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1 Amnesia: The Dark Descent

I can't even bring myself to play it myself. Once upon a time, I first saw this game when my dad got it, saying "oh, hey, I got this new creepy little game, I'll play it tonight! " I was 7 at the time, and my siblings were only a bit older. Little did we know it wasn't just a creepy little game.

We watched our dad play it for maybe an hour or so every night, but when literally all my siblings, including me, became WAY TOO SCARED of this game to the point where we couldn't go the bathroom by ourselves, or open doors or go in dark room; heck, we were too terrified to to anything alone. Our dad then decided he shouldn't play it anymore...

Now, several years later, my older siblings bought it again, and we didn't know whether to be excited... Or really, really nervous.

We waited until midnight... Turned off all the lights and turned the volume really high... And yeah, we're all too scared of candles and lanterns now. And hallways. And all that good stuff. I guess that ...more

Amnesia is the scariest game ever to be put out. You're in a dark castle, and each corner you have to expect a monster to be there. The atmosphere really does you in. By the way, your character is going insane.

My brother rarely gets scared of video games, but he was terrified playing this one, while I haven't played the game myself, it does scare my unlike any other game I have seen. The sense of paranoia fuels the scare factor. And don't even get me started on the wine cellar, that area was TERRIFYING! It was a scary game alright, and scare us it did. While people go "SLENDER MAEN IS the BEAST GAEM ever! "... Really? Slender was nothing but jump scares, this game isn't like that at all. I don't know about anyone else, but when I play a horror game I want something to chase me, Amnesia: The Dark Descent did this perfectly without making it repetitive or stupid. You could play this game several times over and still get scared of it. In my opinion, the best horror game ever released.

The reason I vote for this is because of the way it scares the crap out of you.

It doesn't use a cheap, cheesy jump scare.
It doesn't have scripted events that you expect to happen after a while.
It doesn't let you look at where the monsters are.

Instead, it builds up dread, tenses up the atmosphere to the point where you get skittish of every change in the light. It randomizes the monster encounters, making their encounters that much scarier. And with the sanity counter, you can't afford to lose it looking at the monsters.

Outlast was decent, but the jump scares got repetitive and predictable. Silent Hill was extremely close (I would've voted for it a couple years back) but had its moments, and don't get me started on FNAF. I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm rambling here, but Amnesia is hands-down the most terrifying game I've seen.

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2 Dead Space

This one is all about atmosphere. And a sense of hopelessness. That is what makes is scary to me. Lighting, or lack thereof, and creepy/strange sounds all add to a truly absorbing setting, and make you feel as if you could be attacked from anywhere, at any time, by pretty much anything. Also, you can feel the sheer terror of the supporting characters, which only adds to your own. Fantastic game. - Kazzong

Honestly, how can a game scare you that much?! I was literally sweating with fear, awaiting for something to pop out.

One of the few modern horrors that focus on atmospere, the creepy dark and flickering lighting, the corpses gore and blood pools, the disturbing enemies, and the hopelessness. These create tense and scary areas, and the enemy placement creates climaxes to keep the game from getting boring while creating jump scares, and intense and frantic firefights. I'm glad the other two sequels stayed true to the original.

The thought of anything jumping out of anywhere is terrifying!

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3 Slender

Slender is a game where no matter how old or young you are you will always be scared by Slender. Creepy music followed be whispering in your ear and random blood all over the walls, you cannot argue that Slender will always scare the crap out of you!

You're walking through a forest at night. You pick up a page that says something like "LEAVE ME ALONE. " Then this ominous thudding music kicks in. The next thing you know Slender man is standing in front of you and it's game over. - guest1

This game is the scariest one that I played. And I like it SO much because it's a different kind of scary, it's simple, and scares the crap outta people. The simplicity of it makes it scary.

Umm no ill pass Slender this time.

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4 Silent Hill 2

Probably my favorite game of all ti me. d on't know about now but it scared me back in the day, I constantly found myself pacing back and forth or just standing still with the profound dilemma of whether I even should proceed to the next room or simply continue down a pitch black hallway or not. Yeah. That nerve wracking, numb-with-fear, stop-dead-in-your-tracks kinda scare. Oh and ofc probably the best game OST ever in terms of ambiance, which was actually probably the biggest contributing factor as to why it's so scary. But others would definitely be the empty/quite town, the thick fog, the alarmingly unconcerned people you meet, the eerily "human-like" creatures with their "thingy" textures and features, which never really poses any physical threat yet still manages to make you wanna take another route if possible. Just to give you an idea of what it felt like; it always bothered me as soon as James made a teeny weeny sound -for instance those creaks from ...more

As opposed to bland jump scares, Silent Hill 2 is disturbing as it is iconic. Games like Resident Evil 4 and Dead Space just shove something scary in your face, but SH2 makes you walk away from the game mentally disturbed.

I...disagree. Don't get me wrong. Silent Hill 2 is one of the most fantastic games I've ever played, and the story was phenomenal, but let's be realistic. Silent Hill 2 wasn't the scariest Silent Hill game. It had some amazing atmosphere, but out of the first 4 games, it was probably the least scariest. I never played anything past 4, so I can't judge its placement there. Like I said, amazing game, probably the best in the series, but I don't think it's the scariest. - Ornsmoughstein

The sound director/designer / composer for this game is a horror mastermind

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5 Outlast

It could've been better. The atmosphere in the game was really creepy and made me feel tense at every corner, but then they ruin the experience with a crappy jump scare! These type of things don't even scare you, they trigger a natural reaction inside you to defend yourself. The character A.I was crap too. Sometimes when I hid from the doctor, I'd hide under a bed, the doctor would then check the bed next to me and apparently he wouldn't be able to see me. Even when he's looking straight at me! That's bull! Even thought the game had great graphics, an awesome atmosphere and truly scary characters, it was ruined by these two things. The DLC suffered the same exact problems too. Except maybe there were fewer jump scares.

- G

The only reason this isn't #1 is because it just came out and hasn't had time to be voted on like the rest of these. Trust me, it's definitely number one.

I watched my boyfriend play this game and it was so scary, we were screaming at every turn. I mean you can't go wrong with an abandoned asylum with crazy people running around. Plus you are unarmed, you run or hide and it makes it that much scarier and heart wrenching.

VERY scary. - Fullwalking2

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6 Resident Evil 4

I don't mind Zombie games. This isn't a zombie game, this is a what IS THAT MUTATNT DOING WITH A CHAINSAW, or, wHAT IS THAT THING CRAWLING OUT OF THAT BODY. Don't turn that corner. Doom or Manhunt were a little creepy, and what is Bioshock doing on this list.

I haven't played many of the titles on this list, so my opinion may be invalid. The amount of time that I spent wiping sweat off my controller during the first survival sequence in the village square added up to more time than I spent on the game itself.

Nothing makes you wet your pants more than a regenerator reviving itself after you have waisted all of your ammo shooting at its head only to see it completely healed just moments later.

OK this wasn't too scary I remember playing this back in the year 2011 when I was 10 years old I played this for PC it was so good than on consoles even though it came out in 2007 it had really gross monsters or evil looking! - Lordvader3500

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7 Silent Hill

Laugh out loud. This list is really sad. There are only a few actually scary games on here, and this is pretty much the only one I couldn't finish due to how scary it was. I really tried to finish, but I couldn't T-T

This game touched me deep inside, Besides the horror that scared the fritz out of me when I first played it at night and the down right sic monsters, the story showed so much! I stand to my answer, Silent hill is pure perfection!

Took me six years to get up the courage to finish this game. Even then, it took moral support: :"Open the door. No! OPEN THE DOOR! FINE! "

Absolute classic. I am 30, an avid video game enthusiast and respect the lines that this classic game has set. Therefore, I have not gotten more than an hour in, more than 15 years later lol. It's on my to do list for 2018...I swear

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8 Five Nights at Freddy's

I don't really think this game belongs in the top ten. It's only here because it's a popular game and people think it's scary even though it's not. There's no gore, no nothing. Purely terrible jump scares. Don't get me wrong, it's a really fun game, it's just not scary. However, FNAF 4, is very scary, being based in a house rather than a restaurant. I just think the original FNAF isn't scary or creepy enough to be in the top ten.

This game really plays more with your paranoia than it does with suspense and jumpscares, which is not as prominent in many games. Although it does have plenty of both of those horror elements, you are just constantly paranoid of what the animatronics will do. The game also has moments where you are dighting to squeeze through a final stretch, such as the heart-stopping moment when you run low on power at 5:00, and have no idea how long you have left until morning.

I absolutely adore this name. It's challenging, incredibly so, and Scott uses jumpscares differently. He doesn't just flash it in your face and wait until the suspense builds again. He tells you it's coming, gives you cams to figure out when, and the paranoia of knowing those facts make them all the more effective. Plus, even after the original terror has worn off, you can spend hours and hours pacing a room or searching the internet and developing your own theory for what happened in this twisted restaurant. Deep, disturbing, and so scary you may think twice about going back to Chuck E. Cheese's for your birthday this year.

It's as scary as someone eating French fries with no ketchup alright. - B1ueNew

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9 Doom 3

Holy! @#$, this is terrifying! I've seriously never played a game that's scarier than this. It's ridiculously frightening, every single moment. There's not a second where you're not on the edge of your seat. Easily the scariest game of all time.

This is the scariest game list not a survival game list! Resident Evil 4 or any of the resident evil games were not scary like Doom 3's pot outs or scary demon images.

Holy God, I watched my dad play this, and I got scared to death. - jprg12

Nope not so scary but when I was 10 years old in 2011 my therapist said he played Doom 3 he liked it I was in 4th grade when he told me When hebllayed that mission where the lights when off he got really scared! So I played this as a childhood when I was 4 or 5 years old until I was 10. Ugh... I even couldn't sleep I had nightmares I was scared my parents were with me had jumpscares too! - Lordvader3500

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10 F.E.A.R.

Because it sets out the feeling of fear with Alma's apparitions and tricks and when I first played it gave me shivers down my spine

Fear is such a great game, but the remakes are nowhere near as scary as the original. (extraction point and perseus mandate) Fear 2 and 3 are more action than horror and are never going to be as scary. - TheGrammarPolice

The best thing about this game is it has both ghosts and humans as enemies

I usually enjoy FPS games, but not this one. I quickly quit this game because it is just too scary.

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11 Dead Space 2

Even though I haven't played the Dead Space games, if the eye poke machine mini-game from this installment is anything to go by, you'll be thanking God that you don't live in a reality with that kind of nightmare fuel. Also, seeing the Necromorph transformations on YouTube firsthand will probably have me scarred for a day or two until then. Truly the perfect blend of science fiction and survival horror. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This should be in the top three easy. Kids these days don't know good horror.

Most beautiful graphics to see the blood & deads. Nice storyline to give you the adrenaline.
It's the future of horror.

I know, that's why new horror movies are mostly rated pg 13 and suk

12 Fatal Frame 2

It is scary. What makes it even scarier is the fact that it was based on a Japanese urban legend that has to do with a haunted house, Himuro Mansion. You take pictures of ghosts and if you take a picture of a hostile ghost, it will pounce at you and grab the camera lens and you have to use a special camera effect in order to shoo it away.

Oh man it's so creepy that there are little ghost girls saying wanna play?

Hell ya I wanna play

Is this scary I never played it

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13 Manhunt

It may not be scary, but it's a bloody great game. The unique gameplay, the levels of atmosphere, the social commentary about media violence and the black humour makes Manhunt not scary but instead one of the most underrated games of the noughties. - Mrveteran

This game gave me goosebumps!

My dad has this game and even the cover looks scary! - funnyuser

Nothing spell's creepy like mass murder's and insane asylum's

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14 BioShock

If you saw the scenes with Sander Cohen, Dr. Steinman, and Suchong and the Puppy(an audio diary), you would be freaked out. Not to mention big daddy fights. But Sander Cohen having you photograph corpses of his students for his "masterpiece" is just creepy. - Razor79

The ambiance is VERY creepy, and then add that creatures can appear behind you seemingly out of nowhere and that you can step on a metal tray and it makes you think something is creeping up behind you, etc. Just the whole game is very creepy.

This is one of my favorite games, but it isn't too scary. It just has a few terrifying scripted events, that's all.

Not that scary - Spiral_stairs

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15 P.T.

This was the first horror game I was actually scared while playing. Most games have jump scares that sometimes work on me. But this game made me not want to go down the halls and see what's next. It's a real shame Silent Hills was canceled after they showed off this masterpiece. "Is it the best horror game? " No, it is only a demo, but I feel like it should be in top ten.

For real I've never been scared of a game before but this was crazy, not surprised it got cancelled its seriously terrifying! Quite F'd up as well with a dead fetus in the sink, the storyline being of a horrible nature, all the twists and turns, not many jump scares BUT NONE ARE NEEDED it's freaky enough without them but it certainly adds to the whole atmosphere. Everything changes as you go round and round but yet it's all the same, you will see it and think wow it's repetitive, but, trust me if you have a ps4 or somebody you know has one download Silent Hills P.T (playable teaser) I guarantee you, it will leave you bones feeling icy cold...

This is the most scariest experience I've ever been in, god this is scary this was worse then the exorcist and amnesia and slender and dead space but alien isolation was a close second but this is the most scariest experience I've ever been in, and I did not even beat it

Played it once and got scared so hard I fainted. I got panick attacks from this game so yeah it was pretty scare. Such a shame it was cancelled.

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16 Alien: Isolation

A game which fills you with stress, anxiety, total fear and dread for playing the video game, that is what a horror game is. Alien: Isolation hits all the marks for being so terrifying. You are on a space station and have to complete several missions whilst trying to escape that terrifying Xenomorph which makes the atmosphere just perfect. Not only that this game gives you so much fear that you feel like your in Amanda Ripley's shoes. No matter what happens when that Xenomorph finds you and you have to run your heart is going to beat so fast it will burst just like the alien chest burst. Good luck sleeping tonight if you have played this game. - EJ0602

The Xenomorph is fantastic, it's A.I. is top notch, and the model is amazing too. The gameplay is very smooth, the graphics are great too. The game makes you feel like you're in the ship with the characters, when you hide from the alien I actually feel fear. I rarely get that from games. Or even movies. So yeah, this is probably the scariest game I've ever played.

This game makes me very nervous, creepy atmosphere, alien and it's A.I. ,soundtrack... This is very creepy horror game and it should be in at least top 5!

This game is much scaryier than fnaf - ikerevievs

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17 Slender Rising

This game is scarier than any game I played but not scarier than amnesia

This is much scarier version than any other slender game

This is more scarier than the original honestly

18 Amnesia

Why is this twice on the list?

What? this is number 1

19 Five Night's at Freddy's 2

I find this game scarier than the first game. When I began this game, it became fun. I knew what to do because my brother played it. Then Toy Freddy came. He's easily the creepiest character in the game ( aside from the Puppet). I closed out of the game because he's sooo creepy. Love it and hate it.

Not frightening at all!

Will terrify you out of your wits, because the old animatronics and the new ones are there and you never know when they will pop up out of thin air and murder your face like crazy. The suspense is crazy and the jumpstart are sudden so you could probably faint after being attacked. You are paying for total horror when you buy this <:0

This game may not be scary to you, but it is to some. Scott did a great job combining the story elements with the survival part.

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20 Silent Hill: Homecoming

That's a very good horror game with amazing story. I don't know why it's so underrated. Maybe because of some retards who never played it and then judged it...

Definitely very underrated horror game, I found it scarier than Silent 1,2,3, and 4. And the enemies very fantastic, very creepy.

Very scary you should play it if you love horror games very unique game very fun

An amazing game

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21 Scary Maze Game

When my friend made me play this I hated him and gave him the cold shoulder for weeks, but I once saw a video of a guy who played this, and he punched his computer and broke it, hilarious!

The guy who punched the computer's reaction was hilarious. He punched the computer and he asked his friend why he made him play the game. He said that's not funny at all.

Even though I've never played this game, I heard that this will make you crap bricks. It's kind of annoying though, because just as soon as you reach the door...BAM! The exorcist girl's face pops out. It's like, just let me win, dangit! I can imagine that's what goes through the minds of gamers that play this, along with the idea of hiding in a corner and crying like a little girl because they didn't expect to see something so ugly. I don't know, but I'm not playing the game ever. Sorry.

By the time you're on Level 3, you start to get scared in case you die in the second half of the level, because there is that scary scream.

No. Not scary, just cheap and unfunny. - purpleyoshi98

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22 Resident Evil

The scariest in the entire series in my opinion. Plus I don't know if this is for REmake but that game was exceptional at what it set out to do and the additional scares from Lisa and the Crimson heads enhanced this creepy atmosphere while 4 is a good game, I really don't find it scary, at all!

In my opinion, this game was the most scariest game, and the hardest of the resident evil series. Have to survive on a limited amount of ammunition against insanely strong zombies.

Soon as them zombie dogs jumped through the window I was gone. - wolphert

4 is higher, I have lost faith in humanity

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23 Five Nights at Freddy's 3

Fun game all new ways to be scared you can do more things and all new ways to be piped out by if you like hoping out games you will love this game

Eh its scary but I like the others better

Scariest game ever I played this game and screamed very very loud I did not make It to the end but I did my best.

What happened to the fluffy cute animals?

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24 Condemned Criminal Origins

Close Quarters combat has never felt so visceral. It's a great game and needs to be higher up on the list.

25 Left 4 Dead

The Hunter zombie is one of the scariest. It crawls and jumps on you and tears out your insides. The Witch is also scary. She appears out of nowhere and scratches you up with her long black fingernails. Sometimes she's just sitting down with her back facing you. If you walk behind her she will look behind her back and attack you if she sees you.

The tank is so annoying and so is the dude with really long tongue - assassin23

It's not too scary because you mow down zombies very easily

Great game but not even remotely scary

It's a great game, but it's not that scary. - Powerfulgirl10

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26 Amnesia: The Dark Descent

This is the same thing as the first one


27 Resident Evil 5

Chris and Sheva are going on Missions that are deadly all the time this should be number one

28 Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

See, I don't consider jump scares to be considered fair to be on this sort of list. Jump scares are the easiest thing in the world to do. Anyone can do them. However it's really about the atmosphere. There's only 2 games that do this really well for me. Eternal darkness, and Silent Hill 1. The only reason I picked eternal is because I couldn't even finish ED when I was young it disturbed me so much. Setting a mood and giving you terror over the long period is far more important than a jump scare.

This game's purpose is to mess with you. I remember playing it at 11:00, and all of a sudden, the mute button was turned on. I didn't understand what was happening, but then I found out, this game is just getting on the edge of going insane. I had to stop that night.

Unlike most other items on this list, this game perfectly puts you in the game, and has lots of effects that make you think that actual things are happening to you. For instance, it can make you think you're turning down the volume.

I hate that bathroom!

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29 One Late Night

It's scary until you have to hunt for batteries... then it just becomes annoying until you find all of them

The black widow (I think it's her name) made me scream run away

Its scary and spooky - spodermanfan1000

30 Five Nights at Freddy's 4

Second most creepiest game in the series because of the horror upgrade for all of them bonnie is the creepiest because shes the second biggest and never blinks

Guys, this game should be at least in the top 10. Because it's the hardest game for me. I'm so scared that when I close a door, my hands are shaking too much! - RobinAung

Scariest of the series

This is scariest fnaf game ever its scary and there's lot of scary jumpscare but my worst nightmare in this game is nightmare he gives you death screen and crash your game then he give me nightmares for 10 days

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31 The Evil Within

The enemies in this game were scary as heck... There were some really messed up places and pretty tense atmosphere. This game was also HARD as heck. It had some psychological horror that messed with your head but this game was good at scaring you through the imminent danger you were in. This game had my heart pounding whenever I was about to face the Keeper, because I knew what was coming, that guy is terrifying. Don't even get me started on Laura (the spider lady). Excellent survival horror game, with excellent level design and some of the freakiest enemies I've ever seen in gaming.

This must be the most underrated horror game of all time. This game was terrifying, and I'm not easily scared. While it's true that not ALL of the chapters were scary, most of them were. Big time. This game had some serious atmosphere and horrific environments, and some of the scariest monsters in gaming. The demonic bloody spider lady is the scariest thing ever, and the Keeper is a close second. It's a true survival horror experience.

I persoanlly don't jump while playing horror games unless I'm playing outlast but this was a definite one that made me jump. The graphics are really awesome and the little journal entries you can get in it and learn more about Sebastian and all is just cool. There's certain things in the game that you can kind of connect and think "Oh, what if..." and sometimes it's right and then you learn more. Not only do we learn about Sebastian and even some about Joseph and Kidman but also Ruvik. We learn about the "villian" and his past; we're even slowly revealed what all is happening and why. It's just such a great game because at first you're given so little and it isn't until much later in the game you're like "Oh! " There's no other way to put it, it's just an amazing game and I wouldn't mind playing it again on nightmare mode after I finish it on the standard. It's really a game I wouldn't ever think about getting rid.

This hame freaks me out so bad I can't make it past the part were its asks me if I want to contenue or start a new game

32 Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth

Hail Cthulhu, lord of madness!

Cut out cthulus heart and eyes what do you get... Terraria

33 Slender's Woods
34 F.E.A.R
35 Twisted Metal

I saw this and sweet tooth traumatized me more than any killer clown sightings I've ever seen it's so scary I have to wake up every 5 minutes when I go to sleep to look out the window and make sure that bastard clown isn't outside

Twisted Metal isn't scary.

All of the twisted metal games are not scary except twisted metal black
that game is big time scary - speed

36 Eyes: The Horror Game

This seems like a true horror game when it tells me to run I go the wrong way and I die that scares the @#! % out of me it's so fun and scary

Whenever it says run I panic and don't know where to go

The sound of the ghost is creepy

The ghoul is so SCARY

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37 Radiation's Halloween Hack

This game was pretty disturbing, what with the zombie apocalypse and mind exploration portions. It tells a surprisingly detailed alternative "what if? " story for the aftermath of EarthBound while still creeping me out. It may be a very short and barely finished game, but it deserves to be in the top 50.

The most disturbing thing about the game by far is its backstory.

DAMN... This actually legitimately scared the s*** out of me

38 Paranormal

Loved it

39 Resident Evil: Revelations 2

My big brother has this game!

40 Ju-On: The Grudge Haunted House Simulator

It's based on the movie series, The Grudge. You walk through dark places and if you walk slow or remain in the same place, Kayako will appear before you and attack you. You have to get away otherwise it's game over. But Kayako will appear out of nowhere without warning like if you open a door, her hand will come out and grab your arm and you can see part of her face from the partially open door. And her son, Toshio will appear too. If you're close to clearing a level, Kayako will fall from the ceiling, crawl towards you, and attack you and you have to get away otherwise it's game over. At the end of the game, your character will eventually die because she saw Kayako.

When I was little, I played this game with my family. I almost died. SO SCARY.

41 Until Dawn

At first the prank puts you in suspense then it gets dark and gory by the wendigos. Way scarier than amnesia. Its like outlast but in a telltale way ( and its not ) and your in a group. Its kinda sad too especially when emily saw the decay corpse of beth

Not the scariest I've played but definitely one of my favorites - Jonerman

Not really scary but its really fun

Pretty scary but not as scary as v=dgha9S39Y6M - Justmakinganame

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42 Terraria

SOMEONE is running out of what horror games to put on here

"just 2d Minecraft" oh lord kill me


Who added this this is not scary just 2d Minecraft but just so cool. More orrs and gear and stuff

43 Vapour

Why isn't this game at least in the top 10? Its really less scary than Amnesia games, Majoras mask (seriously) And Mario Paint! - Ivysaur

44 The Thing

A licensed game that doesn't suck? I'm in.

45 Gears of War 2
46 Survivers
47 Fallout 3

The dunwitch building is one of the creepiest things I've ever seen. I was in a metro tunnel, I saw a baby's stroller, went near it, and this loud crying/screaming sound filled my headphones. Mini heart attack...

The metro tunnels are creepy as hell! The feeling of being alone in the wasteland, feeling like something, somewhere is watching you.

Oh god, those vaults! Almost as creepy as the dunwich building. Especially vault 108.

When you are in a dark vault or metro with ghouls coming out at you from out of nowhere you will know what I mean.

While not an official horror game, the dunwitch building was a dead space styled scare fest, and my first visit to vault 108 nearly game me a heart attack and I haven't yet gone back

48 Slender: The Arrival

This is a fairly new game. However, I can honestly say this is the scariest game that has EVER been made, and it has really good quality too. If you haven't seen it yet then you are missing out. Go look at it!

I vote for this game because of the mine level, the girl scares me every time but at least her attack isn't a 1 hit kill, but this game is scary - Frantic713

This is not sacre dude I've plaed it

49 Call of Duty: Zombies

My brother have this game

50 Pesadelo
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