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141 Faaip de Oiad - Tool

The pure emotion on this track is just frightening.

142 Timothy - The Buoys Timothy - The Buoys

Three men are trapped in coal mine cave-in.
Two of them KILL and EAT the third one, in order to survive, then hide what's left of the body and say nothing about him ever being there when they are finally rescued.
Pretty scary.

"Timothy, Timothy,
Joe was looking at you,
Timothy, Timothy,
God what did we do? "

143 Meat Hook Sodomy - Cannibal Corpse Meat Hook Sodomy - Cannibal Corpse
144 Psychosocial - Slipknot Psychosocial - Slipknot
145 Scared - Three Days Grace Scared - Three Days Grace V 1 Comment
146 Fear Garden - Kagamine Rin

I played this song while dismembering people in a game...

V 1 Comment
147 Disfigured - Cannibal Corpse Disfigured - Cannibal Corpse
148 Exorcist - Possessed Exorcist - Possessed

This song deserves to be way higher on the list. It is a masterpiece from the very first Death Metal band ever.

149 Fiction - Avenged Sevenfold Fiction - Avenged Sevenfold V 1 Comment
150 The Reflecting God - Marilyn Manson The Reflecting God - Marilyn Manson
151 Counting Bodies like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums - A Perfect Circle Counting Bodies like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums - A Perfect Circle

The almost constant drumming really does remind you of war drums, while the distant screaming cements the impression that this song could have been recorded in the middle of a devastating battle, with no hope of victory for either side. The muffled sounds of what could be a family argument, repeated screams of pain, moaning (? ), what could be the buzzing of flies, the disturbing lyrics (which are adapted from their other equally creepy but not quite as scary song, 'Pet') and the singer's demands for you TO "GO TO SLEEP" make this song sound like the soundtrack to death and decay itself.

152 Freezing Moon - Mayhem Freezing Moon - Mayhem

How is this not higher? This song was written to make people wanna kill themselves. It's an amazing song though. - Oliwally

153 Death, Pierce Me - Silencer Death, Pierce Me - Silencer
154 Animals - Maroon 5 Animals - Maroon 5 V 1 Comment
155 Morning Bell - Radiohead Morning Bell - Radiohead
156 Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden V 2 Comments
157 Ancient Queen - Emperor Ancient Queen - Emperor

The lyrics not scary but the quality production makes this song sound spoopy - countnightdark13

158 Lavender Town - Pokémon Lavender Town - Pokémon
159 Man-Size Sextet - PJ Harvey
160 Hurt - Nine Inch Nails Hurt - Nine Inch Nails

His voice just sends chills down your spine, totally creepy. The lyrics too

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