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361 Melancholie der Engel
362 The Grey
363 Troll 2 V 2 Comments
364 Them!

The one with the giant ants in the Los Angeles river. Those noises they made! Squeeweeweewee! My sister and I didn't sleep for weeks.

365 The Ward

It isn't well known but I have seen it 8 times and still jump every time laugh out loud. Great movie!

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366 Mirrors 2
367 Trick 'r Treat

This movie was very scary like when the women found her husband dead under a blanket hanging out side

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368 Buddy Boy
369 The Eye

Its a nice movie. Watch it!

370 Diary of a Madman
371 Trauma (1993)
372 Quarantine 2: Terminal
373 Pandorum
374 Dead Birds
375 Cameron's Closet
376 Eden Lake
377 The Innkeepers
378 Dolls

This movie here was crazy when I was little. it had chucky beat. now I just laugh at it but them some mean lil dolls though

379 The Night of the Hunter
380 Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

Multi-realistic. The camera gives you a low-tech feeling and its like the real thing. Man this movie is so old that-AHH

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