Top 10 Shakira Songs That Should Have Been Released As a Single

The Top Ten Shakira Songs That Should Have Been Released As a Single

Why Wait

I thought she makes this track a single. Too bad she didn't do that - Irina2932

Animal City

Just cool track from amazing "Oral Fixation Vol.2" album - Irina2932

Ready for the Good Times

Great sound, lyrics, everything - Irina2932

Woow... Really good song actually :D


Addicted to You

This song made on 2012.

I love it

Escondite Ingles

Men in this town should have been single, but this song is great! It's really good track from oral fixation

Another awesome track from "Oral Fixation... " - Irina2932

Always have liked this song!

Clever, politicaly brilliant and sexy at the same time. Bravo.

Poem to a Horse

Definitely one of her best songs, couldn't take it out of my head as a teen, true story...

Men In This Town

It's catchy, it's an anthem, really thought this should have been a single.

My favorite song from the album. - ravenedslave

The Day and the Time
Pienso En Ti

The Contenders

La Pared

Strongest of her Spanish songs.

Long Time
Good Stuff
Your Embrace

Beautiful, wonderful, sweet, charming... - Irina2932

Si Te Vas
La Despedida
Octavo Dia
Chasing Shadows
La Tortura
Obtener Un SÍ

Deserved a video!

Día Especial
Sombra de Ti
Cut Me Deep
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