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161 Chex Quest
162 Transformers Angry Birds

Angry Birds turned into them stupid Transformers.

163 Wario Land 4

This game is not scary in any way but this is one of the best GBA games right next to LeafGreen, Sapphire, and Mario Tennis: Power Tour

164 Swamp Sim
165 Catherine

It's a puzzle game made by Atlus. It's scary because you have to climb up blocks before it collapses. If you don't make it to the top before the blocks collapse, you will die. And the bosses are scary too. If they touch you, you will die. There's a monstrous baby that keeps shouting "Daddy! Daddy! " in uber creepy voice. And one boss is a shadow being that has a white face. The white face emits light and the rest of its body is complete darkness. Also the sheep in the game look scary because of the red and black eyes.

166 Tattoo Assassins
167 MLB 15: The Show

Most people are scared of this. - playstationfan66

168 Final Fantasy VIII

That game is scary because it have sex in it!

169 Batman: Arkham Knight
170 The Crooked Man
171 Haunting Ground
172 Bewilder House
173 Mortal Kombat X
174 Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall

While not Amnesia scary and whatnot, This game is creepy, scary, fun, and awesome at the same time. Charlotte appears around all the corners and jumps at you, wandering around in the old hall and ruins gives you the chills. A highly recommended game indeed for fans of mystery and the paranormal.

175 Metroid Fusion

It not a horror game

176 Color Sheep
177 Can Your Pet?
178 Far Cry Primal

Not a horror game but you're in a remote place and have completely no idea what will kill you and animals will hunt you from ANYWHERE and you don't even know when. Awesome game though but hard

179 Shake Shock Spider
180 Real Scary Spiders

Real Scary Spiders is a mobile games. made by Animal Planet. - LapisBob

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