Top 10 Scariest Movies of All Time

Similar to the list of the best horror movies ever made, this list highlights the movies that made you jump the highest and cursed you with the worst nightmares.
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1 The Exorcist The Exorcist Product Image

The Exorcist is definitely the scariest movie of all time in my opinion. I remember watching it for the first time when I was like 12, and I was absolutely traumatized. The scene where she was stabbing the cross into her vagina and then proceeds to turn her head around all the way was absolutely horrific to me. This movie scared me so bad the first time I saw it. I was too scared to sleep with the lights off that night, and I was praying to God because of how disturbed I was from that movie. I can only imagine how much more terrifying it would've been to have seen this movie back in 1973 when it first came out.

Glad to see you got it right! With film special effects these days, there isn't a chance for another movie that will scare the world the way The Exorcist did when it came out! People throwing up or passing out it in theaters, or having priests or nuns blessing you before they went it! I don't think any movie can jump out of its genre so much & distant itself from any other movie compared to it! That bar was set in 1973 & any movie after that doesn't touch it. All other movies after that have room for different opinions that I can make a case for!

Easily one of the best films ever crafted in any genre. It will remain a classic until the end of time for its disturbing imagery and dark atmosphere.

I think the Grudge and the Ring are highly overrated. People need to watch the real horror masterpieces of yesteryear.

My all-time favorite movie! Gotta love Linda Blair as Regan, the possessed 12-year-old girl. Seriously, Linda's such a babe. Ellen Burstyn was brilliant as well, as the mother who is desperately trying to save her daughter from the demon who possessed her. The entire cast was amazing. I love the theme "Tubular Bells," as well. Everything about this film is perfect, especially considering this was made back in 1973. I wish I was around the time it came out in theaters, I wasn't even born then. Definitely a real treat!

2 The Shining The Shining Product Image

I know some of you think that this isn't really scary, and that is your opinion, but think about what is must feel like to have your own father try to murder you. The voices he hears that tell him what to do, and the dude does it. He goes crazy and murders a guy who wants to help, the one thing that this movie does to me is that it can happen. This can come true, and it doesn't have to be with a guy who hears voices, a man can kill his family, planning it and not caring about what happens next. That your own father, who is suppose to protect you, is the one who is harming you. That is why this movie is scary to me.

also stan bts and twice.

Genuinely terrifying. Most horror movies don't scare me with their cheap tactics like jumpscares and using excessive blood and gore, but this was completely different. This is psychological horror. It takes a while to sink in, but once it grabs you, it never lets go. The atmosphere of fear and tension is relentless, as if death is waiting just around the corner in every scene. No other movie even comes close to this one for sheer nightmare-inducing terror.

The Shining has no competition at all. Kubrick produced such a powerful movie from Stephen King's story that it manages to amaze me every time I watch it. Jack Torrance's conversion to a maniac is always terrifying to watch. This is one movie which I can watch anytime and learn new things about it. Plus it scares me every time. Such great story and it has many subliminals which increases the sense of unease. Kubrick was really a mastermind!

I love The Shining book and movie. I have read the book once and have seen the movie 4 or 5 times in one year. This movie is rare it is a horror film no matter how many times you see it you will want to wet yourself at least once. An example is Halloween I recently rewatched it and it was not even a 1/8 as I rembered but The Shining is always the same amount scare if not even larger. Finally I would not be surprised if somepeopple never check into a hotel because of The Shining and Psycho.

3 A Nightmare on Elm Street A Nightmare on Elm Street Product Image

A Classic film that is thrilling, scary and interesting. This movie definitely interests me. This movie gave a scary message saying if you die in your dreams, you die in real life. That was definitely threatening, but it is not real. I did have a few nightmares about it. What scared me the most about this movie is Freddy's Nails and he's talk and the way he told the kids that he was going to kill them. The first time I saw this movie, it scared me, but after I watched it over and over again it became less scary but it became more interesting. What I love about this movie is that it is an interesting story line but threatening and scary. My favourite character is Nancy, she is so good at acting scared and is good with screaming. Freddy is a scary funny character who kills teens but also is hilarious. I wouldn't say that it is a comedy or romance, it is definitely horror, but some things that the characters say are funny. I think that it was supposed to be a scary funny movie. The ...more

Don't get me wrong, I love this movie, but I actually never thought it was THAT scary. BUT in some ways, actually a lot of ways, this did make me have nightmares about what would happen if you die in your sleep. What if someone is trying to kill you while you sleep. But you don't wake up the next morning or evening, because you're dead. That is a scary thing to think of. This movie makes you think about that in a sense that you could die in your sleep, but this way isn't too... peaceful. I can't speak English that well, hope you understood what I was trying to tell you all.

also stan bts and twice.
they make sure you have good skin and grades (if you're in school).

Absolutely terrifying! In the words of Steven King himself. Wow! This is everything a horror movie should be and more. It had it all: Interesting story, scary music, horrific and intense scenes (one after another), no time to breathe! I wish Wes Craven was till with us today - so sad that he is not. You could still be scared the next morning after seeing this (if you fall asleep at all). No other movie - ever did that and never will again!

Number 3? should be number one. Although I love The Exorcist too. I just like a Nightmare on Elm street a bit more. What's really brilliant about this movie is that it's about getting killed in your dreams. You get scared, you have nightmares! It's pretty terrifying when you have a nightmare, he's chasing you and then you wake up. You obviously know it's not real, yet you check for cuts... just in case.

4 The Conjuring The Conjuring Product Image

MAIN thing about this movies is that it is based on true story so there is no virus or no any other fake misleading structure but is is about true feelings it should be higher then this .
When I first saw this movie,Believe me I couldn't sleep for thee nights whenever I close my eyes something really scares me .

I haven't seen many horror movies... In fact I haven't seen many movies at all... But after watching the conjuring in daylight (12-14 pm) I couldn't go to sleep easily for more than a week... Because it's a true horror movie... It's not a slash movie full of blood a cut parts of body... Something very scary about the movie is its true story and the fact that it's not only about a serial killer or deadly virus but about a cursed house and a witch who knows the evil as her master... No one dies in the movie and there aren't many animation scenes but it's very scary because it attacks your mind your beliefs... And the fact that it can happen to all of us... But at last... God help the characters and save them from evil... Well... you know... only God can save us...

Iam very attached to the conjuring. I really want to go to the harrisville Rhode Island farmhouse and live in that farmhouse for several days so that I can discover the truth. The night I watched the movie I thought that all the paranormal activity has happened to me. When I came to know that the story is true that was the most surprising moment. From the day I watched the movie I am searching for what really happened in that farmhouse. Hello I am from India and I would like to solve what really happened to the perrons

Gah! There ain't nothing that I'll do just to get myself to see this.
Only the brave ones watch this with all the lights off, and by themselves.

5 Insidious Insidious Product Image

I loved this movie, but really the only thing that creeped me out about this movie was that distorted Violin music whenever something creepy happened.

This movie was the FIRST American horror movie I have ever watched. It was really creepy. For nights, I have dreamed about all sorts of creepy stuff after I watched this movie. I still remember the nights that I had to open all the lights in our house because I was still creeped out by this. But for me, it was the best horror movie experience ever. Ever since I watched this, I was less bothered by other horror movies that are even more disturbing and scary.

I was either 10 or 11 when I first seen this. I was in my mom room with my mom and sister. We got this bootleg Cd from a friend and the title of this movie was on the Cd. From the moment the title card pop up on the screen, I was scared. Throughout the movie until like the last 15 minutes, I was under the covers. I didn't watch the last 15 minutes unfortunately because the movie froze on us. But that was good for me because the ending had one scariest horror movie twist.

Insidious is A MUST SEE. Especially when that scary, red-faced demon pops out beside the dad's head in the kitchen. That made me jump out of my skin! The music to this film is what really gives it that scary, jumpy edge. Also that creepy song "Tiptoe through the Tulips" I played it on Youtube and it made me shudder. Scary, entertaining and a really good story line. I would certainly recommend this.

6 Halloween Halloween Product Image

Now mask has always frightened me, I freeze and I notice a tightness in my chest and I have to make myself look at him. I would hate to come across someone wearing that mask, that is why I dislike Halloween day as well, going out to get candy then bam! You run into someone wearing that mask and you are freaked and scarred for life. I am having a mild anxiety atack right now just having now face up to comment... still have not brought myself to watch all those movies even though I own them...

For a 1978 movie, it was scary as hell! The way Carpenter used camera angles, long lens shots, wide shots and shadows had never seen before. It felt very realistic because crazy people like Michael, can have super strength and be unfazed by pain. When he disappeared at the end of the movie, it freaked me out for two weeks. Also, Friday 4: The Final Chapter needs some love, it's the darkest, best directed of the series.

It takes a different kind of talent to understand that horror does not necessarily means disgust. There is no gore in that movie and it still scared the sox of me when I first saw it. He achieved it intelligently with atmosphere and tension. Half the time you don't even realize why you feel uneasy until you finally notice " the shape" in the background. Great achievement.

The suspense is great, and the atmosphere is creepy. This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat, and leave you deep in thought, feeling as if you're being watched. John Carpenter's Halloween is a scary movie that won't be topped. And it's not just a scary movie. It's a thriller, and a masterpiece. Best film since Jaws, and one of the scariest movies of all-time.

7 The Ring The Ring Product Image

More creepy than scary. You really align yourself with the protagonist. you want her to be safe. Very suspenseful. Intense music and beautiful camera work.

I love Samara (the black haired girl)! One of my favorite horror movie characters! I love her more in the sequel! Want to know why Samara was in the well? Watch the sequel! Poor Samara!

I couldn't sleep that night, longest night ever. Guys if you want to have some fun, watch it alone with no lights. Will scare you. Have seen all horror movies (old and new), paranormal activities, conjuring, blairwitch, etc. so this is not nostalgia, but Ring is simply the best. Especially if you are bored of those blood dripping predictable horror movies. The movie's got a grim feel to it and it continues through the movie. Great concept, suspense and I loved the background score of that creepy tape.

People need to realize that this movie is a psychological horror film. If you prefer jumpscares, scary imagery, or gore to play out the scares while watching a horror film, then this is not the movie for you.

The Ring gets into your head with its dark grimy atmosphere, an overwhelming feeling of dread that is felt throughout the film, and Hans Zimmer's atmospheric score. It's a silent, yet effective psychological film.

8 The Grudge The Grudge Product Image

To all the people over the age of 40 who are beholden to so-called "classics" such as the Exorcist and The Shining, yes those movies had their moments (well, The Shining did. The Exorcist is actually a comedy), this is much, much more scary. Just like technology has resulted in exponentially faster computers, similarly horror films have become exponentially scary. This is psychological horror, the focus is on manipulating YOU. All the buttons are pushed at the right times in order to disturb your very core. You can watch The Exorcist by yourself. You can not watch this film by yourself without weeks of paranoia afterwards.

Exorcist, the shining, nightmare on elm street. These films are not the scariest. People just vote for them because they're the stereotypical answers and just because people have this obsessive nostalgia to demand that 'old classic' is better. When really its not, its just older. This film is legit horrifying, seriously, this is pure hell. Like the singing isn't scary, the bad guy is just a dangerous crazy human. Humans are no where near as scary as supernatural horrifying demons. So these old 'classic' horror films don't compare to the likes of the grudge. Yeah they're classic, but is were actually talking about fear factor, this is number 1 and you have to go a long way down to find the stereotypical exorcist. Moral of this long boring lecture, just because its older doesn't mean it's better, let go of your nostalgic stereotype please thanks bye

The exorcist is a great movie, and is relatively scary, but unless you are deeply religious it is far from the scariest movie of all time. I'm sure it was the scariest movie for quite some time, but compared to modern movies it is way down on the list. It deserves the respect it gets, but shouldn't be in the top 10 list. Same goes for nightmare, Halloween, and Friday. Love them all, but NOT top ten scary. Definitely top ten horror movies though.

This movie is often underrated because people automatically put "classics" such as the Shining or the Exorcist over it without giving it serious consideration.

This movie isn't just scary though, like either of those. It's truly terrifying, it easily can give someone nightmares for weeks. This is the movie that makes you afraid to turn the lights out to go to bed after you watch it. A true horror masterpiece.

9 Saw Saw Product Image

The doll or the gore don't scare me, it's my imagination. I imagine myself in their situation and think of the sacrifices I would make to survive. The first one didn't scare me as bad, but the others were pretty brutal. Imagine cutting open your eye open to save yourself from getting killed with a mask full of nails. To this day I still watch YouTube videos that teach you how to survive. Honestly my imagination is the scariest thing.

As I write my opinion on this movie I get the chills. I see flashbacks of the first time watching it in the dark in 4th grade. I remember the sleepless nights and the tears. I dreaded the night time. I watched the movie again when I got older thinking I'd get over it but I didn't. Just looking at the cover if the disc scares me. Every time I look at the T.V. in my living room, I imagine jigsaws face popping up. This movie really makes me want to be a better person just so I don't ever have to be in that predicament. This should be number one and I'd like everyone reading this to vote for this. Thank you.

I liked the idea of the movie, it's not scary, but it is DISGUSTINGLY BRUTAL. The thing I mention about ideas is that each original victim was there for a purpose and had a means to survive. It had to be painful self inflicted torture to save their own life. The story line had premise for sure, but I think the director lost track of what mattered the most and focused on the gore. Now that I think about it why the hell did I watch this movie over and over? It was so violent and brutal, is it just human curiosity to be drawn to bloodshed like the days of the gladiators? Hmm...

Personal all time favorite of mine, well not just the first movie, but the entire series all together. I make it a habit to marathon the entire series at least twice a year with a few of my girlfriends. Although as the movies went on, I got tired of hoffman's stupidity, but I always loved amanda's ingenuity and strength.

10 Friday the 13th Friday the 13th Product Image

The first one is the best. A camp counselor watches in horror as her friends and colleagues fall one by one, each in more gruesome and bloody ways. She finally finds out about her tormentor and ends her with the most iconic deaths in horror movie: a decapitation with the villain's own axe. It also sets up the franchise which did get old. Yet, this movie still stands as being the reason superstitious people beware of Friday the 13th.

I watched this when I was only 11. that's right! 11! it's so suspenseful
especially when the girl I forget her name she's just walking to her cabin and she runs into hanging throat slashed necks it's so SCARY!

I watched this movie with my mom (both of us love horror movies) we thought that it was completely awful and disgusting. Trust me it was not even scary at all.

Friday the 13th has been and always will be nothing more than a decent slasher flick. In the grand scheme of horror films it's pretty unremarkable.

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11 Psycho Psycho Product Image

This movie really made me question what Hollywood puts out there. IT'S THAT SCARY! I wet my pants every time I hear that horrific music! I couldn't take a shower for days. I feel uncomfortable writing about it right now. Alfred hitchcock is a master of horror. Let's all hope this will never happen to us when we go to live on our own.

Well this is now why I shower with people in the house, and I have my music playing so I don't have to feel so terrified. But NOES is a little scarier. Maybe about 10 times. Because what's worse than the fear of sleep? YOU CAN'T AVOID IT

But yeah, this is also really scary.

It is a scary masterpiece! All of these other movies used guns, knives, blood, broken necks, etc to be scary. Pyscho didn't show a single knife but managed to scare me to the point of screaming... The music really adds to the effect. Those screeching violins, doe.

This film is horrifying the next 2-3 weeks I could not go take a shower without checking outside the shower. Psycho is a horrifying and fantastic film both 10/10 for horror and greatness.

12 Paranormal Activity Paranormal Activity Product Image

The whole movie is just Paranormal Activity

My ranks:
1st: The Woman in Black
2nd: IT
3rd: Dead Silence
4th: Mama
5th: Anabelle
6th: The Excorcist
7th The Conjuring
8th: Insidious
9th: The Grudge
10th: Paranormal Activity

My comments:
The Woman in Black: This movie is about a woman who suicide and now haunts forever whoever gets in her house
IT:It's about Pennywise the clown getting possesed by a terrifying monster
Dead Silence: Very scary
Mama: That mom is in the Try not To Get Scared Challenge
Annabelle: It's about a haunted doll
The Excorcist: It's about a girl getting possesed by Captain Howdey by an Ouija Board
The Conjuring: So freaking scary
Insidious: I've seen some parts... Very scary
The Grudge: That girl tho
Paranormal Activity (this): The whole movie is just Paranormal Activity

Now this is what I call a horror movie. After years and dozens of horror movies that amused me (kept me laughing as if watching comedy), I watch this one. Now, this is because of my beliefs about the dark world of demons and goblins, which are based on religious beliefs. I am embarrassed to say I was 29 years old, but I could not sleep for 4 days in a row... Seriously, NOT even for FIVE minutes straight! Not until the sun rises! After that, the nightmares kept at it for 3 months, but I did sleep though.

The craziest thing was that I couldn't wait for the sequel, which spared me the insomnia and gave me straight nightmares for 1 months. The third one did not bother my sleep, but got my mind thinking about my beliefs.

As for the 3rd one, it did not interest me at all. I kept seeing the teasers and trailers and said to my self "really? Are they serious now?! The story is getting so ridiculous!"

This was the first horror movie that actually scared me. I don't find little girls, clowns, or maniacal killers that scary they're a bit cliche now. But this movie struck a chord of the fear of the unseen, what demons come out at night. Is that weird bump in the night just the house adjusting or was it something. I remember I was a freshman in college when I watched the first one. I did not get any sleep that night and I had nightmares when I did. Even the first case of sleep paralysis was after that movie. The second time I had sleep paralysis I felt a presence and saw a shadowy figure looming over my bed. I heard someone ask me my name, I refused and told it to leave. I broke free finally and I prayed on it. I haven't experienced the nightmares ever since. I know that it's normal symptoms but I believe in God and I'm terrified of demons. This movie brought those fears out of me so I'm not surprised I had bad nightmares. But I do thank God he answered my prayers, no demon related ...more

No fancy special effects. The movie lacks the typical Hollywood-style visual effects, and in doing so becomes extremely plausible. What makes this movie scary is how frighteningly believable it is. You don't see holographic looking apparitions created in a studio, you see inanimate objects moving on their own and shadows out of the corner of your eye. It's knowing that there may be something lurking behind you or looming just above you, just out of sight, that makes this movie deeply chilling.

13 Stephen King's It Stephen King's It Product Image

I think the 2017 remake is scarier, for a few reasons:
1. The kills are pretty lame in the original.
2. Old pennywise just feels like a regular old circus clown, while new pennywise gives off a much, much more demonic, terrifying, eat-your-face-off vibe.
3. The special effects are pretty dated in the old one. I can tell pennywise jumping out of the shower drain was fake.
I'm not saying this film is bad, it's just not scary, at least to me.

Watching poor little georgie get murdered is still implanted in my brain just wow. Now I am not really scared of clowns except pennywise jesus christ. Do not watch if you hate clowns

This movie hahaaha... I could not sleep alone for months after watching this movie I was probably about 10 or 11 first time I saw IT! My best friends mom had this porcelain clown that looked like the IT clown, it sat in her living room where I slept when I stayed with them. I broke it just saying ever since I watched this movie I have punched 2 clowns and 1 friend for scaring me with a clown! This movie is just plain Creepy.

The only reason why people are afraid of this movie is because the main antagonist is a clown, and nothing else. That's it! If you're not afraid of clowns as well as 2 to 3 hour long movies where a lot of running time are just filler moments so bad you just want to scream at your T.V. to just get on with it, then you shouldn't watch this movie. It is BORING!

14 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) Product Image

The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, a film that grew into a barrage of sequels and remakes, but like always, none of those movies (Especially the 3D one, god that was awful) came even close to this brutal, low-budget and exciting scarefest of the first! The villians, Leatherface and his cannibalistic family, is a thrilling set of evil maniacs that makes you jump up squealing like a baby that swallowed a truck-full of helium. The actors are spot on to capture the raw brutal atmosphere of the movie, making them actually act like they wanted to escape, as well with the set, a house in the middle of Texas, with furniture that are made from bones of both animals and their human victims: Terrifying! Even though this movie set a whole new genre of horror movies, the gory films, the movie actually has minimalistic gore or blood, with the exception of that guy in the wheelchair's death, and it was still perfect. Keep your Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger and Jigsaw, this one is my favorite!

I loved the low-budget realism. All the special effects and cgi in today's horror flicks detract from the horror in my opinion. I actually felt the terror of the main characters and wanted to escape when I watched this because the realism felt like a glimpse into real life insanity that exists in the world. Also, I heard it was based on real events, but now know it was all just a made up story.

Okay kids, gather 'round, it's story time!
So it was Friday the 13th (in October) when I first watched part one. Earlier that night I'd watched The Grudge with my mom and her boyfriend, since he's a horror movie geek. Like I said, I'd been watching stuff like The Grudge/Jeepers Creepers/Gravity Falls/Jaws/Sleepy Hollow/The Mummy and stuff like that to prepare me for this. I WAS NOT READY. And by that I mean I fell asleep.

Shut up, I was really tired.

I watched this in the middle of the night on my phone, alone, underneath the covers. I had forgotten that I had a balloon in the room, so, I turned the fan on. During the scene where Leatherface kills the man in the wheelchair, the fan hit the balloon. It scared me so badly! I had trouble seeping that night.

15 The Silence of the Lambs The Silence of the Lambs Product Image

This movie wouldn't be one to call 'Scary' although it does have a few parts in the movie that might frighten you but the movie is actually a Psychological Thriller. These types of movies are ones that make you think constantly to find out how this happened and who that person is. I watch a lot more psychological thrillers over 'Horror' movies because I can't do lots and lots of gore like in Saw or in Scream, it seems like all modern day horror movies has to have someone's guts being spilled out for the movie to actually have plot. I swear older movies were the better ones no matter how crappy the quality is or how fake it looks, they still are better than today's movies.

This movie is the most amazing movie I had ever seen in my whole life. It gives me those chills, and I am not sure whether it's a horror movie or not. Seems more thriller. But either way this movie... Is the best. Most people of my age haven't seen it, (I'm 14...) because they haven't heard of it, or the quality. But honestly this movie is so amazing. I love Anthony Hopkins so when I saw that he played Hannibal Lector I was happy. This is honestly my favorote movie in the world.

Most scary movie I have ever seen. The dialogue and images go deep into your psyche. The worst was I first saw this movie when it came out. My best friend and I went together. We came home from it and to go to her house we had to go through a dark alley and through her mom's closed store. We were terrified to be out in the dark after that film!

This movie was perfect, honestly. It wasn't scary, but it had its moments that were... Odd. I'm a huge Hannibal The Cannibal fan, and loved all three movies. It's quite realistic as well and Jodie Foster was an amazing Clarice.

16 Alien Alien Product Image

When I left the cinema after having seen it, I was looking up the walls and trees being afraid an alien might wait somewhere. I had never experienced a more horrific experience before and after that is 40 years! What was new after 2001 and Star Wars was the organic element, the fluids, the bone and skull aspect representing death. This in claustrophobic and the dark environment, plus the soundtrack summed up to a masterpiece which is a standalone in the science fiction genre. Sadly, Ridley Scott tried to explain the backgrounds again and again with Prometheus and Covenant which are just B-movies with an A-budget. Why can we just leave the mystery as it was created by Hansruedi Giger?

Yes, I agree that this is a brilliant film, the best sci-fi film ever made... But it is in no way even the slightest bit scary. I suppose it could have been back when it first came out though...

At the time this movie came out, it scared the bajeemies out of me. I was so shaken I had to stop off for a drink before going home. Nowadays, it doesn't seem so scary. But it broke ground for really scary flicks.

Very scary for its time how the hell are saw and the ring above this, nothing happens in either of those movies especially the ring it was so overrated as a scary movie.

17 The Thing The Thing Product Image

Had to vote for this one. Can't believe this is so low in the list. This scared the bejesus out of me when I was a kid. A parasitic shape shifting alien that can mimic anything that comes into contact with it. Some of the best practical special effects ever, the spider head and the guy getting his arms bit off by someone's torso and the dog sprouting tentacles, it truly is disturbing. Add to that the paranoia and Arctic location and john Carpenter's mad music and direction of a top cast including Kurt Russell at the top of his game, The thing is scary it's the stuff of nightmares.

The fact this is below Stephen King's It, a terribly outdated, boring, not scary movie is just absurd. This movie has held up well. The characters don't make moronic movies, the special effects are like no other, there's a sense of paranoia and isolation, which makes the movie feel so much more terrifying and all the subtle details really add to the movie. This should at least be in the top 10.

The exorcist sucks the biggest peder and definitely does not deserve to be on here, especially not 1st. John Carpenters the thing is the greatest, it is creepy, suspenseful, exellent plot, and has the gruesomeness, heartpounding, scariest possible for a masterpiece horror. As a matter of fact most of the top ten horrors suck, it is hard to make a good horror it would seem. John Carpenters the thing, you roock!

How the Thing is rated below crap like Paranormal Activity is beyond me. This is the single most terrifying non-supernatural movie out there. It also manages to really freak you out without relying on the "screaming teenage girl" standby that so many horror movies do.

18 Jaws Jaws Product Image

Launched the career of one of the greatest directors of our generation. Jaws is one of the greatest films ever made. This movie scared the hell out of everybody that saw it in 1975 and emptied the beaches as well. What truly makes this movie great are the characters in it. The shark is almost secondary. Which is why it works. You're invested in the characters, you care about whats happening to them. A true masterclass in great movie making. And anybody that argues that "the shark looks fake" or "it's not scary"... obviously your taste in movies is at an elementary level. You should stick to sharknado or deep blue sea, I guess.

A masterpiece!
Other horror films (Insidios, Paranormal Activity, The Ring) cannot hold a candle to this thriller. While other films taunt you with visions of monsters, spirits, and vampires, Jaws brings you a REAL horror story that looks like it could have happened just yesterday! You will be squeezing the life out of your armrests while you watch a shark creep ever closer to an unsuspecting victim. Closer... Closer... Dun dun... Dun dun... Dun dun dun dun... Dundundundundundundundundun...

I was ten when I watched this at my house with my dad. At first I thought it was not going to be scary because I was thinking "how can you make an unrealistic size great white scary? It is probably going to be lame." Boy was I wrong! This movie made me totally afraid of great white sharks! This is the best shark movie ever! It kept me out of water for more than awhile.

This is not scary. I saw it when I was eight (now I'm eleven) and my sister was six (now she's nine), and I saw it in FLORIDA--where all the nice beaches are. Still, I'm scared of sharks, but this movie is not scary, and yeah, girls can be brave, too--I'm a girl! So this isn't scary. It's just a bit gross sometimes, although I was freaked out the NIGHT I saw it--scared to look out the window. Dunno why.

19 Child's Play Child's Play Product Image

I'm not scared of Chucky, but he's my favorite slasher and plus I have a doll that is scary! If he's in the same room as me, he's allowed to haunt my dreams unless he's not in the same room as me! And the weirdest thing is I haven't had nightmares in a long time until I got him! Plus when I got him he was talking while he was off. My first nightmare was one where he killed my gramma and cousin, the next one was he made me kill somebody, and then after that he kept appearing and then I would have dreams about being chased the second I see him. Plus I had this one where he tried to kill me because I started liking something else and it's scary because when I stopped paying attention to him he tried to kill me (in my dreams) and in the Seed of Chucky he tried to kill Tiffany because she left him! But other than that I'm not scared of him because I know that Chucky can't physically hurt me but I feel like he's torturing me like Freddy Krueger does.

I still can't see any picture related to this movie, even after all these years, I get a panic attack when I even think about it. This ruined my childhood I was 10-11 when I first saw it and I couldn't go anywhere alone for years because it just traumatized me for life. I'm phobic because of this movie and I will never ever watch it again and neither should anyone else. But still this is a DAMN good movie!

I voted for this movie because when I was about 8 or 9 I was TRAUMATISED by it. I couldn't sleep alone so I had to sleep with my dad. I'm now 16 and I watched it and laughed at it because Chucky is HILARIOUS in that movie. I used to be scared but I now see it as a horror comedy more than anything. It's my number 1 favorite.

I'm not really that scared of the Chucky movies because I'm much less put on edge by physical threats than supernatural ones, which is why I probably would've been fine with Texas Chainsaw Massacre if I had actually managed to stay awake. Yet for some reason Toy Story freaked me out. Go figure.

20 Rec Rec Product Image

This is easily one of the scariest horror films made. The acting is brilliant, the story is great, and there are some really shocking moments in it. I would recommend it to any horror fan out there or anyone who wants the living hell scared out of them, laugh out loud. I've got all 3 films of the series and would definitely suggest watching the 2nd (REC) as well as I believe it's even better, the 3rd one is not quite as good but still very entertaining!

I think the only reason it's not higher is because of subtitles.

Watch this at night by yourself or with a scary movie connoisseur, and you will see why this Spanish horror film is the scariest horror film there is. Quarantine is the american remake of this movie. More scary than 28 days later, Exorcist, or Dawn of the Dead, this zombie-movie epic will leave you shaken up and curled up under a blanket.

So... Paranormal Activity, Human Centipede and Predator made the list, but (REC), the scariest, most chilling movie ever made didn't pass the cut? Well, that's as terrifying as (REC) itself. This will leave you crying, screaming, and it will definitely give you nightmares. Paranormal has nothing on this and never will.

Absolutely ridiculous that (REC) is down here and "Elm Street" is at No. 3. Guess it's because most people would set themselves on fire before watching a foreign language film.

21 The Woman in Black The Woman in Black Product Image

I've seen everything! For sure! I love horror movies, THIS is the scariest movie ever! I've seen every movie above and NON of them is as scary as The Woman in Black... The first time I watched that movie, I was very tired and at the middle of the movie I couldn't sleep anymore... After the movie I was scared by every single sound and afraid of being in dark rooms.

Such a scary movie! I barely couldn't believe what I Saw. I really feel sorry for the children. On the way home, I still remembered what happen and even had a nightmare that I was one of the children but I would want to watch this movie again. It was so emotion. Decent movie YES! YES! YES!

Terrific movie. Definitely the scariest movie I have ever seen. So many of the choices above this one aren't scary at all and shouldn't be on this list. Scary Movie? Come on. Let's be real here. If you are reading this, please see this movie before it's out of theatres!


For god sake, this is the best scary movie ever! It had a good story and really scary and shocking moments, and how come "The Grudge" and "The Ring" are on the top 10? The Japanese version (original) is much scarier!

And NO, only because Daniel Radcliffe was in the movie that does not mean that it is for children.

22 The Blair Witch Project The Blair Witch Project Product Image

It's hard to put in words what made this movie so scary. The shaky realism of the filming, the unnerving realism of the actors' performances, the fact that you never see the monster, but it's presence is still there and it really creeps you out with the creepy things it does to torment the characters.

Best horror movie ever seen. With about $20,000 budget, it makes such an impression, and despite there is actually nothing shown (no monsters, zombies, ghost and so on), it's one of the scariest movies I have ever seen.
If you don't think so, try to watch this inside a tent in the woods at night.

I have to say that there are a few movies scarier than this but this movie is on a level of its own. This movie feels so real and the fact you never know what it is makes it worse, the nauseating claustrophobic feeling you get is killer.

This is horrible, the ending got so much hype and it was the biggest let down of the whole move. The only scary scene was the tent scene where children were scratching the door of the tent.

23 Scream Scream Product Image

Can someone explain to me why Insidious and The Conjuring are higher than Scream, a classic that almost made me pee my pants. This is one of my all time favourite horror movies. The acting was good, the plot was so good, you could never guess what was going to happen, and there was actual character development. On top of that, it had the main quality people look for in horror movies, it was actually scary! I know, it's rare, but sometimes horror movies are actually scary. Insidious and especially The Conjuring sucked.

Alongside of Halloween, this is my other all-time favorite horror series. Much like Halloween did in its time, Scream completely re-energized the horror genre which had grown stagnant and paved the way for a whole new generation of scary movies. So well-written, and with characters that are actually well-developed. When you actually feel emotion when the characters are in danger, you know you've got a good one.

This should at least be in the top 10! This movie changed the status of horror movies in the 90's, when the genre was going downhill. I can't believe Insidious and Wrong Turn are ahead of this.

This movie is great because of the intricate plot twists and the fact that it doesn't need gruesome violence or gore to make you crap your pants!

24 28 Days Later 28 Days Later Product Image

The eye gouging scene at the end messed me up. Deserves the #1 or #2 spot for that. Scarier than The Shining.

This should be #1 I love this movie it scares me every time even though I've seen it 20 times over.

Saw it and it was cool

Come on how is the silence of the lambs scarier than 28 days later

25 The Hills Have Eyes The Hills Have Eyes Product Image

True, it is disturbing and quite violent. It's also a true story in the 1960-70s, the US government nuked New Mexico's state and caused radiation and radioactivity which turned everyone in miles away into mutated creatures and if you go there now, you might actually see on of their mines which were used in the 18 hundreds before they got walled in. Years ago, one of the survivors got told not to mention anything about it because it was true, but when one of them got interviewed, they accidentally told the reporters what happened, so they could tell people and they would all panic, so they got executed without a trace and all the evidence disappeared, and this is a true story!

Watched this on Halloween night several years ago alone, WORST mistake ever. It was terrifying and scared me so badly, but its one of those movies where you can't look away. So I watched the whole thing and couldn't sleep good for weeks. Extremely gory and very very disturbing

The most awesome, mutant hillbillies kickin' butt movie ever! I only wish that Lizard would have lived and the hillbillies would have won, they just rocked so much!

Kind of slow in places, but still very disturbing. Cannibalism, a desert, a family stuck in the middle of that desert. Yes please!

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