Top Ten Scariest Moments in Gaming

The Top Ten Scariest Moments in Gaming

1 The Surgeon - Bioshock

I played to this part at about 8 at night home alone and in the dark, that was a good scare, all in all I see why Bioshock is one of the best games ever, can't wait for bioshock infinite

who dares crawl in my garden

dead bodies floating in the water...

This game is messed up, just another part of the crazy bad guys.

2 Pyramid Head - Silent Hill 2

Go back to Egypt pryamid head

Just scared me...

Pyramid head is probably my 5th bae
After jeffy
Eyeless jack
Ticci Toby
And Harley Quinn
I don't know y but he's shexi asf to me but then at the same time I'm insane

3 The Knights Hidaway - Resident Evil 4

It took me four times to get to this part... I ran out of ammo. Hint to players DONT RUN OUT OF AMMO! If you to you are friggin screwed. How is the drain part of L4D:The Passing not on the list!

4 Pigsy Boss - Manhunt

really scary, scary in manhunt, scary as a myth
in gta san andreas

5 Killer Crocs Lair - Batman:Arkham Asylum

I remember pausing the game rubbing my hands on the couch just to remove the sweat on my hands and repeating this every 2 minutes. one of the greatest video game characters the game came out of nowhere the developer was unheard of prior to that

I swear I could hear the Jaws theme song playing in my head when I got to this part of the game.

Words cannot describe how fast my heart was thumping during this agonizing 20 minutes.

I pissed myself the first time he came out of the water.

6 Raiden's Appearance - Metal Gear Solid 2
7 Scientist Dies - FEAR
8 Lavender Town - Pokemon

I don't know why... But whenever I listen to Lavender Town at nighttime, I always think that Something is behind me...

I was playing Soul Silver, and I went to the Pokemon graves and talked to a guy, then saved and turned of the DSI. When I came back it was crashed permanently, the people at Gamestop said it couldn't be fixed. TRUE STORY

I can't listen to the music without feeling sick in the stomach.

If I had never went onto creepypasta. Com... I wouldn't be afraid...

9 The Mannequins - Condemned: Criminal Origins

Never play this game in the dark. Ever. It's a little better with a friend, except with the mannequins. "laugh out loud you know it would be funny if went around and whacked all the mannequin heads and arms off" *whacks* (a person falls to the ground dead) O-O "well there goes my need to go to the bathroom"

I was constantly on edge as I didn't know who was a living mannequin and who was a genuine mannequin. Also the creepy teleporting mannequins made me pee in my panties.

As if Mannequins weren't creepy enough when one of them actually attacked it was scary as hell.


10 The Cyber Demon - DOOM 3

Its between this an resident evil 4 But Doom 3 is the Scariest game I've ever played... Play it at night with no lights on!

The Contenders

11 Creepy Little Girls - Fatal Frame 2 Crimson Butterfly

They always say "wanna play? " Which scares the heck out of me

12 Giygas - EarthBound

The creator of the game walked in on the wrong movie at the wrong time. He walked in on a murder scene and it traumatised him for life. He created a foetus as the final boss. (If you look at the background you can see foetuses everywhere. ) Creepy huh.

Giygas look like the scary version of fetus

Giygas is the scariest in your childhood tramua if you battle him in the game EarthBound! he is even more scarier and more creepier than everything.f

Oh my god, he's got that weird statement, plus that scary music, and the distorted "somebody help me" at the end... oh my god.

13 Bathtub Scene - Eternal Darkness

I never expected to find a screamer in a video game. I believe it was eternal darkness that changes the volume on your T.V. 's. The bathroom scene though. : /

I just wasn't expecting it... Like at all. Scared the hell out of me especially as this game required a lot of observation and concentration.

This game was masterful in its design, and that couldn't be more clear than in the stupid bathtub.

Oh gawd, scream alert... =_=

14 I Am Shadoan - System Shock 2
15 Searching for Tibbits - Condemned: Criminal Origins
16 Balloon Boy In the Office - Five Nights at Freddy's 2

Inhale my dong enragement child.

Inhale my dong enragement child

17 The Scarecrow - Batman Arkham Asylum

You walk into the morgue and hear strange noises and doors opening and closing, you leave the room, then go back in- 3 body bags on a table one contains Bruce's mother the other his father, and of course you guessed the other SCAREcrow. Try playing this seen in the pitch black when your 9 years old!

From when you see him gas the doctors to where he drags Gordon out of your sight and kills him screaming. I played this in the dark with the sound cranked up loud and I only managed to beat it by turning the sound off.

"And at the end of fear:oblivion."-Scarecrow

He looked like freddy kruger

18 Getting Caught by Slenderman - Slender

Can't believe no one has said that yet. Most games don't scare me, but the atmosphere and creepy camera effects and sounds scared me so bad I still haven't gone back to try the game a second time.

This is the 4th scariest thing after the mannequins in condemned, that massive head in silent hill 4 and the bath in eternal darkness.

I've seen the videos, and that part is just creepy, the music added on that fear, even the slender man mod on Minecraft was creepy

I saw it on YouTube freaked me out. I once played it on someone's ipad found a paper with a man in the forest and wondered: who is he then I knew slender man was gonna get me so I quited. I did not even try to find all the pieces of paper

19 First Appearance of a Necromorph - Dead Space

It was the first appearance for all and the last for many

20 The Samurai Statue - Clock Tower 2
21 Scary Face - The Scary Maze Game

That is the face of Reagan Macneil. You know, the scary demon possessed girl from The Exorcist?

It was hilarious when that one guy punched through his computer screen when the face popped up

22 Lisa Trevor - Resident Evil
23 Fatalities - Mortal Kombat Franchise

Maybe not that scary but very bloody, brutal, gory and just shocking

Actually, the fatality song is more scary than the fatalities

24 Shadow Temple - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

I kind of expected that it would be dark and frightening and with ninjas running around in the shadows, but not horrifying zombies, torture devices, a ghost ship and molester mummies.

I personally think this should've been MUCH higher on the list!

Dead hand, ReDeads, bongo bongo, the music, torture, blood, ghosts, demons, and all rated E for Everyone!

Dead Hand and the ReDeads were the scariest enemies in there for me. Also, the soundtrack.

25 Who are you running from? - Game Boy Camera

I saw peanutbuttergamer's top ten trippiest video games (this was number 7) and I wanted to find out more. Worst decision of my life.

Easily my vote. One of the few things in a video game (and one of the few things in general) to keep me up at night

26 Radiation's Halloween Hack - Earthbound
27 Buried Alive - Pokemon
28 The Mad Piano - Super Mario 64

This is supposed to be a kids game. Going to jump on a piano and then it turns out it has teeth. I was going to jump right into its mouth.

29 The Staring Bunny - Silent Hill 4

Very freaky, easily the scariest part of the game

30 Luigi's Shadow - Luigi's Mansion

It was like Luigi was being hung!

I saw that, it was creepy

31 3 Pages or Higher - Slender

Just the music in general makes it scarier after 3 pages

Then Slenderman will get faster and your screen will occasionly glitch due to him teleporting. Also he will be able to catch you.

32 The End of the World - Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
33 The Mirror Scene - Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge

It's so scary you walk up to a mirror autonomously and she is there with her face down! What will happen? Then you turn around and no one is there phew and you turn to face the mirror again and eh head is staring at you with her arms out, teleports right to your face looking away and BAM screams at you and shatters the Mirror! Look it up on YouTube please!

Got nightmares for a week, the ghost girl looks like something out of the Grudge or the Ring.

, so scary. I jump out of my seat every time!

No way this is E10+. It should be M.

34 Hidden Message - Sonic CD

Okay, what is going on? Why is Tingle Sonic a thing? WHAT IS THIS NIGHTMARE?!

Worse the song

35 Seeing Herobrine - MineCraft

This is top 1 for me because HE IS AN URBAN LEGEND

He is not real.

36 Creepy Ghost in World 4-4 near Flag - Super Mario 3D Land (3DS)

That stupid ghost is scaring me so much. so don't ever find that ghost if you want safe.

37 TN-01 Bane Fight - Batman Arkham Origins

Guys, I've played all of the Batman Arkham games and a lot of scary games in general, but this fight had me shaking with fear.
Also he's stronger than any boss you fight in the series.
Only time a video game has actually scared me.

38 Foxy Rushing Down The Hall - Five Nights at Freddy's

It's really terrifying if he rushes down the hall because it basically signifies your death.

I was playing the game and I was checking the cameras, then Foxy came out of nowhere and scared me so bad.

Once you see him coming down the hall you only get 1 second to close the door.
So remember whenever you see the curtains open at pirates cove. Shut the door.

39 The True Laboratory - Undertale
40 Omega Flowey - Undertale
41 That First Boss (The guy that teleports) - Darkwatch

he teleports to the screen

42 Undertaker Road to Wrestlemania - Smackdown vs Raw 2011
43 The Necromorphs Fatalities - Dead Space
44 Slenderman - Slender: The Eight Pages

Only played this game once then I deleted the game

45 Blizzeta Face Change - Twilight Princess

Scariest boss in Zelda. I mean whats not scary about fighting a boss that is half yeti, half vampire?!? Never let anyone under 8 play this game. It will traumitize anyone under 8. Fun fact: this is the only rated t Zelda game, all of the others are e 10+

46 The Garden Maze - Resident Evil 4
47 Elegy of Emptiness Statue - Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask


48 Fast Zombies - Half-Life 2

They jump at you and make that crazy sound. Surprised me more than once.

49 Marx Soul's Death Sound - Kirby Super Star Ultra

When I saw a video of Marx Soul and heard his death sound, it almost made my ears bleed.

I almost had a heart attack when I first experienced this. Its all just so sudden.

This guy sure doesn't calm after being killed, but at least is not like killing a dog in Grand Theft Auto 5, I feel sorry for the dogs, but I have to kill them for protection

50 Unagi the Eel - Super Mario 64

I think the eel in sm64 was even scarier than the piano

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