Top 10 Shakira Songs That Should Have Been Released As a Single


The Top Ten

1 Why Wait

I thought she makes this track a single. Too bad she didn't do that - Irina2932

2 Animal City

Just cool track from amazing "Oral Fixation Vol.2" album - Irina2932

3 Ready for the Good Times

Great sound, lyrics, everything - Irina2932

Woow... Really good song actually :D


4 Addicted to You

This song made on 2012.

I love it

5 Timor

Men in this town should have been single, but this song is great! It's really good track from oral fixation

Another awesome track from "Oral Fixation... " - Irina2932

Always have liked this song!

Clever, politicaly brilliant and sexy at the same time. Bravo.

6 Escondite Ingles
7 Poem to a Horse

Definitely one of her best songs, couldn't take it out of my head as a teen, true story...

8 Men In This Town

It's catchy, it's an anthem, really thought this should have been a single.

My favorite song from the album. - ravenedslave

9 The Day and the Time
10 Pienso En Ti

The Contenders

11 La Pared

Strongest of her Spanish songs.

12 Gordita

so sexy!

13 Long Time
14 Good Stuff
15 Medicine
16 Your Embrace

Beautiful, wonderful, sweet, charming... - Irina2932

17 Si Te Vas
18 La Despedida
19 Octavo Dia
20 Chasing Shadows
21 Devocion
22 Obtener Un SÍ

Deserved a video!

23 Día Especial
24 Sombra de Ti
25 Vuelve
26 Cut Me Deep
27 La Tortura
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