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441 The Broken
442 Alien Abduction

Based on a true story - Cassixonfire

443 Drop Dead Fred V 3 Comments
444 Foodfight!

I'm In Stitches Now (Means I Laughed So Damn Hard) - JPK


445 Videodrome
446 The Changeling
447 Batman

Not a horror movie.

But The Joker is scary

448 The Legend of Boggy Creek
449 Groupie
450 The Fly (1958)
451 Whiplash

This movie is scary in a real way. There are no demons or monsters, but Terence Fletcher is honestly terrifying. I say this as a high school music student now too scared to continue with band in college.

452 Reagan

Bed time for Bonzo

Reagan is freaky because it is worse than the excorst way scarier NEVER watch it if you do you will die the next day

453 Coma
454 Milo
455 A Haunted House

The only thing scary about this movie is how remarkably stale, one-tone, boring, and unfunny it is.

V 1 Comment
456 Tony
457 Goosebumps
458 Toy Story 2

Actually it is kind of scary because the movie shows that toys can actually see and hear.

Lmao this is why I love these types of trolls! - IAmNotARobot

Not even scary. I actually love this movie.

Didn't sleep for weeks. - AlphaQ

V 3 Comments
459 Spice World

Still gives people nightmares. Acting from 6 feet below.

Not a horror movie. Just a stupid movie.

Aw come on stop it

460 The Evil Within
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