Top 10 Sci-Fi Things You Wish You Could Invent

What are some inventions you have seen in Sci Fi movies, and you wish you could somehow bring them to life?
The Top Ten
1 Teleportation Device

Imagine never being late for school and work ever again and being able to teleport over to the other side of the globe simply because you are bored. It would be used for evil purposes, sure, but everything could be.

The cool thing is that this is easily achievable on a quantum level, but beaming up Captain Kirk will consume the energy of a small galaxy. I'd much rather leave the beautiful cosmos alone.

With this thing, consider transporting is child's play.

2 Hovercraft

I have a feeling there would be more traffic on the ground than if you could simply fly in the sky... Unless the government ends up making 'fly here only' queues in the sky.

Looks like the movie "back to the future" lied to us.

3 Pens that Can Write on Their Own

What ten page essay? I got it done, though it may have taken ten and a half seconds to complete!

4 Dream Recorder

No more struggling to remember that cool dream you had last night! Though it wouldn't really be good with nightmares...

5 A Pill or Substance that Grants Increased Human Abilities

I guess this might mess with nature a little bit but wouldn't it be cool nethertheless?

6 WiFi that Doesn't Falter in Connectivity

How good would that be? No lag or nothing. Even though I have to admit this one is kinda stupid.

This would be great! It's a bit cheesy but still!

7 AI Androids and Robots

I was hesitant to put this on the list because of those ideas that if they get too intelligent they could take over humans, but if the intelligence level is regulated then that would be quite cool.

8 Dimension Creator

I want a private dimension that anything you make on paper comes alive

9 Realistic Virtual Reality

The ultimate boredom buster! Though virtual reality wouldn't always be used for good.

10 The Ability to Explore Deeper Into Space Without Risk of Damage

What lies beyond? Though best not disturb an alien planet...

The Contenders
11 An Item Which Allows You to Shapeshift Into an Animal

What movie did I see this in again? Either way, it would be very enjoyable to use. Better be careful of predators, though

12 Cloaking Device
13 Lightsaber
14 Time Machine

This could be useful to meet certain people or to change things that happened in the past that you wish hadn't happened.

15 Cyborg
17 Invention Creator

What if there was an invention that alowed you to tell it about a cool invention that doesn't exist yet, and it will build it!

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