Shahrukh Khan

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For me, sexiness goes MUCH beyond just physical attractiveness. Had I only been seduced by good looks, Shah Rukh would never have been my choice.. He does not have the 'conventional' good looks. But there are things that he has that no other man on this list can stake claim to. And those are incomparable intelligence, quick-wittedness, effortless charm, the ability to make your heart flutter, those dark piercing eyes which can convince you of the sincerity of even psychopathic love, those angled eyebrows which aren't afraid to emote, and such immense levels of security that he doesn't need to be 'macho' to prove his 'manliness'. His sincerity and his sense of security allow him to let his emotions flow.. He portrays genuine sentiments in a bold confident way. All these things (and many more which would take aeons to list) make him incredibly sexy: sexier than all the men in the list put together!

Shah Rukh is the sexiest Man in the World no Doubt. No one can be so sexy and loveable and sweet like Shah Rukh Khan. Shah Rukh is the sexiest Man no one else can Match with him. No one

He is the most handsome man in the world. I love him very very much. I have never seen a handsome man like him. He is best actor. He is the king of Bollywood. He is baby face man. He is a charismatic man. He is very sexy. He has a killing glance. He has very sweet mimics. One and only Shahrukh Khan

He is not only sexiest man but also the most handsome man in the world. He is the best actor, perfect, intelligent person. He is the king of Bollywood. He is good dancer. He is a living legend. He has a killing glance, sexy body and baby face. He is a charismatic man. I love him very much - A-Lala

Shahrukh Khan is the sexiest man in the world and not only sexy also the most handsome man in the world. If you watch his films you'll fall in love with him. He has killing glance, sexy body and he is the best actor. He has a baby face, beautiful hair. And he is a beautiful person. I love him very much

He is dashing, handsome and sexy man who is a world charmer. He has not only enthralled Indian Audience but has been able to steal the limelight from all over the world. He truly deserves the 1st position as he has gained everything himself.

I am proud to be a teenage, New York City wasp who is a huge fan of SRK. It was my introduction to him that inspired me to travel to India this past March. Don was my first film and I was hooked, followed by RNBDJ, and that just convinced me of his talent and style.

Shahrukh Khan is the most versatile actor in Bollywood. And also he is the sexiest he has a good physique and a great personality and also he is'nt that chocolaty. Manly and Sexiest actor. So I go for SRK! !

He is definitely the best. No one can beat him. He is the HEARTTHROB OF GAZILLIONS. He is funny and has the most beautiful eyes in the world. His dimpled smile. His charisma. His hairstyle and tons more reasons. He believes in charity in private unlike blabbering about so called charity under the name of a foundation by a certain someone called Salman Khan. Salman can't hide behind his so called charitable organization the fact that he is a criminal and will remain so. SRK is King Khan. Sallus stupid movies can't even be compared to great movies likr ddlj. Kkhh, chak de indie, dtph, mnik, veer-zaara, swades, dil se etc.

No one in India is As Sexiest As SRK... The man who has known to 360cr people of World. ( More Than Half of World)... Beating TOM Cruise...
this was the Poll Conducted By BBC

No Doubt SRk the World Sexiest Actor,Is also the most emotional actor. Fascinated to see his movies, so into it, to solve a lot of problems in reality, understand the truth of life, into the relationship of peaceful coexistence between people. Positive, those subtle changes, it is incredible. Is not exaggerated, but it is priceless.
Interpretation of his films is what role into what kind of person, instead of clinging to only take the personal style. May have experience of the shot out of the movie feeling is slightly better than the other. Very good. Thank him for his encouragement and help, let me see so much good work, thank you

He is the Most intelligent Actor in this world..
Acting of God the king of Bollywood... No one compare with him he is the best personality in the world...
He is also beating Tom Cruise.. He is the sexiest man alive!

H is best.. He has the good looks, and he is a very charming person plus he has got that boyish good looks even kristen stewart desired to act opposite SHAHRUKH KHAN AS HER LOVE INTEREST

Hands down, no question about it: Shahrukh is the sexist man alive! He is the epitome of sexiness! There is nothing that this man can't do (with the exception of give birth). No only is he extremely handsome, but he is so kind, sincere, respectful of females, great father & husband, super intelligent... & so many other things. He can make you laugh, cry, worry, be afraid, just by his facial expressions on screen & in public. I would love to sit down face to face with him & just have a conversation. I love to hear his take on so many different subjects.
I absolutely LOVE him!

How can SRK have just 4% of the votes so far?... This is shocking and terrible... :( He is the most wonderful person on earth.. With such pure and humble heart... His smile is to die for... His romances in movies can make you fall in love over n over again.. With him.. :) NO ONE can EVER beat Shahrukh Khan in anything.. N he rules his sexiness.. N he doesn't even need to shoot kissing scenes in movies to create romance or sexiness... He's got everything and much more to be regarded as the sexiest man alive on the planet!

Shah Rukh Khan is the sexiest actor not only in India but all over world. We love his dressing sense as well as his movies. He is the best actor also, no one in India could be as good as Shah Rukh Khan is.

SRK.. The unparalleled era.. The unbeaten dilemma.. The celebration of cinema.. The living legend.. The global portal.. The charisma himself.. The revolution.. The baadshah.. The king.. The most famous superstar in the world.. No one can even touch the shadows of his stardom.. Can you imagine out of 7 billion population his fan following is 3.8 billion! Beaten all the Hollywood stars in popularity! HE IS what WE SOMETIMES CALL AS " FAME "

No one in India is As Sexiest As SRK... Or in all over the world he is only man have 3.2 billion fans on all the world

They way he is and the way he carries himself at this stage and career of his just does it for me. Just look at him and his eyes - the honesty, love, true-ness all just shows right there! He is very happy being 'Him' and that's what makes him the sexiest man for me (of course apart from him having a great body and style also counts :P ). You just can't ignore this man, has strange magnetism effect in him.

He is a complete package of a superstar, he has all the qualities of a superstar & a good humane being. He is loved allover the world. He has left far behind the all other actors in popularity & success. He does not do filthy things, respectful to women.

A global icon with a dashing and most charming personality... And of course sexiest for girls

No doubt... Number 1 can beat him in popularity... He's sexiest... Please other vote for him

He is undoubtedly the sexiest man alive! He's the true baadshah of Bollywood! No one can even compare to him whether it is in his work or in his personal life! He is the best in everything! The most loving kind gentleman on earth! No body can doubt his huge success and the amount of blockbusters he made! He is Our Raj Our Rahul Our Khan.. Our Superhero ♥ His expressive eyes, cute dimples, beautiful smile, silky hair, confident walk, wise talk.. All this make him the sexiest man ever! It's as simple as that! :DD Finally.. No words could ever describe such man properly! All is left to say is that Srk is The Khan of All Khans! May Allah Always bless Him.. Love From Tunisia =)))

SRK is the best actor in the world. He is the most romantic actor ever seen. He is the king of romance.

Shahrukh Khan just exudes sexiness. Not only is he good-looking, he has every good trait known to man (or woman)! He is kind, considerate, funny, loving, compassionate, caring and he loves and respects his fans! No other actor or actress thinks and cares about his/her fans in quite the same way. He loves to interact with them unlike some who will go out of their way to avoid them. Sexiness isn't just defined by good looks. However, Shahrukh doesn't even need to try, to look sexy. He can stop hearts just as easily in an old T Shirt and Torn jeans as he does in an expensive suit. No, sexiness means a whole lot more than looks and Shahrukh has GOT IT ALL!