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161 Color Sheep
162 Can Your Pet?
163 Far Cry Primal Far Cry Primal

Not a horror game but you're in a remote place and have completely no idea what will kill you and animals will hunt you from ANYWHERE and you don't even know when. Awesome game though but hard

164 Sophie's Curse V 1 Comment
165 Erie Erie
166 Penumbra Overture Penumbra Overture
167 SCP-087
168 Tattoo Assassins
169 Metro 2033 Metro 2033
170 Earthbound

This game is creepy as heck, but I still love it. As said before of course everyone thinks of Giygas first the screaming red gas face that messes with your mind at turns off the television, but also remember Mu training where he takes off you arms and legs, then takes your hearing, and vision, then your whole body except your mind, where you can only think the screen is black and you hear the voice in your head, and then takes your mind, and your are left with void.

This is here not just for Giygas, but tons of stuff. Mu training, Police brutality, zombies, a lot of the trippy backgrounds, the minds crew that is Magicant, and endless more stuff.

There's also a creepypasta to this. It's called "The Fetus From Hell." - airplain313

Gig gas makes this game scary.

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171 Super Paper Mario Super Paper Mario V 2 Comments
172 Mario Paint Mario Paint

Clever. You think you're veeery clever. You thought this was good satire. But it's not. Have a pity vote. - AsteroidCat

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173 Sonic CD Sonic CD

This was in there because one image has a scary face in the beta

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