Top 10 Most Embarrassing Things that Can Happen to You in Class at School

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1 Farting by accident

Once, I was at school in complete silence and that was when...oh no...I had to fart so bad! I had to think of a plan, I couldn't let my popularity and reputation crumble before me, then...PING! I had a plan. I would scrape my chair while doing it because the chair makes a whole lot more noise then a fart, its true! So I tried that and you can hear a slight bit of the fart. everyone looked at me, so I tried to do the sound again to cover up the suspicion...but this time it didn't make the people think I'm an idiot..NOO! And now I'm a loser without a reputation and being humiliated at scold all the time.

This is SO embarrassing. Whenever I'm in the bathroom and the person in the next stall farts, I try to hold in the biggest laugh ever.

This happened to someone in my class once in 3rd grade. He was from Mexico and my teacher was reading Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing. And that newcomer (Alexander) was stacking his Crayons like it was Jenga. It got too heavy so it all fell down and it made a super loud noise.

Everyone turned to look at him and he farted. The worst part was, it was SO QUIET in the room and he got so nervous, he farted. It smelled like EGGS! It smelled SO BAD!

2 Soiling your pants

It happened to me the first day of high school because I didn't go to the toilet before classes started. After being shown around the school the very first teacher told everyone leaving class for any reason wasn't an option and anyone asking would get detention.

Problem was I already needed to go and it wasn't long before it started forcing its way into my underwear. It wasn't smelly and no one seemed to notice so I decided to pretend nothing was wrong. I also believed not wearing underwear was a really bad thing and I would get expelled if I got found out.

No one said anything for the rest of the day so I thought I had got away with it until the next day.

Let me tell you a story. I was in the 2nd grade at the time and we were having a chorus concert. Before the concert I really had to use he bathroom but we weren't allowed. I thought I could hold it and go after the show, but I'm the middle of "Mary had a little lamb," I couldn't take it anymore. I started to pee. It spread all over the floor and it soaked my pants. I ran off the stage crying. So embarrassing.

3 Crying in front of your mates

Yes this happened when we were doing presentations and I was the one who was bullied in the class the most so when we were doing it he called me and when I couldn't do it he shouted at me to go sit down. I was sad and crying. Then after that class everyone was bullying me #stopbullying

Okay so I was in 6th grade and I had an appointment that day so I got to class late, well I walk into class and everyone, and I mean EVERYONE even the teacher stare at me. And me of course being the very shy and under confident person I am says hi in a very quite voice. Do you know what they said? They all every single one of them said shhhhh in the loudest voice they could muster and I just stand there like an idiot run to my desk and cry it out.

Also this other time my best friend was on bad terms with me and we had been friends since second grade, and better yet she was mad because of some stupid rumor going around the entire school and I was at lunch and one of her other friends whisper something to her and they both stare at me. Of course sense she was my best friend I just cried.

And if that wasn't enough those were all in my 6th grade year and I would come home crying every other day, and my mom would ask me to do chores each day. Well I would cry while doing them. She told me I needed to stop crying for attention because I wasn't fooling anyone.

4 Being made fun of about your crush

In 7th grade, I told someone I liked them and I got bullied for it. I tried to reach out but I felt alone whenever I asked for help so I gave up and didn't care and that kid is still bothering me. I told him to get out of my life, but nothing worked

Well good thing I didn't tell anyone, but my crush's friend said to me "Hey, she (my crush) is pregnant with your baby" whike I was playing basketball. I hope they don't know but I can blackmail her into not telling anyone (if she does know) by telling people her crush.

I told my friend I had a crush on this one guy, and she told the whole class. I know now she wasn't really my friend. He's a real jerk though so I guess it's a good thing I don't like him anymore.

5 Leaving your pants zipper open

I was doing a Christmas concert in elementary and the conductor person literally came up to me during the concert and said yours fly's down. I had to pull it up while singing in front of everyone, I was mortified

I don't wear pants in school (we have uniforms). But this does often happen to me when I wear pants or shorts outside the school.

Yep..My jean zipper was open and some kids saw my underwear and said "Haha I bet you wear pink panties! " I got called Pink Panties for a week -.-

6 Calling the teacher mommy

Ok so uh nobody seemed to hear except my best friend. So in 2nd grade I called my teacher mumma. No one seemed to hear just as well. But my best friend laughed a little but then patted me on the back and said no one heard your fine. And I didn't even care she laughed after that. Bc I just pretended nothing happened

One time I accidentally said that to my least favorite teacher. One of the biggest regrets in my school history...

Oh, my, I called my boy teacher mommy once, and I just rushed to my desk and started scribbling down notes.

7 Shouting the wrong answer in confidence

This happened to me a few times in secondary school, and one was in science. I kept on getting the question wrong until after 4 tries. Everyone laughed loudly (because my school is one of the top school and there are people who think they're so smart and posh. It's kinda annoying sometimes). But when this other kid got a question, less laughs and also I don't laugh at other people much when they get it wrong depends if it's a really silly answer then yes sometimes. I get so embarrassed because of this and sad and annoyed because the other kid got less laughs. Sometimes you are just that unlucky kid you know.

This is definitely #1 for me. I don't do very well in school so this happens all the time. When it happens everybody laughs, the worst part is, they know the right answer! I tried to stop raising my hand, but at a conference the teacher said I need to raise my hand more.

One time when we were doing fractions with a relief teacher, she asked me a question: "a half of a pizza or a twenty third of a pizza? " Something like that. Anyway, the teacher had asked another student a different question. And the student said "twenty third". Then the teacher asked me the question I said she asked me and I said "twenty third". No. Half. That was so embarrassing.

8 Puking in front of the whole class

One time in 2nd grade I was sick and throwing up at school. So I felt nauseous when we were busy in small groups. So I told the teacher I have to throw up, and she said run to the bathroom. So I ran as fast as I could down the hallway to the girls bathroom. I was right in front of the door when I threw up on my sweater. I went in to the stall and went on my knees and began to retch. The vomit was green and oily. I came back a few minutes later and the teacher asked if I was okay, I said I was okay. So then we had spanish class and I had a terrible headache and I felt queasy. Then I burped and felt vomit swish up my throat, but it went back down. At lunch, I ate nothing and put my head down. We came back from lunch and had fruit and vegetables. I ate two green beans and then felt very nauseous. I told the teacher I have to vomit again. She said stand over the trash can. So I grab the trash bin and start gagging and throwing up like crazy in front of the whole class and I had fell down on the floor. Then, I dropped the trash can to the side by accident and then I felt really weak so I humped the carpet on the floor to get to trash can and then I began throwing up more, I was just so sick. I went to the nurse and later on the bed, waiting to get picked up.

9 Someone pulling your underwear

I was about 17 and I went to a boarding school. My friend,who happened to be a girl, got annoyed at me. This happened late at night. She and her other friends got hold of me and tied me to a tree in the courtyard so that I couldn't move. It was generally embarrassing to be on the tree and tied up but then she yanked my trousers down. Her friend then suggested that they took my clothes and put them back in my dorm. They did that and I was left there all night stuck to the tree. I got detention in the morning.

A few years ago I got a new boyfriend and by friend was really jealous because she liked him. she tried to make him dump me but it wouldn't work, so she decided to try and embarrass me by pulling my shorts down in the hallway. I laughed it off and everyone defended me and she moved schools at the end of the year because everybody was scared if her.

Once some kids pulled my pants and underwear and took pics too also my friend took pics of my underwear and everybody laugh at me. seeing me without underwear

10 Being caught kissing someone

At my school kissing was banned, but that just made people do it more! There were online dares and most of the school participated.

Once I got caught kissing a boy in the hallway. Never thought I could get detention for that !

I would never do that in the first place, but that would be extremely embarrassing!

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11 Entering the wrong class

Once in 6th grade my reading teacher told me to give some dictionaries back to another teacher. I walked into a math class with dictionaries! I was horrified.

There were two home economics teachers and my class for home economics was divided in two so there would be like home economics class 1 and 2 if that makes sense. On my first day of secondary school, I walked into home economics class 2 instead of home economics class 1 and it was so embarassing!

The teacher once asked me to bring something to another teacher and after I brought something to the other teacher I went in the wrong class.

12 Getting called up to solve something on the board and you don't know it.

That happened to me and I totally winged it because I was in math and our math teacher is the meanest person in the school, yells at you for not knowing the answer! So I just winged it when he asked me to explain it while I worked out the problem, and when I just guessed, I got everything COMPLETELY RIGHT

One of my teachers called a kid to do a hard division problem and the kid was bad at math. The kid said the answer that he thought was right and he got it completely wrong.

This is the worst for me honestly, like I know the answer to the question on the board. And then I get called for a different question instead so I have no idea what to do.

13 Somebody knocking you down

This always happens

I tripped down the stairs and broke my leg and it was em bear ass ing

Every single day.

14 Teacher telling everyone to pair up but you have no friends in that class

So I remembered when I was in 2nd grade I had no friends at all(I did have two, but they usually declined my requests). So whenever the teacher said to get a partner I mostly just stood up. Only a few times I actually get people inviting me in. At 3rd grade I finally got my friend and I have no more problems.

In 5th grade I had NO friends, I had this one person I would call my friend but she was your typical fake and phony girl who would rate all her "friends" and I would be that person who was always chosen last for everything. I got real friends a year later at least and we are a really close knitted group.

I got partnered with this, let's just say "Mentally undeveloped kid." He didn't do anything right. I would've chose someone smarter, but the other kids chose him.

15 Being caught picking your nose

Okay, so this I really picking my nose but it has something to do with it. One time during math I had this really bad cold and my nose started running. I didn't want to get up and get a tissue because I get super embarrassed, it was dead silent except for my teacher talking. I tried covering it up with my hands but my teacher saw and said "go get a tissue". I was so embarrassed. People thought I was picking my nose.

This was a problem for me until my final year of school. For my birthday, I got my nose pierced and it was ok to wear it to school as long as it was a stud and not a ring or hoop. I had to pick my nose one time and nobody even flinched because they thought I was just adjusting my piercing!

Okay so I pick my nose but only because my booger are like rocks, and if I don't they are so uncomfortable. At least I go to the bathroom to pick my nose and I wash my hands after it.

16 Having a period in front of your whole class

It was my heavy day, sadly. I was wearing white jeans and a crop top. It didn't occur to me to wear a light jacket because it was spring. During class I had leaked all over my pants and chair. I had noticed in the middle of class and I was so embarrassed. Luckily, my older brother Cole happened to be in class and he gave me his black hoodie to tie around my waist. He even walked in front of me when we went to the nurse. I'm so glad he was there for me.

This should be #1. It is just like pissing yourself, but with blood. I am a boy, so I am glad I won't have to go thorugh that. But getting hit in the balls is like a period for a man.

This is the worst. I hate leaking in school it's so embarrassing. At my school most of the boys look out for when a girl starts her period so they can embarrass us. Some of the boys even sexually abuse the girls ( has happen to me twice).

17 Your crush calling you "baby" in front of others

Wait, is this in the context of "crybaby", or a common nickname someone calls their love?

Wouldn't you like that if you had a crush on them though?

Even worse if it's your mother. Or grandmother.

18 Getting a visible erection

I've had some close calls with this one, but luckily no one's ever noticed. The girls would probably think you're creepy if they saw you with an erection.

I get random erections a lot, so I devised a way to ake sure no one finds out. Stick your hands in your pockets and you will be able to feel your dick through the fabric of the pocket. Just press it down until it goes away. Works every time.

Don't look at anyone. I'm a guy and I can get an erection just from sitting in a position. When I'm called up and my ding dong springs up, just gotta think of emptiness

19 Talking to your pencil

I confidently talk to non-living items, and I'm a very shy person. If anyone gives me a weird look I just say something like you got a problem?

OH my god! Pencil! We only have 4 minutes and I don't know the answer! You cute object! Tell me!

If I did this I would start wondering if something was mentally wrong with me!

20 Your phone ringing

One time my phone was on vibrate in my backpack.
So my backpack was against my foot and it vibrated so much.
I went to a memorial ceremony in my school, I almost laughed.
When it was over and school was over I checked my phone, I had over 800 notifications from IG from this group chat.

It happened to me college. This is why I ALWAYS keep my phone off at all times, even if my mom tells me to turn it on at all times.

My ring tone is Heaven In Hiding! Then the class would be forced to listen to my favorite song when I "accidentally" don't answer it!

21 Somebody pulling the seat when you start to sit

Happened unknowingly to my 2 Friends..,the incident was somewhat like this.. Once me and my Friends were practicing for our drama, we practiced it a lot so we were bored... When one of my friend was going to sit, another one pulled it... (she was not knowing that she will definitely fall down )and she falls.., she was laughing on herself and we all on her..., there my some teachers and students of 12th were also sitting they laughed very much including teachers also...:D so after some time when another one was going to sit she pulled off the chair..,and she also fall in middle of the room...! For them it was just like taking a small revenge from each other but for all of us it was a most funniest thing to laugh on...!

Did this to one of my friends just to see what would happen, not expecting it to work. He got such a fright he grabbed the table and pulled it down on him. Me and my friends were laughing so hard we were kicked out of the class until we stopped laughing, which was a while

22 Accidentally going in to the wrong bathroom

This happened to me. In third grade, we were looking at owl pellets. It was the period before lunch and our teacher told us to wash our hands. So we got into a line by some lockers and she sent a few students to use the bathroom. When she send me. I accidentally went into the boys' bathroom. A ton of boys caught me and made fun of me. I ran out feeling embarrassed and a boy was laughing (he is now one of my best friends). I walked into the girl's bathroom and started crying. I remember my friend giving me a hug. During lunch, the teacher knew how I felt and asked me to come talk with her. She asked me which boys made fun of me for walking in the boys' bathroom. I picked three random boys (although I didn't remember which ones made fun of me at the time). The teacher asked the boys to apologize to me. There were two other boys who made fun of me (the actual boys who made fun of me) and they apologized.

23 Being shipped with someone you don't actually like

There's this one dude who I really don't like named Edwin. And a LOT of people ship me with him. They say we have the same skin except his is a darker mixed.

We both have hazel eyes, and can be pretty sassy (except I'm WAY more sassier)

Since when has this ever happened?

Happened to me

24 Your stomach growling loudly

This happens to me particularly the quiet classes.

Happened to me.

Happens multiple times in the morning since I used to skip breakfast (no time)

25 Falling asleep and waking up when another class starts

In second grade I was doing work in a room separate from the others.
Like 15 minutes later they all went lunch and forgot about me, I looked behind me, the classroom was dark and empty I was so confused. 15 more minutes later the teacher came and apologized.

This hasn't happened to me yet, but I remember falling asleep in class last week (it was a free period since my 3rd period world history teacher was absent) and panicking until I realized that my (small) class was still there after I woke up and looked around for a few seconds. 3rd period world history is the smallest class on my schedule as there are a lot of empty desks in the classroom and not too many kids are called for role.

A classmate of mine once slept during class. When the teacher was done discussing, she and the class (including me) went out of the classroom quietly, turned off the lights, and a classmate told the sleeping student that school's over. It wasn't actually over. All of it was a prank. Lol

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