Scariest Movies of All Time

Similar to the list of the best horror movies ever made, this list highlights the movies that made you jump the highest and cursed you with the worst nightmares.

The Top Ten

1 The Exorcist

Easily one of the best films ever crafted in any genre. It will remain a classic until the end of time for its disturbing imagery and dark atmosphere.

I think the Grudge and the Ring are highly overrated. People need to watch the real horror masterpieces of yesteryear.

After all these years it still creeps me out big time!

The best movie ever I couldn't sleep for many days and I always feel scared while sleeping a master piece

In a class of it's own. The exorcist is to horror, what Babe Ruth is to baseball, what Michael Jordan is to basketball, what Elvis is to rock and roll. Simply put, no horror director has done it nearly as well as Friedkin did it almost 50 years ago.

2 The Shining

Its not that its scary its just that the storyline is great and has amazing actors. I also found it kind of funny.
Here's Johnny!

Bro. BRO. This is the top ten SCARIEST movies of all time. Saying "It's not that it's scary" means IT SHOULDN'T EVEN BE ON THE LIST. (haven't watched it myself by the way) - Top10Turbulance

The only horror movie that scared me, its horrible. And I've seen a lot of horror movies

I had watched this movie.. And my review would be that it is not at all scary from horror movie point of view.. Can't forget this line "COME PLAY WITH US FOREVER... AND EVER.. AND EVER."! - avanish95

The actors are so great and the movie!

I first watched it when I was 13 years old and although it was edited, it scared the hell out of me! It truly deserves to be # 1! It is a true classic and even now when I watch it, it fills me with both anticipation and dread! For as good as the movie was, the book is infinitely scarier! I read it when I was 14 and I could not go to sleep without listening to music for quite some time!

3 A Nightmare on Elm Street

I watched this as a kid and I can honestly say this frightened all the fright out of me. No movie has scared me ever since, none! Not a single other one on this list. Honest truth, really some might be gross, some make you jump but A Nightmare on Elm Street is the be-all and end-all

A Classic film that is thrilling,scary and interesting. This movie definitely interest me. This movie gave a scary message saying if you die in your dreams you die in real life that was definitely threating but it is not real. I did have a few nightmares about it. What scared me the most about this movie is Freddy's Nails and he's talk and the way he told the kids that he was going to kill them. The first time I saw this movie I got scared me but after I watched it over and over again it became less scary but it became more interesting. What I love about this movie is that it is an interesting story line but threating and scary. My favourite Character is Nancy she is so good at acting scared and is good with screaming. Freddy is a scary funny character who kills teens but also is hilarious. I wouldn't say that it is a Comday or Romance it is definitely horror but some things that the characters say are funny I think that it was supposed to be a scary funny movie. The amount of times ...more - Videogame

Absolutely terrifying! In the words of Steven King himself. Wow! This is everything a horror movie should be and more. It had it all: Interesting story, scary music, horrific and intense scenes (one after another), no time to breathe! I wish Wes Craven was till with us today - so sad that he is not. You could still be scared the next morning after seeing this (if you fall asleep at all). No other movie - ever did that and never will again!

The birth of being afraid to fall asleep. A Nightmare on Elm Street attacks you from all directions. What ever you do... Don't fall asleep.

4 The Conjuring

The scariest movie EVER. PERIOD. Taking all the other international movies into the reckoning, this takes the cake ttobe the scariest. By far!

The older ones are not really that scary anymore and more turned in to good films. A good horror film generally has to be a good film as well as in the story and the acting. The Conjuring is the modern Exorcist. It was even better as I never expect anything from horrors nowadays they never seem to be fresh. Paranormal activity is the last great horror film I remember enjoying. But this is the scariest horror film ever in my eyes.

I seen this and no lie it gave me a panic attack I swear this had to be the best movie I've seen in years

Probably the best horror movie of all the time because the storyline is great and the actors are worth making the movie a blockbuster. if you have not watched it then you don't know the experience of a true horror movie

5 The Ring

Scary isn't the word I would use.
It was eerie and demon possessed
When it was over, I felt the evil in my house!
Turned gospel music on, LOUD and read my Bible to get rid of the demon spirits!
I am very serious too!

Scary... Is that the word to describe this movie. I was all over laughing during watching this movie. - appindia

I really LOVE this movie. Samara is a little cute bastard and Rachel is a wonderful character. I sing all the day the Samara's Song:
Round we go,
The world is spinning,
When it stops,
It just beginning.
Sun comes up,
We live and we cry,
Sun comes down
And then we all die.

Very atmospheric from start to finish which puts the viewer in a jumpy frame of mind for the finale. I just about pissed myself at the end...

Watched this movie 6 years ago and It still gives me nightmares

6 The Grudge

To be honest, I couldn't sleep in my room by myself for years.
No joke
And this is from watching the trailer
But I was also really young at the time

Stupid but scary it kept me hanging on the edge of my seat but the original was better

This was just shockingly scary, found it hard to sleep for weeks. Not one to watch alone!

It's so terrifying, I kept having nightmares about that girl chasing me for almost a decade

7 Insidious

Definitely a movie to see if you like scary movies! A lot of scary movies don't make me jump... But this one made me jump several times. Just with loud noises and pop-ups. If you like scary movies. SEE INSIDIOUS

Insidious chapter 1 is scariest in all chapters

Scariest film I've ever seen hands down

One of the scariest movies of all time.

8 Halloween

I have a reoccurring dream that I'm being chased and can't get away. The scenery changes. Sometimes I'm in a big mansion, sometimes the woods. But it's always Michael myers who is chasing me. That's saying something.

I watch scary movies because they are fun; they just don't scare me. Then I watched Halloween. After the movie ended, I went to the bathroom and checked my shower... Four times!

This is the best movie

Love this movie so Scary love it

9 Friday the 13th

Yeah! I had scary nightmares ugh!

Remember the scene where jason pulled alice into the water? well that and much more friday the 13th is the scariest movie ever!

It had me right from the beginning. The end really blew my mind. I was in my 20s

So Scary! My PArents won't let me see it again

10 Saw

Personal all time favorite of mine, well not just the first movie, but the entire series all together. I make it a habit to marathon the entire series at least twice a year with a few of my girlfriends. Although as the movies went on, I got tired of hoffman's stupidity, but I always loved amanda's ingenuity and strength.

As I write my opinion on this movie I get the chills. I see flashbacks of the first time watching it in the dark in 4th grade. I remember the sleepless nights and the tears. I dreaded the night time. I watched the movie again when I got older thinking I'd get over it but I didn't. Just looking at the cover if the disc scares me. Every time I look at the T.V. in my living room I imagine jigsaws face popping up. This movie really makes me want to be a better person just so I don't ever have to be in that predicament. This should be number one and I'd like everyone reading this to vote for this. Thank you

This film sucks. A movie isn't scary because of gore. This film doesn't do anything scary. The director just thought that if he threw in a truckload of guts and gore he/she would get a good movie - SnoopDoggedyDog

Great Movie.!
The way the story is set up especially in the first 3 films..!
My favorite was SAW II because the ending surprised me that I said what just happened.. Overall AWESOME Movie..!


The Contenders

11 Psycho

This movie is proof that you don't need someone getting decapitated every five seconds to make a SCARY film. A masterpiece! - Mnsdjjfijf

So scared my parents made me watch it when I was 8 and I'm still scared.

The shower...

I'm scarred for life

Any movie that still unsettles me every time I hear a noise when taking a shower has to be the scariest movie ever. What an impact, even more than 40 years later.

12 Stephen King's It

I hate clowns, my friends thought we should watch it so we did, now I have the biggest phobia ever! Can't walk near open drains either...

Boy I hate clowns. And those weird yellow teeth and disgusting long fingernails just disgusted and scared the hell out of me.


This is the best movie in the god damn world

13 Paranormal Activity

This was the hell of all scary movies. I like watching horror movies so that I can sit and laugh at the children. But this time it was reversed. I slept with my bed light on for more than two weeks. Letting my obese dog sleep between my feet that if something grabbed me his going to struggle.

This was the first horror movie that actually scared me. I don't find little girls, clowns, or maniacal killers that scary they're a bit cliche now. But this movie struck a chord of the fear of the unseen, what demons come out at night. Is that weird bump in the night just the house adjusting or was it something. I remember I was a freshman in college when I watched the first one. I did not get any sleep that night and I had nightmares when I did. Even the first case of sleep paralysis was after that movie. The second time I had sleep paralysis I felt a presence and saw a shadowy figure looming over my bed. I heard someone ask me my name, I refused and told it to leave. I broke free finally and I prayed on it. I haven't experienced the nightmares ever since. I know that it's normal symptoms but I believe in God and I'm terrified of demons. This movie brought those fears out of me so I'm not surprised I had bad nightmares. But I do thank God he answered my prayers, no demon related ...more

This movie made me scream as hell loud its super scary

I just saw the trailer and I could FEEL the creeps crawling over me.

14 The Silence of the Lambs

This movie was perfect, honestly. It wasn't scary, but it had its moments that were... Odd. I'm a huge Hannibal The Cannibal fan, and loved all three movies. It's quite realistic as well and Jodie Foster was an amazing Clarice.

0/10 No lambs. - Rainbowkid38

The music is incredibly creepy - ElSherlock

Most scary movie I have ever seen. The dialogue and images go deep into your psyche. The worst was I first saw this movie when it came out. My best friend and I went together. We came home from it and to go to her house we had to go through a dark alley and through her mom's closed store. We were terrified to be out in the dark after that film!

15 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

The dinner scene is the scary part of the movie - ElSherlock

I think its scary for the simple fact is based on a true story

I loved the low-budget realism. All the special effects and cgi in today's horror flicks detract from the horror in my opinion. I actually felt the terror of the main characters and wanted to escape when I watched this because the realism felt like a glimpse into real life insanity that exists in the world. Also, I heard it was based on real events, but now know it was all just a made up story

There's a house in my town that was used for the film.
Edit: Well, the house fell into disrepair in 1997 and got transported away, the local cemetery of my city was used for the film. - TeamRocket747

16 Child's Play

Amazing film - GregoryHallbot

I need therapy

The acting is decent - ElSherlock

Okay well I am voting for this movie because it like RUINED me I was 8 and watched all 3 in one night... Worst idea EVER because you know the kid he goes after... Andy... YEAH that's MY NAME TOO! I was scared SO MUCH that I had to sleep with my mom... No joke I will never ever watch this movie again

17 The Thing

This stuff freaked me out I mean, aliens who have taken the form of people melting on to other people? das nahhhsty!

The cinematography is well done - ElSherlock

Had to vote for this one. Can't believe this is so low in the list. This scared the bejesus out of me when I was a kid. A parasitic shape shifting alien that can mimic anything that comes into contact with it. Some of the best practical special effects ever, the spider head and the guy getting his arms bit off by someone's torso and the dog sprouting tentacles, it truly is disturbing. Add to that the paranoia and Arctic location and john Carpenter's mad music and direction of a top cast including Kurt Russell at the top of his game, The thing is scary it's the stuff of nightmares.

It's a good film.

18 (REC)

Creepy - ElSherlock

This is easily one of the most scariest horror films made. The acting is brilliant the story is great and there are some really shocking moments in it. I would recommend it to any horror fan out there or anyone who wants the living hell scared out of them laugh out loud. I've got all 3 films of the series and would definitely suggest watching the 2nd (REC) as well as I believe it's even better, the 3rd one is not quite as good but still very entertaining!

I think the only reason it's not higher is because of subtitles.

It's creepy but not scary. I've seen this movie and it's okay. - Userguy44

So... Paranormal Activity, Human Centipede and Predator made the list, but (REC), the scariest, most chilling movie ever made didn;t pass the cut? Well, that's as terrifying as (REC) itself. This will leave you crying, screaming, and it will definitely give you nightmares. Paranormal has nothing on this and never will

19 Alien

Yes, I agree that this is a brilliant film, the best sci-fi film ever made... But it is in no way even the slightest bit scary. I suppose it could have been back when it first came out though...

Big fleshy woohoo (if you know what I mean) spiders

Yeah, beside the fact that Ridley Scott's movie is a Sci-Fi masterpiece and one of the best from all time, it was scary because we didn't know what to expect from the unexpected creature called ALIEN - MatrixGuy

The acting is excellent - ElSherlock

20 The Woman in Black

I was sweating in my sleep it was that scary easily my scariest movie

Such a scary movie! I barely couldn't believe what I Saw. I really feel sorry for the children. On the way home, I still remembered what happen and even had a nightmare that I was one of the children but I would want to watch this movie again. It was so emotion. Decent movie YES! YES! YES!

I've seen everything! For sure! I love horror movies, THIS is the scariest movie ever! I've seen every movie above and NON of them is as scary as The Woman in Black... The first time I watched that movie, I was very tired and at the middle of the movie I couldn't sleep anymore... After the movie I was scared by every single sound and afraid of being in dark rooms.

I have watched the Omen
Trilogy, The Exorcist, The Devil, Grim Reaper, and The Woman In Black is a hell of a lot scarier than both of them together multiplied by 15.

21 Jaws

Cows kill more people than sharks... Make a movie about cows ill be scared

You guys don't find this scary because you think a horror film has to be filled with gore to be scary. - SnoopDoggedyDog

This isn't scary - ElSherlock

I first watched this movie when I was about 12.. and I'm now 25 and iam still scared to anything bigger than a swimming pool.. those DAMN sharks...

22 28 Days Later

SPOILER: this Movie Is the best movie EVER such romance such action such horror london taken down in 18 days and a surviver walking up 28 days from the outbreak Imagine what would happen in amercia or germany or africia the world woul be true hell

Very scary. rolling stone: "Visionary & Scary"
daily news: "One of the bScariest Horror Films in Years. movie came out:2005

haled as the most frightening film since the Exorcist. trust me it is & I am a expert on horror films.

This should be #1 I love this movie it scares me every time even though I've seen it 20 times over.

23 The Blair Witch Project

Ohh no I can never watch this again... - MrHyde

The unseen villain idea is really scary - ElSherlock

Best horror movie ever seen. With about $20 000 budget it makes such an impression, and despite there is actually nothing shown (no monsters, zombies, ghost and so on) it's one of the scariest movies I have ever seen.
If you don't think so, try to watch this inside tent in some woods at night

Small materialistic pseudo intellects infiltrate the ether in hopes of documenting that which is beyond the unendarkened.

24 Scream

Ain't this a comedy - SnoopDoggedyDog

Alongside of Halloween, this is my other all-time favorite horror series. Much like Halloween did in its time, Scream completely re-energized the horror genre which had grown stagnant and paved the way for a whole new generation of scary movies. So well-written, and with characters that are actually well-developed. When you actually feel emotion when the characters are in danger, you know you've got a good one.

The soundtrack is good - ElSherlock

Scream isn't scary, it's funny - ChelseaPurnell

25 Candyman

First and last scary movie I saw as kid... still know what happens in front of the mirror, never been more scared after that in my life!

The only horror movie that really scares me beyond my comfort zone (and I've seen many). The Candyman character is creepy as hell and I find the overall vibe of the film disturbing. I will only watch this during daylight hours...

terrified me when i was a kid!

In this movie you just can't help but to feel sorry for the candyman cause of everything that happened to him - cadespencer

26 The Strangers

Major scary movie while one stranger is messing with the chick the other two are doing something in her house while she's distracted they have her every move planned must see scary movie never wanna be home alone again. Still have nightmares and saw it 5 months ago

I really do like movies where somebody is attacked without much of a reason by complete strangers ( Funny Games, The Hills Have Eyes, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, etc. ) - which is, basically, all this movie is. Like those I mentioned except... Amplified. They even state that they had no reason for torturing them, except for of course, "because you were home. " It was brilliant.

I've seen it three times.. I've shat myself three times

Really scary! Its scary because it could actually happen to you. The killers are so cool about the whole thing, they just don't give a damn! ITs brilliant!

27 Dead Silence

This movie frightened me

Only two movies ever gave me nightmares: the 1958 The Fly (when I was 7) and Dead Silence.

Not the scariest or bloodiest of all
But very scary and on top of that, one of the greatest, if not the greatest story for a horror movie - 13thmistral

Here is one that is actually scary, and the ending was bomb

28 Sinister

Such an awesome film. This to me is a perfect movie that doesn't fall into all the cliches and typical script of horror. Sinister ticks every box for me and will most probably always be my favourite horror movie ever.

I first watched sinister on my 9th birthday because it was just playing on T.V. and I'm not even exaggerating I couldn't take my eyes off the screen its that good. Its like a bunch of horror stories inside one big one and each one is more sickening then the last. - shagadelicmetronome

None of the movies in the list scared me! but sinister was something totally different. it was the only horror movie that made me stay up all night, not being able to close my eyes. It's my favorite horror movie ever, give it a try!

Very scary and the 2nd one one is just as good. Very underrated movie to be such a good one.

29 The Hills Have Eyes

Oh lord this spoopy - oofoff

most disturbing movie i have ever seen

Yes, atlast a pretty decent list! lol..

i was choosing between this and Amitvyle, well this movie scared me more.. phew! - mesh13

True it is disturbing and quite violent. Its also a true story in the 196070s US government nuked New Mexico's state and caused radiation and radioactivity which turned everyone in miles away into mutated creatures and if you go there now you might actually see on of there mines which were used in the 18 hundreds before they got walled in. Years ago one of the survivors got tokd not to mention any thing about it because it was true but when one of them got interviewed they accidently told the reporters what happened so they could tell people and they would all panic so they got exucuted with out a trace and all the evidence disappeared and this is a true story!

30 The Evil Dead

This is the most scariest movie of all time

I watched this with my brothers friends and him we didn't get half way through the movie I am now afraid of cabins

One of the jumpiest, goriest, creepiest and most outrageous movies of all time. A fun gore fest with no breaks.

Watch it and you'll have nightmares for a week

31 The Exorcism of Emily Rose

I love scary movies/horror films. I can watch all those movie on top of this alone even at night with lights out. But damn! Not this one. This is the only movie that scares me. Honestly!

I love watching scary movies. Even at night alone. I'll never got scared with horror films but this one is different. Damn I swore not see it again.

Don't watch scary

I personally found this film VERY SCARY. As a believer in God, I do believe that Demonic Possession could happen to somebody. In this case The Exorcism of Emily Rose was based on the true story Anneliese Michael. A tragic, awful story of A girl diagnosed with Epilepsy and Schizophrenia who was REALLY possessed by Demons. I'm not going to get into a dispute about whether she was mentally ill or indeed possessed you'll have to do some research about it, like I did and I came to the conclusion that she was demonically possessed. But the fact this horror film was based on the true story of Anneliese Michael, is what gives it such A scary edge.

32 Amityville Horror

How is the original version not in you're top 10? This is my top 5 scariest movies ever made!

I watched it for the very first time with my friends and god it left me speechless! I couldn't sleep for weeks afraid of being alone

Was based on a true story - Revan

How is this one not in the top 10 at least?! The original was scarier than the remake! Different things scare people in different ways I guess. This would be a tough top 10 list to compile, but Amityville Horror definitely deserves to be up there.

33 Saw III

The most thrilling Saw. Full of action packed energy and scary scenes

I love all the Saw movies but this was my favorite with the brain scene. - utahman1971

Freakiest film ever
jigsaws coming for you...

This is definitely the scariest out of the 5, but the first is the best! Can't wait for Saw V to hit cinemas, and Saw VI next year! - nick_is_horror

34 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

One of the best horror's out there, not to be mistaken with many remakes. Very simple concept but excellent delivery... a definite must watch.

Ahhh,one of the scariest movies I've watched.watched this with my girlfriend and we are still scared to even think about it!

Very brutal and disturbing, will keep you up at night for sure.

I've seen the new version made in 2012 or 2013. I never saw the first one but I really liked the second / newer version. I would recommend to watch this movie

35 Night of the Living Dead

When this movie came out I saw it at only 12 years old. My parents did not know what I was going to see and I looked older than 12. It scared the s*** out of me and is still creepy all these years later. It truly is awful and actually very mean because the last man standing should have lived. It was horrible and should only have been shown with a warning about its bad nature.

My sister made me watch this with her when I was 7 and now I can never watch it again. With the combination of the time and setting along with being black and white justs gives me chills!

I could really get creeped out walking in the dark after I watched that film.

The original night of the living dead is the best! I am completely surprised its not in the top ten.. This movie was by far ahead of its time.. It still scares me today.. The best part is when they are in the cementary and her brother starts in with, " they're coming to get you Barbra, look there's one of them now! " You can feel the tension build from then on..

36 The Omen

I like realistic horror movies that all. - lintel4

Its cool and creepy because it could happen

This is a true horror movie. The music is very scary, especially in the tricycle scene. AND COME ON PEOPLE, THE EXORCIST? I watched it with my friend and we didn't find it scary at all and it was actually funny. My best friend has seen it too and he thinks the same. The Grudge is good though.

A more sophisticated "The Exorcist". This movie also has one of the most chilling background scores in the history of cinema. Plus the cinematography is very innovative and compliments the film very well.

37 Suspiria

The soundtrack song by Goblin is the creepiest song I've ever heard! - Mnsdjjfijf

It's not scary at all

Ugh! Don’t waste your time.

This is the masterpiece of scaryness. The best horror soundtrack ever will keep you frozen stiff! This is the second scariest film after The Exorcist. Unique suspense, perfect soundtrack, EXCELLENT HORROR. Idiots voted for king kong, wrong turn and... Juno?!? What?!

38 Freddy vs. Jason

Jason won but it was like not a fair fight so even if Freddy won it's till not fair. But if they ever clashed in a fair fight then I think Jason would win. - JustJake27


Again. This movie was just great. It provided us with some actual scares, for a change, a couple of wonderful kills, and, of course, an epic clash between the two horror giants. It's a perfect blend of horror and action, just the way I likes it.

Two of my favorite killers fighting, yes please! This fight could go on forever, since neither one of them can permanently die. JASON I LOVE you!

39 Chucky

Ill beat that little dude up he not that scary to me matter fact he not scary I don't see how people are scared of him they made some dumb movies back in the days I have a chucky doll and he sleeps right on my dresser and I wake up every day just fine chucky is a funny movie to me.

This doll is so scary he throws nails in people's faces he is a serial killer. In addition the film leads you feeling more scared of what chucky could do than what he has done so far; therefore a thriller all the way through.

Alright, I can deal with every other movie except for this one. I'm serious. Even The Exorcist. But I have the worst fear of Ventriloquist Dummies, it's not even funny.

Nowhere near scary

40 Poltergeist

The clown scene... - Mnsdjjfijf

Tried to watch this when I was 12 got to scared haunted my for years until I was about 21 I could finish of lol

Most terrifying movie ever made in my opinion! The only one to ever give me nightmares! The part that really messed me up was the last scene with those rotting corpses and those Caskets! I don't get scared in horror film that much but this one did it to me! It's the only one that I dread!

This movie shattered my youth. It wasn't about gore; it was about scary psychological manipulation. The real-life trail of hauntings, curses and deaths that followed everyone who worked on the film helps, too.

41 Jeepers Creepers

Awesome movie, good old time kind of 80's "horror" style scary along with one of the most original story ideas for a horror movie EVER. There are plenty of great horror movies with standard themes, but nothing beats that type of really creative, original, NEW, storylines (like 28 days later, Hellraiser, Midnight Meat Train) that you've never seen before. It's just so refreshing, that even the fact that a movie does have a really original idea can make even a mediocre movie something much better!

This one was messed up, creepy, and psychotic. A villain that keeps coming and there is nothing you can do to stop him except hope he takes someone else.

Not a very good movie but I loved the "pipe scene" when the guy looks at all the corpses above him.

So scary. Like I almost peed myself.

42 House of 1,000 Corpses

Rob Zombie used to be an enemy of Marilyn Manson but now they're getting along! YAY! - Persephone_Hell666

This movie should be rated higher. This is the only movie I have ever seen where people ran out of the theater, and that was only half way through! Rob Zombie proved that he was indeed as twisted as his music when he brought this movie to us.

I've heard of this movie on the Big Bang Theory (when Raj watches it while his girlfriend might be a psycho) and it seems scary and gory but also a love story... - PEANUT318

It is okay and one of the better Rob Zombie movies but not that scary but more disturbing and way too much swearing than a lot of horror movies. Rob Zombie is a swearing freak. - utahman1971

Another amazing movie! Rob Zombie is a twisted man! LOVE it! I can watch his movies over and over again. If you want a twisted, creepy, hilarious movie. This is it!

43 Carrie

Enjoyable but not scary. A favorite. - utahman1971

This should be number 1 then no.2 the grudge then no.3. The shining - Cookiecutter26

This movie scared the living daylights out of me! Had nightmares for about 2 weeks!

The ultimate revenge story.

44 Repulsion

There are images in this I'll never get out of my head. - truckturner

45 Insidious: Chapter 2

I will not watch this movie again alone I peed on the couch I am taking about house completely empty I was alone I did not no what I was thinking at the moment I smelled pee all through the movie GROSS JUST GROSS AND I WAS CRYING CAUSE THEY LEFT ME THEIR ALONE when they got home somebody got a beat down I know that.

The movie brings us to a different world. surely a wonderful concept and better than first part

Nope not scary and not enjoyable either. James Wan went downhill after SAW. - utahman1971

This movie isn't scary but it is Mindanao scary but it has a grate story to it from the 1st one but at the end it connects and Makes it not to scary but good movie

46 Ju-On

Looks creepy, ill vote it

47 Mama

I don't see my mom the same way anymore she can't be alone with me anymore cause of that movie and my closet had to go I took every thing out of my closet and I check it every day in the morning in the afternoon and at night its crazy.

I still can't look at a wall the same

The number one scary movie that I watched when I first saw it. After watching it a few times, it still makes me jump.

It's was a really good movie it was really creepy at the end when they showed you what happened in the beginning

48 Anabelle

I actually hate dolls. I have watched the conjuring but not this...I know the true story but not the film...the doll in the film is hazardous...I hate it...

Scarier than conjuring a creepy doll worst movie ever and don't watch it if you don't like horror movies because this one is the ultimate fright of your life

I watched its HORRIBLE its not even scary AT ALL

Me getted spooked

49 The Last House on the Left

Original was one of the scariest of all time.

The original movie was better then the remake. It bothered me for days

Talk about one hell of a nightmare.

Love it for the suspense but not that scary but love the gore. - utahman1971

50 Dawn of the Dead

Hey! I'm going to the Dawn Of The Dead reunion this June 2019. - SpinelliFan

I think its sacary too

Maybe the best zombie film ever - I walked downtown after watching it and shat myself several times

Great action, good story, great characters, some nice social satire, and plenty of good kills. Great zombie action flick, and the one remake I actually consider worthy of being the original classic's offspring.

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1. The Exorcist
2. The Shining
3. Insidious
1. The Exorcist
2. Paranormal Activity
3. The Conjuring
1. Shutter
2. The Shining
3. The Birds

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