Top 10 Scariest Spiders

This list is all about the scariest spiders in the world. Don't look at this page if you have arachnophobia or if you are faint hearted. If you like them enjoy reading! Don't even try to pick a dangerous one up.

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1 Brazilian Wandering spider Brazilian Wandering spider

Be careful before walking in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. You might see these large spiders in the forest. Unfortunately they are very deadly resulting in a powerful bite. If left untreated the venom will kill a adult human. The venom will automatically kill a mouse. It is No1 deadly spider in the world.

This is a spider to be scared of. It is highly aggressive and super poisonous. In fact, in 2010, the Guinness Book of World Records named it the deadliest spider in the world.

Oh wow don't even go to brizil


2 Black Widow spider

These spiders are black with a red hourglass printed on it's back. If accidentally touched or sat on, they will bite. The bite is 15 times more powerful than a rattlesnake bite. That's why you need immediate medical care. It is No2 deadly spider.

Did you make those figures up? How is it the 2nd most deadly spider. No matter which way you bake it, the Black Widow is way down the list. The Brazilian Wandering Spider and Sydney Funnel Web are both another level above the Black Widow. - Christo

It certainly is one of the most famous spider breeds and it's notorious reputation as a poisonous breed certainly makes it worse

I am trahumatized by this list - keyson

The most venomous spider that can hurt us

3 Goliath Birdeater Goliath Birdeater The Goliath birdeater (Theraphosa blondi) belongs to the tarantula family Theraphosidae. Found in northern South America, it is the largest spider in the world by mass and size, but it is second to the giant huntsman spider by leg span.

Now we're talking! It is normal to be scared and terrified of this spider because leg spans can increase from 25 to 30cm. It is the largest spider and tarantula in the world and lives in Northern Brazil near the Amazon rainforest. However if threatened, the spider will bite but hardly cause any pain.

These guys actually aren't as scary as you might think. And despite their size, they're not known to be that harmful to humans.

They are the size of puppies! What?! No spider should be that big! They also have 2-inch fangs! They aren't poisonous to humans but their buite can hurt us really bad!

4 Sydney Funnel-Web spider

Big as tarantulas, bite more powerful than a rattle snake.

These spiders pack a powerful bite if threatened. DON'T play or try to pick one up. The spider lives in Australia near the east coast in Sydney.

I like spiders and dear god, this is scary. Snake sized fangs, bad temper, and decent intelligence for a spider make this nightmarish.

The Sydney Funnel Web Spider is much more defensive than the Brazilian Wandering Spider (look at the videos and tell me which one is more aggressive). With long fangs than can pierce a toenail, drip extremely toxic venom and strike repeatedly down, this is a scary spider. The SFW also rarely dry bites, meaning that each time they bite, they almost certainly inject venom. The BWS does frequently dry bite however. The SFW also has a tendency to wander into people's houses, hiding in shoes. They don't appreciate you trying to put your foot into the shoe when they are in there either. Once again, watch the videos.

Size, hairiness and habitat aside, the SFW's venom (atrotoxin) affects primates (i.e. humans) significantly more than the BWS's venom (neurotoxin). The BSW earned it's reputation primarily based on Guinness World Records LD50 measurement of how much venom is required to kill a test population of mice. We are not mice.

The facts also suggest that the SFW has killed ...more - Christo

5 Mouse spider Mouse spider

The mouse spider lives in Australia. They can cause serious symptoms if touched or threatened. It's bite is powerful and threatening.

6 Brown Recluse spider Brown Recluse spider

The Brown Recluse spider originates from the southern states. Like the black widow, if accidentally touched or sat on it will bite but the venom is less powerful. The spider is quite big. Often the spider lives in the basement or behind dusty wardrobes.

Despite popular belief the chance of dying from a brown recluse bite is smaller than dying from a lightning strike. - MLGPoossySlayer6969

First thought that entered my head: OH MY GOD... This this is freaky..

There was a new species discovered called the brown widow, which is similar to this.

7 Wolf spider

It might be large but the wolf spider can bite causing pain, stings and redness to the area. Rarely they cause powerful bites depending on the species.

"I know right

They carry their babies on their backs, which makes them very creepy. Their bute is also very painful and causes rashes for some people.

8 Giant Huntsman spider Giant Huntsman spider

This spider has the largest leg span in the world. No wonder it is so scary! It can have spans of up to 35cm making it the largest leg spanned spider ever. Don't try to disturb it otherwise it will bite. Often the spider will give a warning before biting.

Aren't these the spiders I see on YouTube that are the size of dinner plates and jump in Austrailia?! - Nightfire

*sees on wall*
YAUGH! Spider! -slash with Walhart's wolf berg-
Don't scare me like that - aarond9010

9 Mystery spider

This Indian spider can be deadly. Depending on the bite, it can cause extreme pain, swelling and redness for more than 24 hours so don't touch one.

10 Red Knee spider

No these are awesome!

The Contenders

11 Redback spider
12 Jumping Spider Jumping Spider

Aw come on it's not scary - TuxIsAPerson

They’re really cute. Especially Lucas the spider! - IceBearRules

Frucking adorable.

But... It's so cute!

13 Camel spider

This is the fastest spider in the world with top speeds up to 10mph. If it bites it causes wounds and moderate bleeding causing scars lasting up to 4 weeks.

The Camel Spider is creepy and very poisonous, but it's not actually a spider. It's more of a close cousin.

They are not really poisonous

Google image search this thing right now and tell me a Black Widow is scarier... I live among these beasts. They are sooo scary - killerqueen1010

14 Orb-Weaver Spider

More terrifying in appearance than any venomous spider and they are easy to walk into at night. - EvanHill

! your a therian too? I am as well! I'm a wild fox/wolf therian. And I have a similar story. I was in the forest and I saw an orb weavers web... And I tried to remove it, but the weaver came out from a corner and TOUCHED MY PAW! IT TOUCHED MY PAW!

No... Don't remind me! Cries!
May I share with you a TRUE horror story!

It was night. I was in the forest doing normal therian stuff, and BOOM!
Did I just run into a web?
Sees this creepy crap on my face! AHHH AROOO AH

15 African Sand Spider

Bruh this one deserves to be #1 this one's scary as hell

16 Dock spider
17 Giant House spider
18 Funnel Web Spider

They scare the hell out of me

19 False widow spider
20 Hobo spider
21 Six Eyed Sand Spider

They are freaky

22 Trapdoor Spider
23 Cellar Spider Cellar Spider
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