Reasons Why Homework Should Be Banned

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1 It eats up all our free time

There needs to be a balance between work time and free time. I had to work all afternoon on ten pages. That may seem quick, right? Wrong. One page was a bunch of textbook activities (nineteen of them to be specific), and usually, these textbook activities take lots of time (at least in two of my classes). I think I spent about four and a half hours trying to finish that... and I wasn't even confused or procrastinating. It was just an unreasonable overload of homework.

We already spend 6+ hours at school, and I strongly believe kids deserve their free time when they come home, which isn't even that long. I always come home in a bad mood, and homework definitely doesn't help.

2 It causes high stress levels

Homework is incredibly stressful, especially when you're working on an average of 6 hours of sleep in middle school. Just today, my math teacher bothered me to no end. Half my class didn't do the homework on lined paper and instead did it on the worksheet itself. Now we have to copy all 24 problems over. Then there are 17 classwork problems on the computer, which I haven't even started because I'm still copying problems I solved last night (I finished at 1 am before getting up at 6 am for school). On top of that, our homework is 14 more problems.

We also have a test in a couple of days, and there's a possibility of school being canceled tomorrow due to a snowstorm. If that happens, my teacher plans on putting more work on our class web page. That's just math. Reading class is another story: 3 pages on 1 book chapter. Social studies is a test. The list doesn't end there – we have assignments for language and instrumental classes as well.

3 3-6 hours of homework a night doesn't help me sleep more.

I have a lot of homework to do every day, and it takes me a very long time.

4 We already go to school for 5 days a week, 6-8 hours a day, and 12-15 years

So much school time goes to waste because of "fun activities" teachers recommend. Doing all these "educational fun activities" is the top reason why everything gets turned in late. Kids are supposed to have fun at HOME, not at school.

OMG, yes! I'm a student myself, and I get so much homework that I can't have any time to myself. My house should feel like a safe place away from frying my brain over something I already learned at school. Why do it five more times?

The reason why adults think kids need homework is that they think kids will forget what they learned in school if they don't get any homework. Most students don't have short-term memories and will remember what they learned.

5 Adults don't understand the stress

School wasn't as demanding for anyone in 1980. Punishments for bad grades were severe, but they rarely happened. Now, with increased boredom in classrooms, there are more punishments. The workload becomes overwhelming, and it seems that parents believe students should just be able to handle it.

They always say, "It's no big deal, now finish it, no complaining. You act like it's hard!" Yeah, we don't "act" like it's hard, it actually IS.

When my mom is at work and my dad is working, I don't have anyone to help.

6 It's so boring

What can I say? You sit there having a headache, and you're just thinking how much fun you could be having right now instead of sitting there with some stupid papers.

I know, some things we have to do aren't fun, but come on. We already have school to help us learn AND practice, so why bother giving us homework?

They should just make a class called "homework" dedicated to doing all of the homework the teachers leave.

7 You're having fun and your parents say "HAVE YOU DONE YOUR HOMEWORK?!"

TELL ME ABOUT IT! Especially when you are doing something important in a video game, like competing for leaderboards, and you barely have any time to do that with all this stupid and pointless homework!

When I do all of the cleaning and chores, my parents come marching up to me. I'll be spending the next two hours trying to find out what the heck to put for a graph related to a ratio that makes no sense on the test.

And because of homework, I lost my cat. I was luring my cat back, then I had to come home to do stupid homework. When I came back the next day, he was gone due to the stupid homework, and he never came back.

8 Family vacation and leisure are not observed
9 No time to spend time with family

I agree with this. We have this little game called T-rex. It takes an hour, about the time of a family game. We only get to spend 20 minutes a day because of loads upon loads of homework.

What if you want to go camping or go to the beach? What about if you have important family gatherings? Can't do that if you have homework.

Yes! Once, I spent 2 hours and by the time I was done, I had to go somewhere and not see my little brother for more than 10 hours!

10 It brings the hell of school to your house

Tell me about it. As soon as you put down the papers and pencils on your desk, you get that prison vibe from school in your own desk at home.

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11 It causes anxiety

I have burst into tears because of homework! I'm not going to think about it anymore though, or else my rant will take over the page.

I barely ever cry, but homework has made me do it instantly.

I don't cry a lot, but the darn homework is effective.

12 School doesn't understand we have lives outside of school, too

We have outside lives too. It's obvious because we go to places like restaurants, stores, and churches. We can stay at home, we could go to a friend's house, we can go on vacation, and it's not like we live at school forever.

Schools often try to get the most out of everything, including students' time. The issue is, the more efficient they try to be, the more overwhelming it becomes - especially when a quarter's worth of work is crammed into a semester. The amount of material covered doesn't match what's reasonably possible, and homework becomes a way to artificially slow things down.

13 The questions are hard

I always have headaches when I do hard questions.

Especially on those college tests, you know?

I agree with all of this. No more homework.

14 You've been at school all day, home should be a place where you get to take a break and not have to worry about school.

True, this is literally a good reason because we should be chilling at home. I feel bad for the people who have to do homework.

YEAH! Home should be a place to rest! Not a place to do more work! It's like school is giving us homework for the reasons listed in this article!

You know, I really like homework. But I understand that people just hate it because a lot of time is wasted, or that people are lazy. I think we should understand that teachers aren't being cruel; they want us to learn because, after all, we are paying fees. Plus, we need learning to be able to live a good life. Also, we have breaks at school as well!

15 Homework distracts from studying for tests and exams

Students should not have homework, mostly because of this.

16 If we are not allowed to sleep in school then why should we be forced to work at home

We literally sleep at home. Why should we work at home when we can just chill and respond to our family members in need instead of doing our homework and getting stressed?

17 It stops us from going outside and getting active.

Exactly. I spend 6-7 hours on schoolwork. I also like to go outside. School doesn't understand how important family is to us. As you may see, school should provide less work at home.

Teachers always tell us to get outside and get exercise, but the homework they give us gives us little or no time to get active.

We put on weight without getting active.

18 It can drive you to madness

Yes, it will drive me to madness if I get a lot of homework to do, even though I don't need one to study hard enough.

Mom: Why are you out?
Me: I have too much homework, and it's so hard. It takes me forever to do it all!

I literally get mad at how I have to see people do homework. It's sad. It's just full on and sad.

19 We have to learn at school not at home

School is where we learn, and home is where we do chores, chill, play, and sleep, not just have a crisis.

20 The stuff in homework is the stuff you learn at school

Yes, this is 100% accurate. If teachers are afraid we didn't understand something in class, they should take ten minutes to simply go over what we learned. I would rather spend one more hour at school than six hours at home practically dying.

Exactly, teach us what we need to know at school, and we will study it at home if we want!

21 It takes all of our fun time up

When school ends, I come home so happy and play video games, but then I hear my mom say my name, and she says, Do your homework. At that point, I get pissed. Even on our summer holidays, they give us a pile of homework.

Forget everything you want. You've got endless books of homework to do!

I can't play with my little brothers because I have to do tons of homework. Also, my sister can't do anything either.

22 It has caused suicides

This one's really serious. In other words, school is a murderer, and they are killing kids who don't deserve so much stress and work!

Yeah, I mean, I've considered it maybe... oh, I don't know, FIVE TIMES. When my mom found out about that, she cried. There are people who have really done that. Personally, I think schools should be doing their homework about what the consequences are.

I told my parents the first time. The second time, they found out.

23 We don't have enough time to sleep, which probably makes our grade lower in the long run.

And some of us get even less sleep thanks to all the stress homework gives us, which just adds on even more problems.

24 People don’t like homework
25 It's pointless

It's pointless, just like your pencil when you are finished doing your homework.

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