Top Ten Most Annoying Things About Computers

The Top Ten
1 Crashing
2 Trojan Horses

It's mostly your own fault it this happens.

3 Deleting System 32 Folder

Don't delete System32,It's such a scam deleting it

Don't do it, you'll mess up your computer

Do it...if you're on GNU/Linux.

4 Windows 8
5 Internet Explorer

Only useful for downloading Chrome and Firefox

6 Pop Ups

A wild pop up appeared! Tiffany smashed the computer in rage! The wild pop up fainted!

My computer is crashed so there comes pop ups every time I click something. It's really annoying.

7 When It Loads Forever

I hate it when my computer lags for no reason whatsoever.

If you're impatient, this one is horrid.

Ugh so annoying!

It is annoying when my laptop takes forever to open itunes it drives me nuts

8 Having a computer so slow it won't work

I had a computer super slow for 4 years, finally got a good one. Minecraft works well again!

YA sometimes it gets ugly!

That would suck at least my laptop isn't way too slow that it won't work

9 It freezes

Then you have to restart it

10 It Won't Turn On

Had this with my old computer.

The Contenders
11 Having to Use Finder On a Mac
12 When Task Manager Doesn't Work
13 Losing track of where the mouse pointer is

Ugh! This can be so annoying.

14 Safari
15 When You Actually Get a Virus On a Mac
16 When You Can't Log In
17 When Programs Don't Respond
18 When There's a Password On It
19 VirtualBox

VirtualBox is Useful! It let's You use other
Operating systems windows 1.01 - Ubuntu!

20 Exe. Is Not Responding
21 When it instantly goes from 0-99%, then takes forever to get to 100%
22 OS X
23 When it doesn't let you download programs

Even after turning S mode off, my computer won't let me download Open Shell or Flashpoint. I just want to customize my computer and play some archieved flash games without dealing with the "unable to download file" crap.

24 Windows

Windows sucks

25 Solaris
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