientist Dies - FEAR
9 The Mannequins - Condemned: Criminal Origins

Never play this game in the dark. Ever. It's a little better with a friend, except with the mannequins. "laugh out loud you know it would be funny if went around and whacked all the mannequin heads and arms off" *whacks* (a person falls to the ground dead) O-O "well there goes my need to go to the bathroom"

I was constantly on edge as I didn't know who was a living mannequin and who was a genuine mannequin. Also the creepy teleporting mannequins made me pee in my panties.

As if Mannequins weren't creepy enough when one of them actually attacked it was scary as hell.

10 The Cyber Demon - DOOM 3

Its between this an resident evil 4 But Doom 3 is the Scariest game I've ever played... Play it at night with no lights on!

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11 Creepy Little Girls - Fatal Frame 2 Crimson Butterfly
12 Giygas - EarthBound

The creator of the game walked in on the wrong movie at the wrong time. He walked in on a murder scene and it traumatised him for life. He created a foetus as the final boss. (If you look at the background you can see foetuses everywhere. ) Creepy huh.

Giygas is the scariest in your childhood tramua if you battle him in the game EarthBound! he is even more scarier and more creepier than everything.f

13 Bathtub Scene - Eternal Darkness

I just wasn't expecting it... Like at all. Scared the hell out of me especially as this game required a lot of observation and concentration.

I never expected to find a screamer in a video game. I believe it was eternal darkness that changes the volume on your T.V. 's. The bathroom scene though. : /

This game was masterful in its design, and that couldn't be more clear than in the stupid bathtub.

14 I Am Shadoan - System Shock 2
15 Balloon Boy In the Office - Five Nights at Freddy's 2
16 Searching for Tibbits - Condemned: Criminal Origins
17 The Scarecrow - Batman Arkham Asylum

You walk into the morgue and hear strange noises and doors opening and closing, you leave the room, then go back in- 3 body bags on a table one contains Bruce's mother the other his father, and of course you guessed the other SCAREcrow. Try playing this seen in the pitch black when your 9 years old!

From when you see him gas the doctors to where he drags Gordon out of your sight and kills him screaming. I played this in the dark with the sound cranked up loud and I only managed to beat it by turning the sound off.

18 Getting Caught by Slenderman - Slender

Can't believe no one has said that yet. Most games don't scare me, but the atmosphere and creepy camera effects and sounds scared me so bad I still haven't gone back to try the game a second time.

I saw it on YouTube freaked me out. I once played it on someone's ipad found a paper with a man in the forest and wondered: who is he then I knew slender man was gonna get me so I quited. I did not even try to find all the pieces of paper

This is the 4th scariest thing after the mannequins in condemned, that massive head in silent hill 4 and the bath in eternal darkness.

I've seen the videos, and that part is just creepy, the music added on that fear, even the slender man mod on Minecraft was creepy

19 First Appearance of a Necromorph - Dead Space
20 Scary Face - The Scary Maze Game

That is the face of Reagan Macneil. You know, the scary demon possessed girl from The Exorcist?

It was hilarious when that one guy punched through his computer screen when the face popped up

21 The Samurai Statue - Clock Tower 2
22 Shadow Temple - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

I kind of expected that it would be dark and frightening and with ninjas running around in the shadows, but not horrifying zombies, torture devices, a ghost ship and molester mummies.

This place is just way to scary to be in a E rated game. Redeads wallmasters bongo bongo and that ghost ship but the scariest thing in that place has to be dead hand

Dead Hand and the ReDeads were the scariest enemies in there for me. Also, the soundtrack.

Dead hand, ReDeads, bongo bongo, the music, torture, blood, ghosts, demons, and all rated E for Everyone!

23 Lisa Trevor - Resident Evil
24 Fatalities - Mortal Kombat Franchise

Maybe not that scary but very bloody, brutal, gory and just shocking

Actually, the fatality song is more scary than the fatalities

25 Who are you running from? - Game Boy Camera

The faces are stupid, but the music WITH the faces keep me up at night. It's usually the music that makes me cry.

I saw peanutbuttergamer's top ten trippiest video games (this was number 7) and I wanted to find out more. Worst decision of my life.

Easily my vote. One of the few things in a video game (and one of the few things in general) to keep me up at night

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