Top 10 Mistakes College Freshmen Make

So you graduated High School and are off to college. Things will change drastically despite not being a lot of time in between graduation day and move in day. There are some things that you should be aware of when you’re heading to college because this is not like high school and I cannot stress that enough they are vastly different. Here’s kinda a don’t do list that will save you some embarrassment and make your life easier
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1 Not taking care of yourself

We all know that in college your parents aren't there making sure you get ready. A lot of times there's that one kid who doesn't brush his teeth, only takes two or three showers a week, and barely uses deodorant. Nobody wants to be around that guy, and nobody wants to be their roommate.

It shouldn't have to be said, but please practice good hygiene. It's not that complicated. Your roommate will thank you, and people will actually want to be around you. Just don't be that guy.

2 Not reading the syllabus

I know you're tempted to throw away that syllabus your professor gave you on the first day of class and not give it any thought, but I'm here to tell you: don't do that. Your syllabus is literally your best friend.

Usually, it tells you contact information for your professor and their office hours. It lists the grade breakdown and usually has a schedule and all the due dates for the semester. When you say, "You never said when it was due," most professors will say, "Yes, I did. It's on the syllabus." If you need a textbook, the syllabus will tell you that.

3 Not enjoying the college experience on campus
4 Scheduling 8 AM classes

Whatever you do, do not schedule 8 AM classes. Just because you did it in high school doesn't mean you can do it in college. You're not as disciplined on your own as you might think. Trust me, do not do this to yourself. You will hate it the entire time. Do a 9 AM instead. That's a bit more manageable in my opinion.

5 Not learning how to do laundry

Doing laundry in college sucks. Usually, you have four washers and four dryers for about 100 people, and half of them don't know how to do it. You don't realize how clueless people are until it comes to laundry. It's not rocket science. Practice over the summer at home if you must. Just don't be that person who has no clue how to do laundry and then never does it. All your clothes will smell after a week and a half.

Also, PSA: please set an alarm to get your laundry. Nothing is more annoying than other people leaving their clothes in the laundry room for literal hours. Don't be that person either.

6 Not communicating with your roommate
7 Overpacking your stuff for move in day

There's nothing worse than moving in like you're taking your whole room with you. I promise your dorm isn't that big. No need to bring a couch because it won't fit. You'll get a bed, desk, and dresser, and that's really all you have room for.

Also, check the packing list because you don't want to bring a toaster or space heater and have it get confiscated for being a fire hazard. One last thing: don't go overboard with decorations. This is more of a girl problem than a guy problem, but still, you don't need more than a poster or two, maybe a picture or two if you want, but don't overdo the decorations.

8 Skipping class
9 Staying in your dorm

College is about getting out, exploring, and finding out who you are. Your dorm is literally only built for sleeping and taking care of yourself. Otherwise, there's no reason to stay in your dorm all the time. Go outside, explore campus, make new friends. That's what college is all about!

Go enjoy it while you can because you'll only be there for four years.

10 Partying too much
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11 Not bringing winter clothes

I know what you're thinking: it's August when you move in, so why bring a winter coat and gloves? Well, winter will come faster than you think, and unless you live within two hours, you're not going home that often. It's better to bring them and be prepared than to struggle in early November.

The same goes for an umbrella. You don't want to show up to class completely drenched because you don't have a car and have to walk across campus in monsoon-like rain. Just be prepared for inclement weather because professors usually won't cancel class unless the school itself cancels for the day. So, don't expect a snow day.

12 Only hanging out with friends from high school
13 Not asking for help
14 Going home every weekend

If you live close, I know the temptation is very real. You're homesick because you've never been on your own this long before, and you're already stressed. But don't make it a weekly thing. Once a month if you must, but you should be having fun with your college friends. Stay on campus, go to the football or basketball game, get involved, do something!

Don't go home unless it's an emergency or a holiday weekend. Gas is expensive, so don't waste it if you don't have to.

15 Constantly talking about your high school

I promise you nobody cares about your high school experience anymore. This is college now. Let your high school self go. Also, don't wear your high school gear. Nobody does that, and nobody cares you were a three-time state champion in football, had an undefeated season in basketball, and your baseball team made it to state only to get third place.

What happened in high school stays in high school.

16 Leaving laundry in the washing machine
17 Not having a bank account
18 Not knowing when class registration opens
19 Not using a calendar
20 Eating unhealthy
21 Getting lost on campus
22 Not having a resume
23 Getting distracted in class
24 Not exercising
25 Not having snacks in the dorm room
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