Top Ten Inventions That Need Re-Inventing

There are many items and devices that receive continuous upgrades, making each day a little bit easier for us. Of course, there are also plenty of things that are either victims of being analog watches in a digital age, or are just lousy in general even though they're the best (or should I say least worst) at what they do. Consider this list an open letter to the inventors of the world. Please re-invent these things!
The Top Ten
1 Hearing aids

All of my grandparents have either used (and passed on) or currently make use of hearing aids for daily living. They never work properly. Half the time they're either not turned up enough, or make a really annoying ringing noise that bothers all small children and dogs within a 3 kilometer radius.

2 Hammers and nails

I don't really think I need to list reasons for why these things need re-inventing. Hammering in a nail can be a very frustrating (and occasionally painful) experience.

3 Breakfast cereal

Hear me out (except for your poor people with hearing aids - do what you can). Cereal needs re-inventing because it just gets soggy and flavorless too quickly. Just minutes after I pour the milk the cereal has the texture and flavour of wet cardboard. What can be done to make this not happen? You tell me, inventor people.

This is why I don't like cereal. All the flavor drains to the milk, in which usually the cereal's flavors don't mix well with. That's why when I HAVE to eat cereal, I eat it without milk or I drink milk to the side.

Wouldn't that be considered an innovation, not reinvention?

There's too much sugar.

4 Condoms

I feel sort of dirty for adding this. Commenting on it does not make me feel any less dirty. So I have vowed not to mention the product listed above, refer to what its function is, or note what it is about it that needs improving. There. I feel much better now. With this crowd of users an inappropriate slip of the tongue might lead one to feel unsafe online and lust for the need to use protection against the infectious parasites of the web... D'oh!

5 Shopping carts

I always find myself grabbing the cart that has that shaky wheel or won't stop squeaking. And, of course, they're not really all that child-friendly (despite having "seats" for them to sit in).

6 Windshield wipers

It doesn't matter what brand I buy. The darn things keep braking on me. That means plenty of streaking! Not happy. What can be done to make these things better? I don't know. But maybe someone will know, and soon.

7 Remote controls

I have very little trouble handling a television / DVD / Blu-ray remote. But my mother will struggle, trying to turn the television set and the cable on and off, for the rest of her life. I know it. So, why doesn't someone come up with an easier-to-use remote control? They'd make millions inventing a device like that, I imagine.

There's so many buttons that are hard to function! And when you accidentally click a button when watching a show... UGGH! There should be a "remote sleep" button so you don't click on something on accident as much.

8 Coffee cups / coffee cup lids

You know that stain on your favorite shirt that will never ever come out no matter how much you wash it? And you know how sensitive your skin is after spilling hot coffee all over yourself three dozen times? Well, you have coffee cups and lids to blame. They're mediocre at shielding you from the evil hot coffee. They must evolve for your health and sanity's sake.

9 Walter filtration devices

The cost of replacing a Brita filter every couple of months can add up to a lot if you insist on drinking water that you filter, yourself. So, wouldn't it be great if someone invented a water filter that didn't need to be replaced as often or at all? I'd buy that.

10 Mousetraps

I wanted to add this because of the famous question, "Why can't they build a better mousetrap? " Of course, humane mouse traps are commonly considered to be superior to the "classic" device, but they still don't guarantee an end to the pests crawling around your house.

The Contenders
11 Computer operating systems
12 3D printer
13 Phones
14 Steam Train
15 Eyeglasses
16 Kiddie scissors
17 Wrapping paper
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