Top 10 Best Kinds of School Teachers

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1 Nice Teachers

Everyone likes my math teacher! He is funny and has some amazing jokes. Sometimes he can be mad, but he is okay overall. He treats people fairly and teaches us positively. Anyway, sorry for my bad English. I am from Iran.

Everyone really likes my English teacher! She is so nice. I wish I were in her homeroom. Favorite and best teacher. Never gives tests or homework, treats everyone fairly, does give detention (but only to the disruptive kids), is not very strict, and is very chill... best teacher ever.

They aren't strict. They're nice and compliment you on things the average teachers won't. She did something nice, and I bet my strict teacher will undo it.

2 Funny Teachers

In university, I have a funny professor for math, and we are on Zoom. He pretends that he is in another time zone when he is actually in the same time zone as us. He also has a baby that cries in the background. A student once asked, "Who's unmuted?" thinking the sound was coming from another student's Zoom room. The professor then revealed that it was his baby crying and said, "You can't mute a baby. They just keep crying."

One time, when a student was unsure which equation to use, he made a list of equations and said, "These are your equations you are going to use. They're winking at you. ;)" We also learned how to use the right-hand rule for vectors, and when people didn't get it, he exclaimed, "What are you talking about? You don't understand? Do you not have your hands with you?!" I was just laughing my head off when I heard that, as I always do with his jokes. Thanks to him, I always look forward to doing my class when I have him. I hope I also have him as a professor in the future.

3 Hot Teachers

I had the biggest crush on my former English teacher! He was a kind man in his mid-30s with a beautiful smile. My friends thought I was crazy for finding him attractive, but I personally thought he was quite nice to look at. Over the course of the two years I had him as a teacher, I really grew to care for him. He definitely made going to school less miserable.

There is this really hot teacher, and I was really disappointed when I wasn't in his class.

4 Young Teachers

Agreed, the older ones always call you a kid and annoy you with how much older they are.

Young teachers are often nicer and less mean than older teachers.

Younger teachers seem to be more calm and less cranky.

5 Teachers that Don't Give a Lot of Homework

My history teacher is strict but kind, and he only gave us homework once. Jealous?

6 Teachers that Let You Eat in Class
7 Good Teachers

Let's face it. We're running low on them.

8 Teachers with ADHD
9 Teachers that are Always Willing to Help You

This is an important quality for a teacher to have. It's the teacher's job to make sure their students actually understand the material.

That's a teacher's job, to help you learn things. It's a shame that because of the school system, the definition gets muddled up.

10 Teachers that Don't Care If You Curse
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11 Teachers that Don't Give a Lot of Tests
12 Teachers that Don't Give Punish Work
13 Sexy Teachers
14 Pretty Teachers
15 Teachers that Let You Work to Your Potential
16 Teachers that Treat Everyone Equally
17 Teachers Who Wear Skinny Jeans/Leggings and Boots
18 Teachers that are Fun
19 Positive Teachers
20 Teachers that are Very Sarcastic

My homeroom teacher is very sarcastic, but she's funny and she always makes me laugh.

21 Teachers that Don't Give Homework on Fridays
22 Teachers that Don't Let You Be Bored
23 Teachers that Make Things We Learn Tolerable
24 Strict Teachers

These are the best teachers because they give you an actual challenge. They may give you a difficult workload, but they are always there to help you.

25 Teachers that Tolerate Dancing in Class

I had a teacher who made kids sit in the hallway the whole class if anyone dabbed.

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