The Shining


May be it's not the scariest but it's the best horror movie ever made, I mean this masterpiece is based on a novel written by the GREAT Stephen King, directed by one of the most talented directors ever the genius Stanley Kubrick, perfected by a creepy, complex storyline and no one can dislike Jack Nicholson's AMAZING performance, his best role (in my opinion, sorry one flew over the cuckoonest's fans) Finally, this movie became one of cinema's most famous classics with these unforgettable lines : HERE'S JOHNNY, WENDY GIVE ME THE BAT, COME PLAY WITH US DANY FOR EVER AND EVER, ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES JACK A DULL BOY,... anyway, this movie is simply EPIC!

Genuinely terrifying. Most horror movies don't scare me with their cheap tactics like jump scares and using excessive blood and gore. But this was completely different. This is psychological horror. It takes a while to sink in but once it grabs you, it never lets go. The atmosphere of fear and tension is relentless, as if death is waiting just around the corner in every scene. No other movie even comes close to this one for sheer nightmare-inducing terror.

The Shining definitely ranks as one of the all time scariest movies ever made. Jack Nicholson (who I am not a big fan of due to his oversize ego) really delivers an awesome performance of a man driven to madness. The actor who played Danny also did an incredible job especially for such a young actor. This movie should rank right behind the Exorcist as the scariest movie of all time.

One of the most terrifying things this movie was the sheer madness of it. The suspense and the craziness will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire movie. Being 44 I was the prime age for most of the movies and to this day this is the only movie on the list that I still have nightmares about!

It doesn't rely on demons or the occult. It relies on human fear. The scariest part of the movies is the fact that you don't know if it's the ghosts making jack go mad, or he's just genuinely losing his mind.

The Shining, It, The Grudge, and exorcist is the scariest movies I've ever seen and I'm only 11 and watch scary movies and this scares the crap out of me because he goes crazy in the hotel and it's just creepy when Danny has his finger talk for him and he keeps saying red-rum over and over again!

The Shining has no competition at all. Kubrick produced such a powerful movie from Stephen King's story that it manages to amaze me every time I watch it. Jack Torrance's conversion to a maniac is always terrifying to watch. This is one movie which I can watch anytime and learn new things about it. Plus it scares me every time. Such great story and it has many subliminals which increases the sense of unease. Kubrick was really a mastermind!

Jack Nicholson, Axes, a weird looking wife, creepy-ass music, isolation in the middle of nowhere, and a son who sees dead people and who has telepathic powers? What else could add up to create the perfect horror movie?

This movie has freaky music, directed by one of the biggest horror masters, in a creepy place, with a weird actor. Its just insane! This should be number 1, Alien was perfect, but it was NOT scary. And the exorcist made me laugh of all the things the girl said. - nacholibre4497

This movie nearly made me pee my pants. The atmosphere was one that just when you think something happens, it doesn't. But just when all is well, something does. It messes with your mind in the weirdest way. I was so freaked out I screamed at the title screens. - SearchingForSunsets

The psychological thrills in this film are some of the best I can find. It's hard to find such a good, chilling, spine tingling fright fest. Stephen King rocks! His films are the only ones I keep coming back to, time after time. I'm off to watch 'The Stand' again right now!

Amazing movie. Read the book first and the movie lived up to it better than most. Would not have been the same without Nicholson who was iconic. Scared the daylights out of me because you were afraid to look around the corner.

The Shining is a twisting tale of madness and macabre. Kubrick, as the perfectionist he is, examines every single aspect, every tick, of Jack's madness under a microscope, and to this day it is still harrowing, polarizing, and extremely influential. - simlakae

If you understand this film.. it just might be the scariest film of all time. You have to comprehend what the shining actually is. When it is being used in the film, and for what purpose. Couple that with the ghosts, the manipulation of Jack by the Hotel and Nicholson's manic performance.. Forget horror, this is one of the very best films ever made.

I've seen every film on this list up to number 32 and with the shining, well, that is a top rate film, kept me awake right through my teenage years, this fo number one closely followed by paranormal activity

Not only extremely scary, but it's one hell of a well-made, brilliantly directed horror Movie as well. AND it manages to be scary without a bloody Ocean of cgi and jump scares.

Yes, the entire production process was very well done. The shots from inside the giant hotel are spooky. Riding the Big Wheel in the hall, creepy. The lighting out on the hotel and maze exterior even looks spooky. 10 minutes into it you are already hooked, and each scene after slowly ramps up the tension. Maybe Kubrick's finest film. - Ned964

It's not scary as in "let's add a ton and a half of blood and gore and call it scary. " It's more psychological, which I think makes movies scary, mostly because you can see it happening.

Remains the scariest, in spite of the higher tech films out... When it's in your head, there's not a thing you can do about it! The guys who show up with an axe, well... They're just stupid.

This is the scariest film ever made. It's all in the direction and Jack Nicholson's acting. All there is to say really is DEAR GOD THIS IS TERRIFYING!

I swear, this is a great horror movie with a great story. And it's a unique movie; it's scary but also fun. Anyone that has not seen this movie, I recommend : BUY IT AND ENJOY!

Not that scary but gives you a weird feeling (like someone is watching you even though I always feel like that if I'm upstairs in my house it gave me a worse feeling).

The first time I watch this movie I was not scared, but realizing what this movie what it truly was, its Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece

I've never seen this movie, since I can't find it at the library. But I've seen clips and it looks really good! I'll bet it is. And Here's Johnny! - iiKyodaiKickz

I am 9 and this was the most scariest movie I have ever seen the music is freakishly scary the dad gave me nightmares and I feel sorry for the little boy Danny!

Oh man. The shining is the scariest movie I've ever seen. I actually told my little brother to not use his big wheel by me anymore. It was chilling, but I loved it!