Top 10 Signature Rock and Metal Moves

This is a list of some signature rock and metal moves performed by rock musicians. I placed the name very carefully.
The Top Ten
1 Devil Horn - Ronnie James Dio

There's a meme that don't throw devil horn if you don't know Dio. - zxm

2 Duck Walk - Chuck Berry
3 The Windmill Strum - Pete Townshend
4 The Sway - Judas Priest

This synchronized move of 2 guitarists looks really great - I love its enegry and simmetry.
I think I've seen other metal bands doing this at live shows - as a homage to Judas Priest or just because it looks cool (Accept, Helloween, Manowar, and more) - Metal_Treasure

5 360 Guitar Spinning - ZZ Top
6 Guitar Spasms - Angus Young
7 Gyrating Hips - Elvis Presley
8 Reverse/Upside Guitar Playing - Ritchie Blackmore

I don't know about the exact name of this move but its very iconic. What Ritchie does is played guitar from upside down. One of the signature moves of his when he performed the extended guitar solo on Tearing' Out My Heart -Rainbow. He also used to look backwards while doing this. - zxm

9 Windmill Headbang - George Fisher (Corpsegrinder)
10 Tongue Wagging - Gene Simmons
The Contenders
11 Crab Walk - Robert Trujillo

Oh yes, this is his Crab Walk on the image - Metal_Treasure

12 Snake Dance - Axl Rose
13 The stomp - Phil Anselmo

I tried to do it the other day and it looked cool but I really hurt my heel and now I have a bit of trouble walking. He's a god. He probably has good shoes, too.

14 Stage Dive - Iggy Pop
15 The Chop - Frank Mullen
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