Reasons Why Homework Should Be Banned

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1 It eats up all our free time

There needs to be a balance between work time and free time. I had to work all afternoon on ten pages. That may seem quick, right? Wrong. One page was a bunch of textbook activities (nineteen of them to be specific), and usually, said textbook activities take lots of time (at least in two of my classes). I think I spent about four and a half hours trying to finish that... and I wasn't even confused, nor was I procrastinating. It was just an unreasonable overload of homework.

It really does.

But if I assigned homework I would either assign only on Fridays or assign on Mondays and make the due date Friday with 2 to 5 questions. With this, you only worry about 25 questions MAX per week. If only homework could take notes and put into consideration more important things (such as Family/Friends, personal hygiene, and religion to name a few things).

But in all seriousness, 225 or 151 (okay insane) questions is just too far!

Why do adults think that homework is good for you? It just takes up your free time and causes stress and anxiety. We are already in school learning long enough why do we have to do pages and pages of school work at home? In elementary school it was not that bad because they usually only gave you 30 minutes worth of homework but when you get to middle school they give you loads of homework so much that as soon as you get home you will be working on it for the rest of the day.

In school I learn a lot and it's not that fun, so when I get home I want to do something that isn't connected to school or learning, I want to have some free time, but school ad homework doesn't let me to have the fun I need after school, and sometimes I get really stressed with it and I get tired.

2 It causes high stress levels

I forgot to do my homework, and it was just telling up so when I remembered I felt to stressed to actually do it. After that I knew I had to. I was crying after finally finishing all my homework, just to have to do even more, and more, and more.

Homework is crazy stressful, especially when your working on an average of 6 hours of sleep in middle school. Just today my teacher math teacher bothered the dickens out of me. Half my class didn't do the homework worksheet on lined paper, and instead on the worksheet itself. We have to copy them all over and it's 24 long problems. Then 17 classwork problems on the computer, which I didn't even start because I'm still copying problems I solved last night. (Finished at 1 am before getting up at 6 am for school) Then our homework is 14 more problems. In addition, we have a test in a couple days, and a possibility of school being canceled tomorrow due to a snowstorm. In that case, my teacher plans on putting more work on our class web page. That's just math.
Reading class is another story: 3 pages on 1 book chapter. Social studies is a test. The list doesn't end with our language and instrumental classes as well.

After 7th grade and online school I just developed this horrible habit of procrastinating and struggled so much on getting assignments done. It didn't do anything but stress me to death and make me carry the burden, it was also proven homework has no benefit for students and schools don't realize the underlying issue with it, the stress.

Homework is so stressful because school gives you way too much. Most teachers probably know that it stresses out students but they don't care. They just want you to 100% the homework and if you don't turn it in the day the teacher wants it they get mad at you.

3 It's so boring

I know, some things we have to do aren't fun, but come on. We already have school to help us learn AND practice, so why bother giving us homework?

They should just make class called "homework" dedicated to doing all of the homeworks the teachers leave.

By that logic we should also ban work and doing taxes, because of course most adults also find that boring.

I completely agree, but is anyone actually trying to ban homework? NO! You can't hate it too much, can you?

4 We already go to school for 5 days a week, 6-8 hours a day, and 12-15 years

The immense time of school that is going to waste because of "fun activities" teachers recommend. Doing all these "educational fun activities" is the top reason for why everything becomes late. Kids are supposed to have fun, not at school, BUT AT HOME

To prove schools are tough, instead of demanding more time from us because they didn't have enough time to achieve their goal, they should work more efficiently to reach their goal in the time students are there.

The reason why adults think kids need homework is because they think that the kids will forget what they learned in school if they don't get any homework. Most students don't have short term memories and will remember what they have learned in school.

Omg Yes I am a student my self and I get so much homework that I can't have any time to myself, my house should feel like a safe place away from frying my brain for something that I already learned at school why do it 5 more times.

5 No time to spend time with family

I agree with this. We have this little game called Trex. It takes an hour, about the time of a family game. We only get to spend 20 minutes a day because of loads upon loads of homework.

What if you want to go camping, or go to the beach? What about if you got important family gatherings? Can't do that if you got homework.

Yes! Once I spent 2 hours and by the time I was done I had to go somewhere and not see my little brother for more than 10 hours!

Family is way more important than evil pieces of paper or whatever your homework is on.

6 You've been at school all day, home should be a place where you get to take a break and not have to worry about school.

The entire no-life situation of doing homework and eating and sleeping. My brother goes to bed at 9, up with homework. It becomes the caffeine that is effected because of pressure. Caffeine in the evening has many bad symptoms anyway.

You know, I really like homework. But I understand that people just hate it because just a lot of time is wasted or that people just are lazy. I think we should understand that teachers aren't being cruel, they're want us to learn because, after all, we are paying fees. Plus, we need learning to be able to live a good life. Also, we have breaks at school as well!

The point of weekends and dismissal from school is to let students take a breather, not add more weight to their stress.

Homework is unfair to students and teachers Students:If you don´t get your schoolwork done in time they make it homework and you get 1-2 days to finish Teachers:teachers have to be up all weekend to grade papers for our homework and if they don´t get it finished in time and they have to go back to work they don't get any family quality time.

7 Adults don't understand the stress

The school was hardly much for anyone in 1980. As the punishments for bad grades were severe, it was because they rarely ever happened. Now, there are more punishments because of boredom. They can't handle all of it and it is extremely greedy that parents think they can.

They always say "it's no big deal, now finish it, no complaining you act like it's hard!", yeah, we don't "act" like it's hard, it actually IS.

"Deal with it" my mom says.

When my mom is at work and my dad is working I don't have any one to help

8 You're having fun and your parents say "HAVE YOU DONE YOUR HOMEWORK?!"

When I do all of the cleaning, and chores, my parents come marching up to me as I will be spending the next 2 hours trying to find out what the heck do you put for a graph related to a ratio that makes nothing on the test.

And because of homework I lost my cat. I was luring my cat back than I had to come home to do stupid homework then when I came back the next day he was gone due to the stupid homework and he never came back.

This literally happens to me every day. I get so upset if I were a cartoon character my head would have exploded.

It just kills your vibe and ruins your day. What's worse is if you haven't done it, they give you long lectures.

9 School doesn't understand we have lives outside of school, too

School is mostly trying to get the most out of everything, including your entire time. The thing is, the more efficient, the more costly it will be because of the overhaul in the first quarter that is spent as an entire semester. The amount of materials from a past-paced classroom has nothing to do after what is required from the school. This is where homework pulls a notch to slow everything down.

They don't. They really don't. Some of us are part of sports teams and can't have time to work on half the stuff given to us. Some of us need to take care of our siblings because our parents are going out. Seriously, let us have time to work on things outside of school too.

I have friends and hobbies and sports that I participate in but school feels we don't deserve a life outside of it! They say we will have to quit our sports to pull grades up but we should quit homework to focus on sports.

All I want to do is just stop doing homework so I can do other things. It takes up my happiness and makes me dead inside. I would rather die right now instead of doing homework for the rest of my life

10 3-6 hours of homework a night doesn't help me sleep more.

I have a lot of homework to do everyday and it takes me a very long time

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11 The questions are hard

I always have headaches when I do hard questions.

Especially on those college tests, ya know?

I agree with all of this. No More HomeWork.

Depends on how smart you are.

12 It causes anxiety

I have bursted into tears because of homework! I'm not gonna think about it anymore though, or else my rant will take over the page

I barely ever cry, but homework has made me do it instantly.

I don't cry a lot but the dam homework is effective.

I remember times where I broke down in tears because of homework

13 Family vacation and leisure are not observed
14 It stops us from going outside and getting active.

Exactly. I spend 6-7 hours on school work. I also like to go outside, school doesn't understand how important family is to us. As you may see, school should provide less work at home.

Teachers always tell us to get outside and get exercise but the homework they give us gives us little or no time to get active.

We put on weight without getting active.

I need fresh air

15 It brings the hell of school to your house

I have homework and I do so of my homework on this ridiculous website named Dreambox, and I am in 3rd grade and I'm litterally learning stuff that are from 4TH GRADE, 5TH GRADE, 6TH GRADE, and even one of 7TH. I think I'm a little too smart. Also there is this lesson on it that makes m eclassify shapes and it says I got it wrong for attribute relationships. I always got that every time. Ad I searched it up on the internet so I can firgure out what it is, but it wasnt there. So dreambox gets you wrong on this lesson for failing some stuid math thing that doesent even EXIST

Happy to not do it

16 We don't have enough time to sleep, which probably makes our grade lower in the long run.

And some of us get even LESS sleep thanks to all the stress homework gives us which just adds on even more problems.

17 We have to learn at school not at home

Tell me about it

18 The stuff in homework is the stuff you learn at school

Yes, this is 100% accurate. If you are afraid that we didn't understand it in class take ten min or something to simple go over what we learned in class or something. I would rather spend 1 more hour at school than 6 hours at home practically dying.

Exactly, teach us what we need to know at school and we will study it at home if we want!

Same exact thing

19 It takes all of our fun time up

When school ends and I come back from school I get so happy and play video games but then I hear my mom say my name and she says do your homework. At that point I get pissed. Even in our summer holidays they give us a pile of homework.

Forget everything you want, you've got endless books of homework to do!

I can't play with my little brothers because I have to do tons of homework. also my sister can't do anything either

20 It causes procrastination

Every time I have homework to do, that's what happens. I'm so bored and I'm wishing that I was doing something else so it causes me to procrastinate and it takes 2 more hours to finish it.

I try not to procrastinate, but because homework is so boring and stressful, I always procrastinate as a result. Thanks a lot, school...

I am supposed to do some now but I am procrastinating and not doing any.

Yeah. Like my total amount of homework should take like 3-4 hours, but I procrastinate and it takes me at least 5-6 hours instead. And yes. I am procrastinating while having to do my homework now. LOL.

21 It has caused suicides

How does homework cause people to commit suicide? It's sad that visitors here make fun of it. No offense, but if homework drives you to suicide you are seriously hypersensitive. Sometimes we need to do things in life that we don't like. These people who want to commit suicide need help I swear.

Yea, I mean I have considered it maybe... oh I don't know, 5 TIMES. When my mom found out about that, she cried. There are people who have really done that. Personally, I think schools should be doing their homework about what the consequences are.

I told my parents the first time. The second time they found out.

It causes suicdes because some parents forced their children and the children might wanted to die.

22 People don’t like homework
23 It's pointless

It's pointless just like your pencil when you are finished doing your homework.

24 It makes you tired.

Yes, and then kids tend to go to school lazy and stressed.

Probably one of the reasons why I'm always tired.

I strongly agree

You are right

25 You don't really learn anything

Homework is more about memorization than actual learning. you do that in class

I really agree with that.

If we learned enough at school then we wouldn't have to do homework

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