Top Ten Scars On Broadway Songs


The Top Ten

1 They Say

best song but all album is really good

2 World Long Gone

Even though there aren't that many lyrics, it is still an epic song it's personaly my most faveorite song by scars on broadway

3 Serious

Such a drively song, and there're melodic parts

4 Funny
5 Chemicals
6 3005

This is better than #6. Maybe not #1, but this should be higher than #6.

7 Babylon

One of my favorite songs, maybe number 1

I love this song
At the beginning so mistery and sad and then it expload
Daron Malakian is a great singer.
S.O.A.D. forever

8 Stoner-Hate
9 Insane

just an amzing song lyk th solo

How is this song so low? Its such a great song. My top 3:
1: Insane
2: Universe
3: Serious

Also, Babylon should be higher. - gelatinbeastworm

10 Universe

How!? Is this song so far down the list it is a great song in my opinion the best

The Contenders

11 Enemy
12 Whoring Streets

They Say is kinda overrated, I think this song is better, the top 5 should have Serious, Stoner-Hate, Chemicals, Whoring Streets and Funny... But anyways the whole album is a divine masterpiece of catchy songs

13 Kill Each Other / Live Forever
14 Cute Machines
15 Exploding / Reloading
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