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Jensen Ross Ackles is an American actor and director. He is mostly known for his role as Dean Winchester on the CW fantasy series Supernatural. He is also known for his roles in television as Eric Brady in Days of Our Lives, which earned him several Daytime Emmy Award nominations, as well as Alec/X5-494 more.


Jensen Ackles is an extremely talented actor who I personally have been following since the first time I had seen him in the daytime soap opera, "Days of our Lives". When he left "Days of our Lives", I admit I lost contact with him until he showed up on "Dark Angel" and then again in "Smallville". I have watched him grow as an actor and have come to admire his acting skills and abilities. When Jensen Ackles plays a character, he IS the character. When he comes out of character, he appears and seems to be a kind and caring individual. I would love to meet him and his wife, Danneel, one day. I consider him a fantastic actor who presents his "Supernatural" character, Dean Winchester, so well that he will make you laugh when the situation calls for a laugh, cry when his character cries and be angry when his character becomes angry. Jensen Ackles knows how to express himself; not only with words but with facial expressions. If no one was able to hear his voice, he would be able to ...more

This Man is like the coolest ever!
I Started Acting because he is an aspiration Person I mean when ever he laugh I can feel the happiness in him the same thing when he cries, smiles my whole life changed when I fell in love with this amazing person I mean he is not just an actor but a singer and a director too. If you asked me a bout the life before Supernatural or Jensen I'll answer by " I don't really remember " but I can tell you this! It sucked! No hope to work with a man like him or even meeting him. No aspiration to start something new! No every thing!. I was just a simple girl with not a lot of friends! When I started being So Obsessed about this incredible show I got more friends then I can even imagine! I Build a new family for my self. My SPN Family I Love you guys!.

Jensen Ackles is truly amazing I hope to one day meet him and hopefully that we will become friends. He is a great actor, and I'm positive that he's a wonderful human being, not to mention one hot-attractive piece of man! His acting blows me away with all the effort he puts and a greater outcome, JENSEN is the ENTIRE package. I love Jensen Ackles, and his awesome facial expressions.. Vote for SEXY-Jensen Ackles! Love from Dallas, Texas!

You laugh when he laughs, you cry when he sheds a single tear, isn't that being a perfect actor? His green eyes, his perfect lips, adorable smile, contagious laugh, chiseled body, sexy voice and even his goddamned freckles make you wanna hug him, kiss him, and what not. He is also an amazing singer and director, and one of the best human beings on the planet. In short, he is even better than perfect.

Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins are the only two men worthy of this honor. If you allow anyone else to win then there is seriously something wrong with this poll and your "The Top Tens".

Jensen is the sweetest man in real life. I have met him twice now and I can only say that he was sweeter each time I met him. His wife is a doll baby. She made me want to take her home in my pocket and let her live in my little Barbie Malibu Dream House from when I was a little girl. Jensen is giving, caring, he sees needs in others and wants to help - like his work for the Downs Syndrome Org in the name of his nephew. He is just an amazing man.

Besides being an amazing actor, he's also a beautiful person. And I'm not just talking about the outside. Just watch any convention video and you'll see for yourself that he truly loves and respects his fans as much as we love and respect him. He's the whole package, make no mistake.

HE IS SUPER HOT! The first thing, he is my favorite actor, and second is undeniable how handsome he is. He's the reason why I started watching Supernatural in the first place. I think that Jensen Ackles is the most beautiful man on the planet and has eyes that you could just drown in!

More importantly though he is the best actor I have ever seen. EVER. He can convey anything with just a look or expression

I also think that he is one of the nicest people in the buisness. He is incredibly humble, shy, hardworking and a devoted family man.

I could ramble on and on... I won't... Well except to say that I think Jensen Ackles is absolute, sheer, flawless perfection.

Jensen Ackles is simply amazing. He captures the hearts of women.. Married and single alike. He's not only a great actor, but he's very down to earth, mr. Nice guy from Texas. He's such a real person, which is awesome for someone with such a big fan crowd. He makes you laugh, smile, etc. He's one of those people that you can never forget once you see them on screen (etc. ). He's just that memorable. Love you Jensen!

I really believe that everyone has a talent, ability, or skill and
I think there are a lot of other actors that are talented,
But never seen such a brilliant multi talented person... Like Jensen Ackles! He's the best-est actor and he's smart, hot and a great person.
I mean we've seen and still seeing his brilliant acting, singing and directing. I think the person who displays a little more of it each day
No one can ever discovers the limits of his talent... True we can't find the limits of his talent...!

! It has to be Jensen Ackles 1st bec. Being sexy is more than just goodlooking ( which he obviuosly has): the way he talk, walk, eat, etc, he can act PERFECTLY, he can direct, sing, dance, he can almost do anything
Then : let's speak more about his acting, he is the only actor that can make you laugh and crack inside because he act real!
Third: He is so down to earth and when he meets his fans, he is so sweet to them and even answer our most STUPID questions with a smile on his face

He has redefined the meaning of the word BIG BROTHER... Love him because he has made me believe that even if you know you are at a loss... You can fight.. Helped me through a lot of tight spots... He deserves to win

Eyes, lips, freckles, laugh lines, abs, arms, voice, acting ability, gentlemanly manners, charisma, kindness; he makes eye contact, has a quick and easy sense of humor, and he CRIES. This man is the Whole Package!

Jensen is an awesome actor! He knows how to make you laugh, how to make you cry when he acts in everything that he does and that's very important. He's a really handsome man and very sexy, he improves with age like fine wine. Jensen looks like a very nice and intelligent man and I do not tire of admiring his talent as an actor and his good heart as a person!

Jensen Ackles is simply the best! He is the Master craftsman for acting. He makes you feel what he feels, he draws you in. On screen Jensen just IS. To cap it all Jensen never vies for attention, does not seek publicity. Has good judgment, knows when to step it up and when to stat below the radar. All round good, humble and gracious man. Very handsome too but he'd be embarrassed to hear you tell him that

Hmm. What can I say? He is the definition of perfection. Such an amazing and talented actor. He helps to raise money for children with cancer and those with Down Syndrome. He is shy at first, but when he is with his buddies he is the funniest person ever. He has such an amazing wife and soon will have a little princess. Simply, he is the best. He is like wine, gets better with age

He's very talented and has the best facial expressions. He puts a lot of heart into his roles from what I can tell by watching him. He also seems to get better with age and his smile is amazing.

Jensen is the kind of man who is not just sexy on the outside, he is sexy on the inside. He was so sweet to me when I came to see him before my kidney surgery - I was dying, literally dying and my wish was to meet both him and Jensen and they were just incredible to me. Jared on the other hand was mean, rude and made me cry. Thankfully the other two boys from my favorite show made up for that in spades. I love and adore them (Jensen and Misha) both! And Jensen HAS TO win. He deserves it more than anyone else.

Oh man how can I describe the sexiness that is Jensen Ackles? He is an incredible actor, he puts everything he can into all of his roles. As a person he is incredibly modest and sweet and is always lovely to his fans. You can't fault him.

Jensen Ackles is an amazing actor that works above and beyond the normal, everyday work experience. He is able to make the audience cry (at a moment's notice), as well as drop us to the ground laughing hysterically. He also tries to give back to the community whenever possible and help brighten peoples day. LONG LIVE SUPERNATURAL & here's hoping for many more years to come!

The way Jensen is underappreciated is offensive! Especially now on Supernatural. His time is wasted on holding Sam's hand, a perfectly capable, smart and gigantic Sam. He needs hell of a lot more proactive role to play in the story. Him being a the one who cares about the people he loves is a great QUALITY not a storyline. He needs a storyline that evolves around him and him only. Jensen is an incredibly talented and charming actor and he's #1 all the way. I can't wait to see him on the big screen.

Not only is he incredibly good looking but he is also a talented actor. One of the few who can go from comedy to playfulness and to downright sadness. And he has the most amazing facial expressions in any scene he does.

I'm crazy about jensen,.. He is so handsome, cute and adorable... Sometimes I think how can someone be so absolutely perfect... Love him so much..

Beautiful person inside and out, an amazing actor who makes you believe in, and care about the characters he portrays. He does not even need to speak to convey powerful emotions. He has great comedic skills but has the power to move the viewer with his incredible acting in the emotional scenes. I just hope that eventually his amazing skills can reach a wider audience and he receives the accolades he richly deserves

Jensen is sometimes shy of the attention he receives, passionate about the things and people he loves, a talented actor, singer, songwriter, and director. Jensen loves his family and is very appreciative and generous with his fans. While I think 'sexy' is not just about the physical, and the previously listed traits all contribute to his sex appeal, Jensen is undeniably attractive; gorgeous, even. His beautiful green eyes, perfectly shaped lips, an enviously-proportioned face, genuine smile, and cute freckles all contribute to make this man a very sexy package.

There are no words to describe how great this guy is, I'm in love with him he is talented, caring, handsome, and basically perfect. It's not just the character we see on T.V. but him as an actual person. He helps out with charity and raises lots. He always give and wants to see smiling faces. He is a very special man. He is an incredible singer with a voice that is so beautiful I shed a tear an incredibly actor because he takes you on the journey with him when he cries you cross when he laughs you do to you feel every emotion and feel you instantly click with this person. He also plays the guitar wich by itself is a cool instrument and its even cooler when he plays it. He gives so much to all his fans so I am so happy he has a beautiful wife and daughter that will make him happy and feel loved. He is a great man that has 100% changed the way I view life he is an inspiration and talent that the world couldn't live without. I would love to meet him one day it is my only wish I have. ...more