Top Ten Most Annoying Things About Computers

The Top Ten
1 Crashing
2 Trojan Horses

It's mostly your own fault it this happens. - TheHabsFan

3 Deleting System 32 Folder

Don't delete System32,It's such a scam deleting it

Don't do it, you'll mess up your computer

Do it...if you're on GNU/Linux.

4 Windows 8

Oh come on Windows 8 isn't that bad I use it and it works fine :P - CerealGuy

5 Internet Explorer

Only useful for downloading Chrome and Firefox - RedAce66

6 Pop Ups

A wild pop up appeared! Tiffany smashed the computer in rage! The wild pop up fainted! - RiverClanRocks

My computer is crashed so there comes pop ups every time I click something. It's really annoying. - JelloLife

7 Having a computer so slow it won't work

I had a computer super slow for 4 years, finally got a good one. Minecraft works well again! - TheHabsFan

YA sometimes it gets ugly!

8 When It Loads Forever

If you're impatient, this one is horrid. - TheHabsFan

Ugh so annoying! - andrewteel

9 It freezes

Then you have to restart it

10 It Won't Turn On

Had this with my old computer. - TheHabsFan

The Contenders
11 Having to Use Finder On a Mac
12 When Task Manager Doesn't Work

I hate this. - TheHabsFan

13 Losing track of where the mouse pointer is

Ugh! This can be so annoying. - TheHabsFan

14 Safari
15 When You Actually Get a Virus On a Mac
16 When You Can't Log In
17 VirtualBox

VirtualBox is Useful! It let's You use other
Operating systems windows 1.01 - Ubuntu! - Wobblygaming7

18 When There's a Password On It
19 When Programs Don't Respond
20 Exe. Is Not Responding
21 When it instantly goes from 0-99%, then takes forever to get to 100%
22 Windows

Windows sucks

23 OS X
24 Solaris
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