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141 The White Chamber
142 Metro 2033
143 Metro: Last Light

Pretty creepy game. The monsters are scary, but I found myself more scared to be caught by humans. Maybe because of the super intense music that plays when you're about to be spotted.

This game made me yell while taking to my girlfriend on the phone hands down terrifying laugh out loud

144 Escape from Lavender Town
145 Hypno's Lullaby V 1 Comment
146 Scratches

It really is a terrifying game. We hear weird noises late at night. REALLY SCARY GAME. You must play it.

147 Journey
148 Super Smash Bros. Melee

Okay, there is a lot of dumb stuff on this list like Mortal Kombat, Team Fortress 2, and even Sonic. But in no way at all anywhere is super smash bros scary.

A lot of things like Princess Peach's aggressive voice, losing, boredom & etc...

Uh... Someone explain how this is scary?

149 Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare

The cover is creepy enough but way more funner then the origanal because of the suspense

In my oppinion the most scariest game I've ever played the first cutscenes gave me nightmares zombies are bloody and everywhere

150 Super Mario 64 DS

How is this scary? Is Mario

151 Batman Arkham Series
152 Penumbra Overture
153 SCP-087
154 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

You may not think it sounds scary but trust me play it one of the levels your in a scary mansion type thing and the music scariest DS game.

155 Ao Oni

Scary game... it's an RPG game, and it has been turned into a novel and a movie...
Your character is named Hiroshi, and he enters a mansion with his 3 friends, an. At first, Hiroshi doubts that monsters exist, saying it's "scientifically impossible"... you know what? Look at the game yourself.

You're enemy is a blue, creepy, wide-eyed monster, commonly referred to as "The Oni". The term Ao Oni literally means "Blue Demon" in Japan.

Just look up "Ao Oni" or "The Oni" on Google Images. Or look at the Ao Oni wiki.

156 Bubsy
157 King Kong

Not scary but impossible to play or maybe I'm kinda crap at video games.

158 King's Quest VII
159 Chex Quest
160 Transformers Angry Birds

Angry Birds turned into them stupid Transformers.

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